Monday, November 03, 2014

The mother of all class action whacky lawsuits against the federal Department of Justice!

Mr. Pro Se

Dear CyberSmokeBlog:

I liked your recent CSB posting, "CyberSmokeBlog challenges Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin to take the courtroom audio challenge" based on your recent coverage of a couple days in a Winnipeg federal courtroom listening to lawyers for both sides grind it out in a pre-Douglas Inquiry hearing.

Speaking for the auditorily (though not cognitively) challenged I'll second and third that.

Chris Budgell
Vancouver, British Columbia

Dear Mr. Budgell:

As a "pro se-er" (self-rep) you've had lots of experience over more than 10-year presenting in court so you can appreciate the problem. While preparing this a "brilliant" thought came to mind. Since we live in an era of increasingly whackier lawsuits what about this? A class action lawsuit against the federal Department of Justice that Canadians are being denied their fundamental charter and constitution rights to an open court system because they cannot hear half the time due to lousy, third world audio systems in many, if not most, federal courtrooms.Mention of charter and constitutional rights should get their attention.

In Canada a judge must approve class action designations before these types of cases can go forward whereas in several American jurisdictions every Tom, Dick, Harry and their uncles, aunts and cousins can automatically file. So here's the deal. If you'll agree to be the upfront guy, CyberSmokeBlog will undertake to canvass senior citizen lobby organizations and association on the premise these are the citizens most likely to need assisted hearing in courtrooms and will readily agree to sign on..

The basic argument would be unless the federal government significantly fixes the lousy audio conditions in its courtrooms, it must provide upon request any attendee with an enhanced hearing device. Wouldn't it be hilarious if you won?

Deal no deal?

Clare L. Pieuk


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