Thursday, June 04, 2015

The bum didn't get hired got an F minus!!

The Gargoyle - Liberal candidate responds to Torie's "Just not ready" ad

Glen McGregor
Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Former Liberal MP and nominated candidate Omar Alghabra has put out a video styled on a recent Conservative ad attacking Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s readiness to become prime minister.

As the Tory ad ripped the job application premise from an NDP ad from Manitoba, so does Aghabra’s “The Performance Review” clip ape the same scenario, with a hiring committee sitting around a boardroom table, considering the résumé of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The performances by volunteers in the spot are equally as wooden as those in the Conservative ad.

One actor says of Harper, “I think he left a lot out. He doesn’t even mention his advertising experience.”

“How many millions of tax-payer dollars did he spend on self-promotion alone,” another asks.

“He does have a bad reputation for being a mean and controlling manager.”

“Nice paper, though,” one says of the resume, responding to the Tory knock on Trudeau, “Nice hair, though.”

Alghabra served an MP from 2006 until 2008, when he was defeated by Conservative Bob Dechert. He actively worked on Trudeau’s 2013 leadership campaign and is seeking a comeback in Mississauga Centre.


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