Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Has "Martin-itis" spread to the Harper government?

Martin-itis: Buying cheap underwear on sale at The Bay that's too tight restricting blood flow to the brain causing you to say the damndest things.

Good Day Readers:

The greatest public concern should be that proper checks and balances are in place. Those responsible for monitoring Vince Li immediately become aware if he's not taking his meds so remedial action can be taken. In the meantime people like Shelly Glover needs to shut her face. Unfortunately, "Jaws" is CyberSmokeBlog's Member of Parliament. God she's an embarrassment!

Clare L. Pieuk
Glover rails against release
'It's the polar opposite of enlightened thinking:' Martin

By Mia Rabson
Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Joe Bryksa/Winnipeg Free Press

Ottawa - Manitoba's senior cabinet minister says the possibility the mentally ill man who beheaded Tim McLean may soon be released into the community is why her government passed a law to designate such people as dangerous and keep them locked up.
Glover released an emailed statement late Monday, saying she was
responding to a review panel hearing in which Vince Li's doctors at the
Selkirk Mental Health Centre recommended he be allowed to move first
to Winnipeg's Health Science Centre's locked mental-health ward, and be
given unescorted passes to go out into the city. They say he should
eventually move to a high-security group home in Winnipeg.

"Our government stands firmly by our legislative changes through the Not
Criminally Responsible Reform Act and points out that this is exactly when
we made them, Glover said.

"Our government has worked hard to ensure that those who break the law
are held accountable for their actions;that penalties match the severity of
crimes committed; and that the rights of victims come before the rights of
criminals. It is unacceptable that dangerous and violent offenders are
released into our communities, when they pose a threat to society. We made
changes to the Not Criminally Responsible Act to ensure that dangerous
offenders at risk of reoffending are kept behind bars where they belong."

The law introduced in 2013 and implemented last year, was brought about in
large part, because of the Li case. It allows someone found not criminally
responsible to be designated by a court as high-risk to reoffend. If this
designation is given, the person can't be released from custody until a review
board has a court revoke that designation. It can also deny unescorted passes
to the person

Victims of the person must also be informed when the NCR person is
released and told of their living arrangements.

Although the government intended the law to be used retroactively, Li's
lawyer said Tuesday it will not affect Li because he was not designated
as high-risk when he was found not criminally responsible for
McLean's death.

Li killed McLean in 2008 during a schizophrenic episode on a bus near
Portage La Prairie while travelling between Edmonton and Winnipeg.

Since 2010, he has been allowed various privileges, starting with escorted
walks on the grounds of the Selkirk Mental Health Centre followed by
escorted trips into Selkirk and for the last year, unescorted trips.

Neither the federal Liberals nor the federal NDP wanted to respond to
Glover's comments, however, Winnipeg NDP MP Pat Martin said they
do a 'terrible disservice" to decades of work trying to eliminate the
stigma of mental illness.

"We thought we had turned the corner on mental health awareness,"
he said.

We have a senior political minister setting the tone." It's the polar
opposite of enlightened thinking."

Reproduced from the Winnipeg Free Press publication February
25, 2014


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