Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Screw you Harper government and the horses on which you rode into town!

Good Day Readers:

You certainly must give the hacker group Anonymous a lot of credit for knowing how to bring attention to a cause. Just ask former Public Safety Minister and now disastrous Manitoba Queen's Bench Justice Vic Toews. To this day you can still Google YouTube's website to enter his name in its search line to find 6-highly critical, embarrassing but very well documented videos about him.
A totally ....ed-off Public Safety Minister Vic Toews desperately but unsuccessfully looking for the hacker group Anonymous!

Now wouldn't this be beautiful, beautiful, beautiful? Toronto constitutional/charter legal expert Rocco "Ouch!" Galati is on the public record as planning to challenge Bill C-51 in the Supreme Court of Canada. Just as the "official" federal election campaign begins there's "Ouch!" arguing the case before the SCC. BTY, the "Outch!" is the sound of the Harper government getting kicked in the nuts again.

Clare L. Pieuk
'Anonymous" calls massive cyber-attack on feds protest against C-51

By Kristie Smith
Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The hacker collective Anonymous is taking credit for a massive cyber-attack on the federal government that made multiple government websites go dark this afternoon — apparently in protest against the Harper government’s controversial security legislation, C-51.

“A bill which is a clear violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as removing our legal protections enshrined in the Magna Carta for 800 years,” reads the script for an Anonymous video posted on YouTube. “Perhaps it was fate that the day the Magna Carta arrived in our country to go on display to the populace that our corrupt government was symbolically pissing upon it and us all.”

The video goes on to say that C-51 targets minorities and forces Canadians to trade privacy for security.

“Today, Anon’s risked their freedoms for you. We now ask that you follow suit. Stand for your rights, take to the streets and protest this 20th of June,” says the narrator.

“We will not allow our freedoms to be stripped one by one.”

Almost immediately after the hack, one twitter user who calls himself Blakeando10 and is pictured wearing a Guy Fawkes mask — an image commonly associated with hacking and the hacker collective Anonymous — took credit. His tweet — “It was your move Senators, now it’s ours … we’re just getting started”, uses the hashtags #RejectFear and #StopC51.

Treasury Board President Tony Clement tweeted just before the video was released, confirming that Government of Canada’s servers had been cyberattacked.

By 3 p.m. ET, most of the websites were back online, and Shared Services still hadn’t delivered a statement to explain what had happened and detail the damage done.

Liberal defence critic Joyce Murray said Wednesday’s cyber attack should be a wake-up call for the Canadian government. She said experts have warned MPs that Canada ‎isn’t doing enough to protect against cyber attacks.

Today’s attack came just days after the House of Commons warned employees on Friday that they had been hit with a cyber-attack. The House of Commons later insisted that no data was stolen.

Ottawa-based hacker Nadeem Douba, who has advised governments on security issues, told iPolitics the hack was not very sophisticated.

“A denial of service attack is pretty easy to execute with very little financial backing,” Douba said in an email. “I’ve seen distributed denial of service services being sold on the black market for as low as $100 per day. These services can be easily bought over IRC or some websites on the dark web. Nothing special here so far.”

“It definitely is more about optics than anything else,” he added. “If we were looking at a denial of service attack similar in nature to StuxNet, where critical infrastructure was impacted, then I would consider it more of a security threat. The same could be said if the attack were able to create any kind of political unrest or economic instability.

“However, as far as we know now, this attack is more of a nuisance than anything else.”


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