Thursday, October 23, 2014

Read a newspaper "Jaws" Glover!

"Jaws Glover is a true Harper sycophant. Kept in the dark about delays eh? Pick up a newspaper." ..... Winnipeg Free Press reader

Good Day Readers:

Shelly Glover must think all non-Tory taxpaying voters are deaf, dumb,blind and stupid if she believes they'll accept her feeble/lame beyond asinine explanation of Stuart Murray's firing.

Notice how "Jaws" claims the museum needs someone with a different skills set to take it into its next phase but can't or won't (likely a bit of both) elaborate on just what those new skills are - Mr. Murray should now jump to the NDP and run against her given that party has yet to announce their candidate in the Saint Boniface riding. Wouldn't that be sweet revenge if he won?

Presumably, among these special skills will be the ability to kiss Tory ass lots and lots of it! Assuming "Wikipedia" Glover runs in 2015, and hopefully she won't, she'll  have those new special skills beyond being a temporarily former Winnipeg gumshoe.

Then there's her malarkey she wasn't aware that several of the exhibits might not be ready for the official opening. The Winnipeg Free Press reader quoted above said it best. It seems the Winnipeg media kept everyone apprised so it came as no surprise to everyone save her.

The Last criticism goes to the Winnipeg Free Press and Winnipeg Sun. "Jaws" Glover is unhappy because you didn't give more credit to the Harper government for the CMHR so smarten up and give her all the credit. She's going to need all the publicity she can get to win St. Boniface again..

Clare L. Pieuk
Murray's Exit not payback: Glover
Denies dismissal due to delays, spat with Aspers

Mia Rabson
Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Shelly Glover with Stuart Murray in August. She says this phase of the museum's life requires a unique skill set. (Joe Bryksa/Winnipeg Free Press)

OTTAWA -- Heritage Minister Shelly Glover says she is disappointed the Canadian Museum for Human Rights wasn't entirely ready for its grand opening but denies that or any disputes with the Asper family led to the dismissal of CEO Stuart Murray.

Murray's term as the head of the new national museum will come to an end November 1 after the government decided not to renew his five-year-contract. The decision, made public last week, shocked many, including Murray himself who said the "end came sooner than I expected."

Glover said Murray was hired for the "creation and construction phase," and now the museum is open, it needs someone else to take the helm.

"We're now going into the next phase, which is the operation of the museum, which really requires a completely different skill set," Glover told the Free Press in an interview.

'... Were it not for Prime Minister Stephen Harper's commitment to making it a national museum, it would never have happened. But you would never know that from the articles that have been written' - Heritage Minister Shelly Glover

Glover did not elaborate about what skills Murray may have been lacking, but said she wants to thank him for what he did in the five years he was there.

"Really, I want to thank him for all that he's done because this museum would not be the success that it is," said Glover.
Sources told the Free Press Murray's ouster came despite a recommendation by the museum Board to keep him on, which means the decision was made in Ottawa. The sources said Murray's departure comes in part due to construction delays that meant only four of the museum's 11 galleries were ready for the September 19 opening ceremonies.

They also suggested, however, it was because Glover and other Tories were upset after former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chr├ętien delivered a speech at a donors' gala the night of the museum opening, which championed his own role in the museum's history. The Chr├ętien government agreed to put capital dollars toward the project but never agreed to make it a national museum, which meant taking on operating funding.

That didn't come until 2007, when Prime Minister Stephen Harper made that call, saving the project most knew could not survive as a private operation.

Glover called such speculation "completely inappropriate." She did, however, complain Harper and the Conservative government's role in making the museum a reality has largely been overlooked by the Free Press and other media.

"The fact that it's a national museum, Gail Asper has said it a million times and I agree wholeheartedly, were it not for Prime Minister Stephen Harper's commitment to making it a national museum, it would never have happened," Glover said. "But you would never know that from the articles that have been written."

Glover said she is upset she was kept in the dark about the delays in gallery construction by museum staff. She said she visited the museum regularly over the summer and became concerned the closer the opening got.

"There is no secret to this. Are you going to be ready or aren't you going to be ready? The fact that I had to actually go there and see it for myself to figure out that what they were telling me wasn't exactly what I was seeing, that was disappointing."

Glover said the Board will oversee the process of finding a replacement for Murray but she will be invited to make some suggestions.

"I think we ought to take a really good look at who has the best skills," she said.

Once the museum opens the rest of its galleries next month, it will have to start taking stock of its finances in preparation for negotiating its future operating funds from Ottawa. It is guaranteed $21.7 million in annual federal funding through to the end of 2015-16, but beyond that it has to negotiate. Among its future concerns are the still-undetermined payment in lieu of taxes to the city, which could be as high as $8 million.

Glover hinted last week there will not be a lot more money on offer.

"We committed the operational funding, which isn't going to change," she said. "The fact remains they've got a budget and they've got to stay within their budget. It's part of their mandate."

Republished from the Winnipeg Free Press print edition October 21, 2014 A4


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