Friday, August 28, 2015

Canada's gestapo agency!

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Good Day Readers:

If there's one federal government agency you don't want to .... with its the Canada Revenue Agency. Their search and seizure powers are unprecedented.

Supreme Court of British Columbia Justice Mary A. Humphries

On July 30, 2014 Justice Humphries made two extraordinary rulings:

(1) The CRA owed Mr. Leroux a duty of care to deal with him in a non-negligent manner

(2) The CRA breached this duty of care by doling out huge monetary penalties to Irwin Leroux for errors in reporting his income he did not actually make

Most extraordinary of all for reason(s) known only to her she didn't whack the Canada Revenue Agency for damages on Mr. Leroux's behalf ! That's good judgeship? Don't think so. Thank goodness the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has balls.

Clare L. Pieuk

This is a message brought to you by our friends at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation:

Dear Clare,

Should the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) have to treat taxpayers fairly?

Of course they should… but they often don’t. However, thanks to a BC Supreme Court decision, they have no choice.

In a landmark and precedent-setting decision, a judge ruled that the CRA owes taxpayers a “duty of care.” In plain English it means that if the CRA abuses taxpayers, it can be held liable for damages.

Remarkably, the CRA is going back to court to appeal this decision. Will you join us in stopping them?

But first some background: Nineteen years ago the CRA audited Irvin Leroux’s RV park near Valemount, BC. They decided he owed $600,000 in unpaid taxes. He appealed, but in the meantime the CRA bankrupted him. Liens placed by the CRA on his property forced Irvin to sell the business he built from scratch for pennies on the dollar.

Yet, in 2001 Irvin won his appeal. He did not owe the taxman a penny. But his business was gone and Irvin was broke. So, he sued the CRA for compensation. Unbelievably, the judge ruled against Irvin, leaving him broke. But the judge admonished the CRA for how they bankrupted him and, for the first time, ruled that the CRA owed taxpayers a “duty of care.”

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation never gets involved in individual tax cases, but the “duty of care” ruling is so significant to all Canadians, we have stepped up to the plate because this matters for all Canadians.

We’ve got Irvin two of the best tax lawyers in Western Canada to fight the CRA in court. But they don’t come cheap. Legal bills are already costing us tens of thousands of dollars. But this case is too important to lose.

Can you chip in a few bucks to cover Irvin's legal defence of “duty of care”? You can make your donation through our secure website at

You can watch a video about Irvin’s initial case here.

You can read a letter from Irvin here.

Thanks for all that you do,

Scott, Shannon, Troy and the entire CTF team

P.S. You never know when you might be audited and face the same nightmare Irvin Leroux did. If you can’t make a donation today, please consider signing our “I Stand With Irv” petition here.


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