Monday, July 06, 2015

Manitoba Provincial Courtroom 301!

Good Day Readers:

Spent the morning at the Manitoba Law Courts renewing old acquaintances. The real reason for the visit, however, was to see if accused Winnipeg bomber Guido Amsel would make his first court appearance.

Monday mornings courtroom 301 is like a clearing house or to use a golf analogy it's moving day. If a golfer is in contention in a tournament Saturday is moving day, which is to say, that's when they have to move up the leader board if they're going to have a serious chance of winning. In 301 staff are lined up on both sides of the courtroom with tons and tons of paper. Onr once side documentation from the Crown on the other material for those who will be representing defendants everything from arrest reports to criminal record to court schedules and beyond.

A constant flow of lawyers passed through 301 reminiscent of a feeding frenzy at a lawyers convention. Spotted about half a dozen mainstream media reporters so decided to approach the spiffy, nattily attired CTV's Ben Miljure (Ladies he's even better looking in the flesh than on television if that's possible!) with a question. Currently it's a toss up between he and CBCs Sean Cananagh for best dressed court reporter. Dean Pritchard/Mike McIntyre you need to wear suits to make it into the competition..
You'll notice both CTV and CBC interviewed neighbours of Mr. Amsel. While they'd run on about him no one blurted out his name so CSB wondered had the police requested he not be identified prior to it officially released by the Winnipeg Police Service.?According to Mr. Miljure no such request was made by the police. However, he did point out they may have previously contacted neighbours asking that they not identify Guiedo Amsel by name if interviewed by the media.

According to the Provincial Court Office there will be a hearing for Guido Amsel tomorrow Tuesday, July 7 in courtroom 304 beginning at 9:30 a.m., however, he is not expected to appear. It should be a very short session where the charges are officially read into the record and a date for him to cop a plea set.

It will be interesting to see who represents him a heavyweight such as  Greg Brodsky, Richard Wolson Saul Simmons or a lesser known?

Scary, scary, scary and more scary

Can you imagine had the bomber been a twisted, deranged person who for whatever reason(s) had a big hate on for lawyers and law firms but had no previous problems with either thus no paper trail plus wans't a blabber. The authorities would still be looking for them. As a wise man once told CyberSmokeBlog "not all crazies are institutionalized."

Clare L. Pieuk


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