Monday, May 11, 2015

Canada's instant international overnight comedy star!

Good Day Readers:

My God isn't that woman funny? CyberSmokeBlog laughed so hard it almost peed its pants! Actually, her candor was a little refreshing. At least she's getting some good political damage control advice. Control the story by getting ahead of it, apologizing all over yourself (which she's certainly been doing) and if you're able shed a tear or two.

Another secret is to run like hell to the head of the line so those watching the mob trying to run you out of town will think you're leading a parade.

Oh for sure as everyone ages they put on some weight as everything heads south but did you see Transport Minister Lisa Raitt when she came in to give Ms May the hook? She sure has packed on the pounds kilograms. CSB figures its stress related having to work with all those dickeweeds in the Harper government cabinet plus those boys in short pants and girls in short skirts in the Prime Minister's Office?

Elizabeth May should take her act on the road to kill two birds with one stone. She could promote her comedy career (face it she's never going to make Prime Minister) while campaigning for the next election. Even pull a Mike Duffy by charging taxpayers for her Comedy Club appearances.

CyberSmokeBlog would like to invite her to Winnipeg's famous comedy festival where she'd be a real hit leaving the audience rolling in the aisles with her routine.

Clare L. Pieuk

P. S. How may times do you figure she's already said "I'm sorry."


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