Saturday, October 03, 2015

Harperman-style theft by conversion by any other name!

NDP Cyprus Hills - Grasslands candidate Trevor Peterson

Good Day Readers:

CyberSmokeBlog has been keeping an eye on this case for sometime now. Recently, a press release noted Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board had received permission from a federal judge to proceed with a $720 million lawsuit against the Harper government.

Clare L. Pieuk

Dear CyberSmokeBlog:

This press release targets an important issue which is, like many other important issues, being drowned out by the divisive campaign strategy of the Harper/CPC team. Please circulate this as far and wide as you like. Many thanks for your support. Please be sure to vote. 

Trevor Peterson Pushes for Audit of Billion Dollar Canadian Wheat Board Dismantling

October 1st, 2015 - 4:59 pm

Assiniboia, Saskatchewan: “Farmers can count on me to push for a full audit of the Harper government’s destruction of the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB),” said Trevor Peterson, NDP candidate for Cypress Hills-Grasslands.

“The government’s handling of the CWB has been disgraceful and anti-democratic right from the moment that they refused to let the farmers vote on how best to market their grain,” continued Peterson. “There are serious questions to be asked about the disposition of about $1 Billion - some of which is taxpayer money, and an audit is required to find out what the government is trying to hide.

The audit that I’m talking about would answer questions like the following:

1. Why were farmers paid $720 million less than the 10 year average when Gerry Ritz was running the CWB in the final year of the single desk?

2. What was the value of the farmer-paid assets that were given to the government of Saudi Arabia and the huge multinational grain company Bunge?

3. How much taxpayer money was actually turned over to the post single-desk CWB for the use of Harper’s appointees? ($177 million is recorded in the 2011/12 annual report, but Gerry Ritz has refused to release any subsequent numbers.)

The gifting of farmer-paid assets like hopper cars, freighters and other equipment to the government of Saudi Arabia also raises other concerns. Was this gift to the Saudis connected with Stephen Harper selling weapons to Saudi Arabia at the same time? And why would Harper sell more weapons into the Middle East? Keep in mind that Saudi Arabia reportedly has connections with Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the 9-11 hijackers. And the government of Saudi Arabia has beheaded well over 100 people so far this year.

The Harper government, including David Anderson, is involved in a large-scale cover-up on the Canadian Wheat Board file, and it’s time for a new group of MPs to get to the bottom of it,” concluded Peterson.


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