Friday, November 07, 2014

Manitoba veterans picket Shelly Glover's constituency office on Remembrance Day!

Good Day Readers:

The Coalition of Canadian Veterans ( was formed quite recently through an amalgam of half a dozen veterans organizations. As recently as yesterday a couple of its founders have gone public announcing it will target the Conservative Party for the shabby way it has treated its membership. It will discourage them from participating in those feel good Harper government photo ops featuring solders. It is also encouraging it's members to work against the re-election of Conservatives against other initiatives.

In yet another one of her silly political flyers devoted to Canada's military she makes the beyond asinine comment:

Our government supports the men and women who have courageously served Canada in times of war, peacekeeping and military operations, and provides world-leading care for all injured or ill Canadian Armed Forces members returning home."

Have you ever heard anything so stupid? So how's your "world leading care?"

The Plan

While she's at the National War Memorial with Stephen Harper chests puffed out using the occasion as a photo op, why don't organize a boycott of her constituency office but be sure to alert the national media first. Sound like a plan?

A reader passed along the following article but didn't have its source. How apropos.

Clare L. Pieuk

Our Military


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