Tuesday, August 12, 2014

OMG! OMG! Flee the country ..... now!

Shelly Glover getting ready to enjoy a cold soft drink on a hot day?

Good Day Readers:

Had a short anonymous e-mail from a reader the other day asking if CSB had heard a rumour Ms Glover has been quietly lobbying for the RCMP Commissioner's job. No, CyberSmokeBlog has not.

It's authenticity is doubted because:

(1) Commissioners from outside "The Force" get eaten alive if they don't come up through the ranks. Remember former Commissioner William Elliott a lawyer?

(2) She's far, far too much of a Conservative Party apparatchik. Look at all the political scandals there have been  lately many involving Conservatives. If she were appointed imagine the hue and cry as citizens wondered if investigations would be thorough, fair and impartial. There'd be rioting in the streets

(3) Then she could arrest the rioters

Clare L. Pieuk


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