Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Time to get cracking "Sleepy Danny!"

Good Day Readers:

Back in early June long time Winnipeg City Councillor "Dapper Dan The Man No Scandal Vandal" ("Sleepy Danny") won the Liberal nomination for the Saint Boniface, Manitoba Riding home of Shelly "Wikipedia" Glover.
Since then not a peep from him. One can only assume he's asleep at the switch or is putting together the Mother of all campaign teams capable of knocking the socks pantyhose off "Wikipedia." If he's not careful he could find himself standing around with his pants down and "thing" (campaign agenda) hanging out wondering what happened. For her part, "Wikipedia" has been flooding the riding with your taxpayer financed political mailers.

An early election call is a distinct possibility unless the Conservatives would like all those corruption trials - Duffy, Harb, Brazeau, Carson, possibly "Hurricane" Pam Wallin, possibly Nigel Wright et.al. - underway in the midst of a general vote.

Clare L. Pieuk

Liberals are preparing for possible early vote in 2015

Liberals are preparing for Prime Minister Stephen Harper to call an election next spring, well ahead of the vote scheduled for October 2015, Justin Trudeau says.

By Susan Delacourt
Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says the Liberals have a lot of work to do to earn the trust of voters, regardless of the party's buoyant poll numbers. (Jason Jackson/The Canadian Press)

EDMONTON—Federal Liberals are preparing for Prime Minister Stephen Harper to call an election next spring, well ahead of the vote scheduled for October 2015, Justin Trudeau says.
“Mr. Harper has not once followed his own fixed-election-date law in the setting of elections, so I think it’s only prudent to try and make sure that we’re going to be ready,” Trudeau told reporters after caucus and party officials huddled in Edmonton to gear up for the coming year.
Trudeau says the Liberals have a lot of work to do to earn the trust of voters — regardless of the party’s buoyant poll numbers — and to overcome a general cynicism in the country about politics in general.
“We’re only sitting at 37 seats in the House of Commons and the momentum we see across the country right now is very much a reflection of how much we’ve rolled up our sleeves and focused on working on the ground in ridings across the country,” Trudeau said.
“We also know we have an awful lot of work to do. We’re not going to put the cart before the horse.
“There’s certainly an openness that I take, but the openness is just about seeing what we’re actually going to do and deliver and I’m serious about continuing the hard work we need to do.”
Alberta is not generally seen as Liberal-friendly territory, and much of the antipathy to the party is traced back to Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau, and his National Energy Program of the early 1980s.
But Trudeau said on Tuesday that the NEP is more a fixation of journalists or partisan rivals, and not of the Albertans he meets.
“For all Mr. Harper’s talk about the economy and natural resources, he’s been all hat and no cattle on pipelines. We are no closer to getting the two pipelines he’s been pushing, Keystone XL and Northern Gateway, past where we were on the very first day he was in office,” Trudeau said. “We’re further.”
Meanwhile, Trudeau was saying little about the weekend break-in at his house in Ottawa, even though it has been a big topic of discussion in the corridors at the Edmonton meetings. MPs are hoping that Trudeau will be receiving a boost in security after an intruder crept into the home while Trudeau’s wife and two children were sleeping, leaving a threatening note beside knives in the kitchen.
In terms of security, however, the Liberal leader appears to be counting on the RCMP to provide some added assurance of safety to his family.
“I am looking forward to hearing recommendations that the RCMP makes around my security, my family’s security and I look forward to having conversations with them about what it will look like,” Trudeau said.
“I’m certainly not going to second-guess the RCMP’s expertise and I look forward to the results of their investigation.”
The RCMP is doing a risk assessment for the Trudeaus and that procedure generally takes a couple of weeks.


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