Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Mr. Creel, why is Canadian Pacific Railroad being such nasty, miserable little peckerheads?"

Keith Creel, President
Good Day Readers:

You have to wonder what this lad will have to say publicly next time Canadian Pacific is involved in a derailment and spill of one of its many trains crisscrossing the country carrying hazardous materials as will surely happen? If he doesn't already perhaps he should try growing a garden to appreciate the joy it brings people.

Clare L. Pieuk
Vancouver gardens railroaded by mean tactics

CP Rail removes plots, pressuring the city to pay more for its private land

Bill Tieleman
Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Arbutus community gardens once a peaceful place. (Photo: MLA David Eby website)

Canadian Pacific Railway is just plain mean, destroying people's harmless gardens in order to pressure Vancouver to buy its railway line land.

Last week, the company began tearing out the plots tended by local gardeners along its disused line, which will eventually include near Burrard and West 6th.

The garden removals began after CP Rail rejected an offer from the City to buy the land for $20 million, calling it unfair. The company then said the plots had to be removed to make way for train traffic, even though it has sent a single locomotive down the track since 2001.

Let me say that I respect private property rights, and I believe the CP Rail corridor must be retained as a potential future transportation line, not for housing development.

What I don't respect is the deliberate devastation of up to 350 permitted community gardens along an 11-kilometre ribbon of land through the city. The company reportedly wants $100 million for the land.


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