Sunday, June 07, 2015

The Right Honourable Stephen Joseph "Gestapo" Harper, PC, MP?

Good Day Readers:

You'e got to love Roco Galati! Now he getting ready to challenge Bill C-51 in court. If he should win it will be yet another kick in the nuts for the Harper government.

Too bad the country doesn't have another 1,000 Roccos who aren't afraid to speak up and not consumed with billable hours, preening themselves for a judgeship or busy stiffing clients.

Go Rocco Go!

Clare L. Pieuk
Lawyer Rocco Galati says Bill C-51 creates a modern day Gestapo in Canada

By Charlie Smith
Friday, June 5, 2015
Rocco Galati compares Bill C-51 to legislation passed in Germany and Italy in the 1930s.

Toronto lawyer Rocco Galati is one of Canada's most outspoken critics of the Conservatives' antiterrorism bill.

In a speech late last month, he claimed that Bill C-51 "creates a modern-day Gestapo".

He insisted that this is "no exaggeration," noting that German and Italian versions of this bill were passed in the 1930s. And that's why he's planning a court challenge.

"It takes all your private information and shares it with all government agencies, including foreign governments," Galati said. "And for some Canadian citizens, that becomes a eventuality of torture or death when they're travelling abroad."

In addition, Galati noted that the bill arbitrarily restricts who can travel. According to him, it also criminalizes freedom of expression concerning how the government addresses terrorism.

"So words and thoughts become an act of terrorism under this bill," he stated.

Galati maintained that the bill allows the Canadian Security Intelligence Agency to disrupt constitutionally protected rights of association, expression, and protest.

"Lastly, it does all of this by taking away all and any transparent judicial oversight," he declared.

Galati said that any MP who supported Bill C-51 does not deserve any Canadian citizen's vote.

"Any candidate who is running for a party who voted for this bill should not get a Canadian citizen's vote," he added. "This is quite clearly a fascist and dictatorial piece of legislation. And appeasement of it is unacceptable."

The federal Liberals joined the Conservatives in approving Bill C-51. NDP and Green MPs voted against the legislation.


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