Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"New House of Commons Speaker required immediately apply within!"

Good Day Readers:

Yesterday saw yet another disgraceful performance in the House of Commons by Speaker Andrew Scheer.

Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair got up to ask what should have been a simple, routine question, "Will the Canadian government commit more resources to the struggle against ISIS including troops beyond the 30 days it has already announced. Simple query eh? Stephen Harper would normally answer such but he's off on another taxpayer junket wherever so it fell to his Parliamentary Secretary Mouthpiece Paul "Liar, Liar Toaster's on Fire!"Calandra.

Toaster's skill as an obfuscator is very well known in Parliament the least of whom should be Andrew Scheer. So what did the Speaker do when Mouthpiece went off on a tangent talking about Israel? Nothing. It was Mr. Mulcair who had to remind Toaster the question began with an "I" as in Iraq not "I" as in Israel. Nevertheless, off he went again meanwhile Mr. Scheer was still sitting on his ass and not intervening.

By this time Thomas Mulcair was clearly and rightly frustrated angrily suggesting the Speaker's neutrality, or more correctly lack thereof , was most evident.. What does "The Honourable" Mr. Scheer do? Takes Mr. Mulcair's last two questions away from him as a punishment to give to Justin Trudeau.

Andrew Scheer your actions were shameful. You should be censured because it was your lack of leadership and direction that resulted in this situation. Give back Mr. Mulcair's two questions and apologize to him - now!

Clare L. Pieuk


The Golden Arse Award is being given to Manitoba Member of Parliament James Bezan who most insightfully said yesterday on CBC Television's Power & Politics Question Period is for asking questions. Good Jimmy that's really good! With your Party's secret weapon (The Toaster) the Opposition will never have to worry about getting any answers.

Jeezus, we sure have some losers coming out of Manitoba these days.


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