Thursday, April 30, 2015

CyberSmokeBlog's prediction: Team City of Winnipeg =1 Team Chapman-Histed = 0!

How to impress and influence a jury!

Good Day Readers:

Late yesterday both sides completed their final summations to the jury in Alex Chapman's lawsuit for alleged assault and false arrest against Winnipeg's Police Service. Tomorrow Justice Rempel will charge the jury and the deliberations will begin.

It is CSB's considered opinion counsel for the City, Denise "Side Saddle" Pambrun, delivered the more detailed, precise, specific presentation thus the stronger and more compelling argument. CyberSmokeBlog has asked for a  head's up e-mail from a senior court administrator so hopefully it can get there in time to hear the decision.

Note: The "Side Saddle" comes from Ms Pambrun's tendency to shoot a knee up on the counsel table behind the dais where the bench/jury can't see it (as she did a few times yesterday) during her comments. CyberSmokeBlog thinks that's really cool - a welcomed "relief" from what can be the staid, boring, humourless, process laden decorum of a courtroom. Hopefully, she'll continue this practice. However, this in no way influenced CSB's prediction.

Clare L. Pieuk


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