Thursday, May 07, 2015

A stupid unsexy little fox!

Good Day Readers:

It should be assumed all ladies are sexy little foxes unless or until they prove otherwise. Not so with this one she's a stupid little fox.

You see "Miss" Drever that's behaviour right out of Albertastan. Oh for sure you may have smoked a little/a lot of pot along the way but who fives a ....? However, allowing that middle finger superimposed on the Canadian flag to appear on your Facebook page is inexcusable even if it wasn't yours. Hopefully, Premier designate Rachel Notley will have the presence of mind to "flip" you to the back benches for some much needed growing up. Heaven forbid should she ever allow you into her cabinet at least for now.

How did you ever get the nomination for Calgary-Bow? The riding association was either really hard up and/or sloppy in that it didn't do its homework on you. My Dear, when you decide to run politically for better or worse, good or bad intense scrutiny comes with the territory

CyberSmokeBlog's biggest concern with Ms Notley is power will go to her head and she'll become another Alison Redford wrapped in orange. Time will tell.

Notice how Thomas Mulcair never set foot in the province during the campaign. The provincial NDP avoided him like the black plague. Because of his anti stand on oil pipelines (particularly Gateway West) he became "Radioactive Tom" yet there he sits in Ottawa with his little flabby, hairy chest puffed out over the vicory. It will be interesting to observe the Notley-Mulcair relationship in the days, weeks and months ahead as the federal election approaches. Will she actively campaign for "Radioactive Tom?"

The Next Scandal?

An honest politician like an honest lawyer is largely an oxymoron rarely do they exist. Politics 101 combined with conventional wisdom suggests when governments are elected they are given significant power (especially if a majority) plus access to a huge pee pot full of money alternatively known as the taxpayers' largess. There will always be some sticky fingers.

American documentary filmmaker Michael Moore said it best. "Always keep a very close watch on those in power. Politics 101/conventional wisdom also tells us the longer a party is in power the more corrupt it becomes.

Clare L. Pieuk

New Calgary-Bow MLA takes down questionable Facebook page

Eva Ferguson
Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Calgary Bow NDP MLA Deborah Drever is pictured in this Facebook photo. Drever who said she doesn't use marijuana said that this photo was taken while having some fun with friends in a store. (Facebook)

Only hours after being elected New Democrat MLA Deborah Drever has taken down her Facebook page after facing a barrage of criticism over a number of questionable photos.
“I guess I have to lay low for a while,” she told the Herald Wednesday.

“It looks like there are a lot of angry people out there, and they’re attacking all the younger candidates.”

Drever, a 26-year-old Mount Royal University student, was elected Tuesday in the riding of Calgary Bow. But she woke up Wednesday to a number of criticisms on Twitter along with photos from her Facebook page, including one making a reverse peace sign in front of a T-shirt promoting marijuana, and another with someone giving the finger to the Canadian flag.

“Really, I was just joking around. I don’t smoke pot, in fact I’m allergic to it.

“And that’s not my finger on the flag. I have a lot of friends, whose pictures are on my site, and they don’t necessarily all share the same values that I do.”

Drever admits she is a political rookie with little experience in the public realm, but she adds, “I’m here to learn, I’m here to listen to people, and to represent them the best I can."

Raised within a Calgary family that has for generations volunteered with the NDP, Drever started to take serious notes when her older sister recently took a job as executive assistant to NDP MP Nikki Ashton in Manitoba.

Door-knocking with volunteers during the campaign, spanning from the newest Calgary Bow communities like Cougar Ridge, to the historic housing of Bowness, Drever found no matter where she went voters were frustrated.

“People were fed up and we really took advantage of that momentum. They had felt like the PCs had really let them down.”


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