Monday, June 01, 2015

Has Her Majesty again been drinking too much of her own bathwater lately?

Her Majesty Beverley McLachlin

Before The Epiphany: Conrad Moffat Black, Baron Black of Crossharbour a small borough in London's east side located in the Docklands District not far from the Canary Wharf Development.
After The Epiphany: His Worship upon getting out of jail went on a search to find God only to discover it was him.

This Monty Pythonesque video is a classic" "You're a criminal! No I'm not! Yes you are! No I'm not! .....

Too bad he didn't jump out of his chair to smash the reporter in the face in front of millions and millions of BBC Television viewers then he could add to his antecedents two time convicted felon in the United States and Britain.

Even with all her faults and foibles at least Her Majesty is not a convicted felon in denial.

Recently, Citizen Black wrote an article for the National Post (Conrad Black: Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin has emasculated the high court of Parliament - Saturday, May 30, 2015). CyberSmokeBlog began reading it with a view to possibly publishing it but part way through was so turned off it bailed. CSB's biggest fear was that it would be unable to resist the urge to jump out of its chair and smash him in the face for being such a colossal jerk. However, upon further reflection it was decided CyberSmokeBlog didn't wish to become a convicted felon in denial like him.

You see, Citizen Black has a way of talking down to people in this case as he disentigrated while descending into ever increasing irrelevancy and obtuseness at one point suggesting Her Majesty had been drinking too much of her bathwater. It seems to CSB he's the one who's been drinking too much of his bathwater.

Clare L. Pieuk

P. S. Jesus, hope he doesn't come here to smash CyberSmokeBlog in the face!


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