Sunday, August 17, 2014

Parental advisory what a concept! ..... Sometimes you have to think outside the box!

Good Day Readers:

At least Carl, Morty and the rest of those delightful characters from the MTS ads have better sense than to be doing "the wild thing" during rush hour at Winnipeg's Portage and Main Streets like a bunch of "schmingies" a term coined by Second City Television's John Candy.

This next beyond hilarious video was sent anonymously by a reader along with the following comments.

Clare L. Pieuk

AXE 'Ravenstoke Alaska' from The Viral Factory on Vimeo.

Good evening! I received this clip, set out above, which you might have to cut and paste into your browser, from someone with a great sense of humour and a strong grasp of how our species has managed to survive and thrive on this planet against all the odds. 

 I was pleased to see how humanity has arrived at this point in history ..... but the video leaves me somewhat concerned because it offers no guidance on how we get to the next millennium! There does not seem to be much practical advice in the news clip!

Maybe we just need to ignore the news/entertainment industry and start thinking for ourselves .....Yes, Bush, Cheney, Harper and Obama have been doing that for us! Do you trust your grand-childrens' future to the policies they have put in motion and that are at work today? ISIS in Iraq/Syria? Etc., etc., etc.

It's much easier to just roll along, keeping an eye on things, not making any comitmments, (my personal strategy today). But we know WW1 blew out of nowhere and WW2 blew up after 5-6 years of unmistakeable signs.

In this crazy world, the only meaningful  step we can take is to demand that we be honestly informed of the detail and the nuance within the detail of the facts unfolding with minimal delay.

Many thanks to you for indulging me in one of my spare time activities. You don't actually need to bother with it if you have a limited interest in politics.


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