Saturday, July 11, 2015

Will Guido Amsel be able to find a lawyer here?

Good Day Readers:

Dutifully showed up at provincial courtroom 301 for the first appearance of Guido Amsel. Until approximately 10:30 it was another lawyer shark documentation feeding frenzy as they flowed in and out of the room.
At approximately 10:30 word quickly spread among the half dozen or so reporters gathered that he would appear in 304 equipped with close circuit video to the remand centre between 11:15 and 1:00. Swoosh as everyone migrated to 304!

While in 301 noticed a gentleman who could have passed for Mr. Amsel's brother. Checked with a veteran court reporter who like CyberSmokeBlog was unaware of any media reports he had a brother(s) speculating he may have been here from Germany. They too had noticed a remarkable resemblance.

Finally, Amsel appeared via video link looking somewhat less dishevelled than in the police photograph and was asked by Legal Aid Duty Counsel Kent Strang whether he had a lawyer. Mr. Amsel replied "no." Mr. Strang offered that there may be an attorney willing to take the case but would need a week to reflect. When asked by presiding Judge Brent Stewart who that was Mr. Strang declined to identify the solicitor. Judge Steward did not press the issue.

And with that the appearance was over almost it seemed before it had started. Guido Amsel's next court appearance will be Thursday, July 16 at which tune Mr. Amsel may have a lawyer of record.

Winnipeg's legal community is incestuous

Speaking figuratively, of course, it seems lawyers change firms almost as often as their underwear so it seems everyone in interconnected.

Recall a report (CTV News - local) quite recently which suggested Jeff Gindin of Gindin Wolson Simmons Roitenberg would represent the accused. Not so according to another veteran Winnipeg court reporter who contacted Mr. Gindin who's currently in Europe.

Here's the problem. Ms Mitousis articled at GWSR so no one there wants to touch the case.

Remember how a bomb was detonated recently by police at Orle Barkman Davidson. Well, Sarah McEachern who once represented Mr. Amsel used to work there. She has since joined The Gavin Wood Law Firm But it doesn't end there. GWLF is only a couple blocks away from Petersen King on River Avenue. It jut keeps getging better.

At Barry Gorlick's Law Society of Manitoba disciplinary hearing at which he was eventually disbarred, Maria Mitousis Mr. Gorlick's new lady friend assisted Mr. Wood.

Small legal community..... eh?

Clare L. Pieuk


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