Friday, August 28, 2015

Are Judges playing too fast and loose with publication bans?

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The other day a bail hearing was held for accused Winnipeg letter bomber Guido Amsel. Provincial Court Judge Heather R. Pullan imposed a publication ban on the proceedings although neither the Winnipeg Sun nor The Canadian Press accounts offered any explanation as to why? The hearing is scheduled to resume September 2. CyberSmokeBlog was unable to attend.

So the question remains who requested the publication ban and why? Judges have a public duty to explain their decision(s) in such situations.

The second issue that irks CSB is why the images of Justices and Judges are not routinely embedded on the websites of Provincial and Federal Court sites? All you can do is try Google Images and hope you can find them. You have less than a 50% chance of being successful. So why all the secrecy? Are they camera shy or perhaps hiding out in the Witness Protection Program?

Taxpayers afford these people their handsome salaries and benefits packages that don't quit yet more often than not are unable to view the images of those who stand in judgement of them. Will they next begin appearing in court wearing hoodies?
Manitoba Provincial Court Judge Heather R. Pullan?

Clare L. Pieuk
Letter-bomb suspect stays locked up for now

Judge delays decision after day long hearing

Dean Pritchard
Thursday, August 27, 2015
Letter bomb suspect Guido Amsel is seeking bail. (Winnipeg Police Service handout)

A bail hearing for accused bomber Guido Amsel will resume Sept. 2.

Judge Heather Pullan heard a full day’s worth of submissions Thursday before adjourning the hearing shortly after 5 p.m.

Details of the hearing cannot be disclosed under terms of a publication ban. The Crown is opposing Amsel’s release.

Amsel, 49, is accused of sending letter bombs to the workplaces of his ex-wife, her lawyer, and his lawyer. One detonated in the law offices of Petersen King, seriously injuring Maria Mitousis, who represented Amsel’s ex-wife in multiple court cases.

Amsel arrived in court in a blue suit jacket and a loose red tie, which defence lawyer Martin Glazer quickly adjusted.

“I’ve said all along the Crown has no case,” Glazer said outside court.

Amsel is “anxious to get home and be with his children,” Glazer said. “This is all a nightmare for him, a man with no record who maintains his innocence. It’s a travesty of justice to keep someone like that in jail.”

The courtroom was crowded with several supporters, including Amsel’s current wife, who wept and was comforted by others in the front row as Amsel was brought into the courtroom. She shook her head periodically as the details of the case were discussed.

Amsel is facing more than a dozen criminal charges in the July 3 explosion, including three counts of attempted murder.

Mitousis underwent 12 hours of surgery for injuries to her upper body and thighs. She is no longer in hospital but faces a long recovery. She has said she plans to return to work.

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