Monday, October 05, 2015

"Hey rat face what goes around comes around!" ..... "Elections Canada tell him he needs to clean up his act ..... "Tom Mulcair if elected make him Minister of Culture and Heritage!"

NDP Candidate Pat Martin to file complaint about fake campaign flyer

Monday, October 5, 2015
NDP candidate Pat Martin who called Green Party candidate Don Woodstock "son of a bitch" during a federal election forum in downtown Winnipeg last month is planning to file a complaint with election officials after reports of profanity laced brochuers with his name to it surfaced over the weekend. (CBC)

The NDP candidate for Winnipeg Centre is filing a complaint with Elections Canada after fake pamphlets were reported in his riding.

Candidate wants apology, NDP to dump Pat Martin for 'son of a bitch' comment
Pat Martin's latest use of colourful language doesn't shock Tom Mulcair

Lorraine Sigurdson, Pat Martin's campaign manager, confirmed to CBC she's heard reports of a bogus flyer laced with profanities that includes Martin's letterhead and photo.

Sigardson said she hasn't seen the brochure herself.

Martin is vying to keep the seat he's held for the NDP since 1997.

Green Party candidate Don Woodstock, Liberal Robert-Falcon Ouellette, the Communist Party's Darrell Rankin and Conservative Allie Szarkiewicz all hope to unseat him.


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