Monday, August 25, 2014

"Rocco The Nutcracker" to the rescue ..... again?

Double "OUCH!"

Good Day Readers:

Last month the House of Commons Justice Committee held hearings to debate the merits, or lack thereof, of Bill C-36 the Harper government's attempt to amend Canada's prostitution laws to make them Charter compliant which the Supreme Court of Canada had ruled last December they were not. The Conservatives have one year to make them such or essentially prostitution will become legal. Bill - C36 will be introduced in the House of Commons when it reconvenes in September.

Assuming it's passed in time, can you imagine if the Conservative's Chief Nutcracker Rocco Galati were to challenge the new law on the basis it is still not Charter compliant and win? Right about now, "Homer" Harper must be having nightmares in quadruple technicolour about "Nutcracker!"

At the hearings all you heard about was the seamy underside to the trade but here's one lady of the night who presents another interesting perspective - those who do it because, well, they enjoy doing it. Never thought of that did you Harper government.

Clare L. Pieuk
The Sex worker's perspective: An interview with Jessica Lee

Friday, August 22, 2014

Last year, the Supreme Court of Canada stuck down many of this country’s prostitution laws and gave Parliament one year to come up with a new set of rules. In response, the federal government tabled Bill C-36, which follows the Nordic model, whereby sex work remains legal, but purchasing of sex is outlawed. The bill would also limit where sex workers can operate and prohibits them from advertising.

In its attempt to sell the proposed legislation to the public, Canada’s Conservative government has been trying to portray all sex workers as victims and all their clients as violent offenders. But is this actually the case? In the above video, the National Post‘s Jesse Kline interviews Jessica Lee, a sex worker from southern Ontario, who speaks about her experience in the industry and what Bill C-36 would mean for her business. The Post agreed to conceal her identity, as her clients could soon become criminals.

The video is 5:27 in length. It was produced by Jesse Kline, filmed by John Richardson and edited by Mike Gillespie.


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