Friday, January 30, 2015

The Harper government and the politics of fear!

Good Day Readers:

Ever notice how the Harper government uses fear in an attempt to intimidate voters? Fast back to the 2011 election where they told everyone who'd listen a majority was needed to pass certain key legislation otherwise we'd all go to hell. Well, look what happened. You gave them that majority and Stephen Harper has proceeded to unveil his much vaunted "secret agenda" - blatant disregard for parliamentary traditions and procedures coupled with a gradual erosion of your privacy rights. And while at it don't forget individual constitutional and charter rights.

Perhaps the best example is "poster child" Vic Toews. As Public Safety Minister he tried to ram through his infamous Bills C-30 and 51 which provided for unprecedented warantless internet searches. When the public reacted with outrage if you disagreed you were on the side of pedophiles. Ever heard anything more asinine? And what about his well-documented personal life?

Even more asinine Stephen Harper subsequently appointed Vic Toews to the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench where he's cruising to retirement in a sleepy hollows confines with a platinum-edged pension and benefits package. Thank you taxpayers!

Fast forward to today where the Harper government is intent on overhauling the nation's security legislation. Few would disagree with two exceptions:

(1) We all know what inevitably happens when an individual, group or organization is given more power? Are there sufficient independent oversights? So far there doesn't appear to be but even scarier is the Harper government doesn't seem to care

(2) Will individual privacy rights be adequately protected?

What Stephen Harper fails to tell voters is your chances of being harmed by a terrorist act is about the same as that of walking down the street and having a piano fall on you.

Clare L. Pieuk


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