Monday, May 25, 2015

A note to Philip Slayton

Dear Mr. Slayton:

A whole new world of publishing will open up to you if you change bad to mad! Imagine had Lawyers Gone Bad been Lawyers gone Mad. A precedent would have been set for an exciting new series of books ..... Mayors Gone Mad! or Judges Gone Mad! or what about The Canadian Judicial Council Gone Mad! given what appears to be an increasing number of federally appointed judges appearing before it and it's inability to deal with the problem because of the antiquated, broken business model it's using.

Something to consider.

Clare L. Pieuk
Slayton drops by News Cafe to discuss Canada's dismal mayors

Handout Philip Slayton

Canadian cities have had some terrible mayors as of late. Philip Slayton has thought long and hard about why.

Slayton, a Toronto-based author and former law-school dean, will drop by the Winnipeg Free Press News Café on Tuesday, May 26 to chat about Mayors Gone Bad, his new book about a series of under performing or ethically suspect Canadian mayors that includes Toronto's Rob Ford, a gaggle of shackled Quebec mayors and former Winnipeg mayor Sam Katz.

Slayton will be interviewed by Free Press reporter-at-large Bartley Kives, who in turn was interviewed by Slayton for his book. Slayton postulates Canadian cities attract second-rate mayors because being mayor is a second-rate job, given the absence of financial resources available to municipalities.

The talk begins at 1 p.m. at the News Café, 237 McDermot Ave. Feel free to drop in after the lunch hour.


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