Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The trigger?

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As soon as Guido Amsel was identified as the suspect in the Petersen-King law office bombing CyberSmokeBlog's legal analyst postulated the events there may have been triggered by the final entry in the Disposition Sheet for Amsel G. versus Amsel, Iris (File Number FD04-01-73340). It was entry 29 dated June 22, 2015 and read:

"Correspondence from M. Mitousis June 22, 2015. PT set for September 25 at 9:00 a.m. with Greenberg."

In layper's language it meant that a Pre-Trial Conference had been set for September 25, 2015 before Queen's Bench Family Division Justice Morris Greenberg. But what was that all about?

The answer can be found in the following CJOB article.

Clare L. Pieuk
Accused bomber owed ex $40,000

By Keith McCullough
Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Accused Winnipeg mail bomber Guido Amsel had just admitted he owed his wife $40,000 before police allege he tried to kill her.

Court documents obtained by 680 CJOB show the ex wife of Amsel, 49, sued him in 2010 for money he allegedly owed her in loans from a company they ran together on Springfield Road. The company was called Euro Tech Auto Body.

Amsel filed a counter claim of his own, accusing his ex-wife Iris of secretly filtering money away to her family in Germany over several years while she controlled the finances at the company.

Court documents show the bitter legal battle went in for years and overlapped with an ugly divorce case.

The lawsuit says the two were co-shareholders in the company after their separation and were in business for a number of years before the relationship broke down.

But the documents show Amsel suddenly gave up his legal fight in March of 2015. In a memorandum from a pre-trial conference, Amsel stopped pursuing his claim and agreed he owed his ex-wife the money. He agreed to hold an auction of several old cars, auto equipment and even a 1980′s Winnebago to raise the funds. That auction was supposed to happen soon but has been postponed as police have been investigating at the business.

The two sides were supposed to be back in court on September 25th for a pre-trial conference to try and determine any costs Amsel might owe for all the legal proceedings.

It’s unclear why Amsel gave up his legal fight but it may have do with his struggles to find a lawyer. Documents say he was representing himself after his lawyer quit. The documents say he’d gone a year without making any progress on his defence.

The lawyer for the ex-wife during the nearly five year lawsuit was Friday’s mail bombing victim Maria Mitousis.

Amsel was represented for a short time by a lawyer from the firm Orle Bargen Davidson. That’s the firm that was the site of the third explosion on Sunday. That lawyer quit during the case and Amsel ended up representing himself. No one was injured when police detonated an explosive device.

Amsel is facing two counts of attempted murder along with charges of aggravated assault and possessing explosives.

He has a court appearance scheduled for Thursday.

The crown has asked for a non-contact order blocking Amsel from contacting any of his alleged victims while in custody.


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