Thursday, February 12, 2015

On the cocktail circuit with "Wink Cassidy" and the "Sundence Girl" from the hole-in-the-wall gang!


Regarding your recent posting about how no one appeared to be imbibing their faces off at Sir John A. MacDonald's 200th birthday celebration, that certainly doesn't hold for these two. Warren "Wink" Winkler and Beverley "Sundance Girl" McLachlin.

Chris Budgell

Dear Mr. Budgell:

Thank you for this. At least former Ontario Chief Justice Warren Winkler seen holding what appears to be a glass of (hopefully) chilled white wine has got it right Any sommelier/wine steward/oenologist will tell you that's the correct way. As for Beverley McLachlin it looks as though she has a glass of red wine so she's safe - at least for now.

The photograph was taken at a bi-annual gathering of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Legal Studies (Canada's "ancien regime?) which has another scheduled for later this year. Wonder what it costs taxpayers to send these people on this junket?

Clare L. Pieuk


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