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Jeezus lady and you thought Thomas Mulcair was too pro-Israel!

Good Day Readers:

Upon reading this next story maybe just maybe Ms Hassinia should take a long hard look at her performance as a Member of Parliament.or perhaps more correctly lack thereof.

On the subject of Thomas Mulcair being too pro-Israel Sana Hassinia might wish to listen to the following speech Stephen Harper gave to the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) during his January 2014 trip. Be sure to count the number of times he criticizes the Israelis in their dispute with the Palestinians.

So Ms Hassainia at any point did you hear one criticism of the Jewish state or did it sound more like a love in? In over 65 years of armed struggle with the Palestinians surely all the fault does not reside with them. one!
From about minute 15-16 he comes perilously close to suggesting to criticize the Israelis today is tantamount to being a new wave anti-Semite? What?
But it gets even better. After a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a Canadian reporter asked Mr. Harper whether the two discussed the highly contentious issue of Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land. His reply, "I'm not here to criticize Israel." Said reporter next asked Mr. Netanyahu. "Mr. Harper and I discussed the matter and disagreed." Thank you "Homer" for being so candid with taxpayers.

BTW, the cost of the January 2014 love in trip for the 208 person delegation cost you $2.1 million. Now, Sana Hassainia do you still feel Thomas Mulcair is too pro-Israel?

The real problem into which you're running is trying to be a parliamentarian (full time job if done properly) plus raise two young children a second full time job. As the situation currently exists, the three political parties have not come together to agree upon a set of special considerations that should be extended to people in your situation. They can't seem to agree on anything these days.

Clare L. Pieuk
New Democrat MP quits party, complains that Mulcair is too pro-Israel

Joan Bryden
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
NDP MP Sana Hassainin walks out of the House of Commons with her baby Skander-Jack as she makes her way to meet reporters on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on February 8, 2012. The New Democratic MP has quit the party over what she deems leader Thomas Mulcair's excessively pro-Israel stance regarding the conflict in Gaza. Sana Hassaninin, who represents the Montreal-area riding of Vercheres-Les Patriotes, has told Montreal's La Presse she can't accept Mulcair's position and will now sit as an Independent. (The Canadian Press/Fred Chartrand)

OTTAWA - A New Democrat MP has quit the caucus over what she felt was an excessively pro-Israel stance on the current conflict in Gaza and demeaning party demands to toe the line.

Sana Hassainia, who represents the Montreal-area riding of Vercheres-Les Patriotes, was specifically critical of NDP Leader Tom Mulcair in a blog post that appeared online Wednesday.

Hassainia alleged that she was "punished" for supporting Mulcair rival Brian Topp for the party leadership, including losing her position on the Commons committee on the status of women. She also said she was forced to stay quiet over her views on the Middle East and accept a position that didn't align with her values.

"For me, a party leader should be loved like (former leader) Jack Layton and not feared," wrote Hassainia, who is originally from Tunisia.

"Today, I have the courage to make a significant gesture, to take a weight off my shoulders and stand by my convictions."

However, NDP sources said Hassainia has never before voiced concern over Mulcair's position on Israel and accused her of simply looking for an excuse to cover the fact that she rarely shows up for work.

Mulcair, speaking at a news conference in Toronto, said the party has never made a secret of its position on the Middle East.

"The NDP has a long-standing position in favour of the two state solution in the Middle East — a safe, secure state within negotiated borders for Israelis and a safe, secure state within negotiated borders for Palestinians," he said.

"Sana in her note made it clear she doesn't agree with that. That's been our position for many years, it was Jack's position, it's mine, and so she's decided that she doesn't want to sit with us. That's her choice."

So far this year, Hassainia has the worst voting record of all MPs, showing up for only 8.7 per cent of votes in the House of Commons.

Since winning election in 2011 as part of the so-called "orange wave" that swept Quebec, the 39-year-old has given birth to two children.

A source close to Mulcair said the party bent over backwards trying to accommodate Hassainia's need to be with her young children, even letting her use the leader's office to breastfeed. But still the party's whip, Nycole Turmel, was frustrated in her efforts to get Hassainia to show up for votes and perform other parliamentary duties.

Hassainia had been preparing to announce next week that she would not seek re-election.

In a draft of that announcement, prepared last month and obtained by The Canadian Press, Hassainia cites the need to spend more time with her young family as the sole reason for her decision. And she says she intends to remain an active and proud member of the NDP.

In a brief July 25 email to an NDP staffer who was helping craft the announcement, Hassainia says she wants to make "some small changes" to the document. She gives no hint that the changes involve disavowing the party or taking issue with Mulcair's stand on Israel.

Mulcair has been more unequivocal in his support for Israel than previous NDP leaders but he's walked a fine line on the conflict in Gaza.

He has supported Israel's right to defend itself against Hamas missile attacks but has simultaneously pushed the federal government to help Palestinian children injured by Israeli missiles.

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