Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The political kiss of death; coup de gras - Ford Bully Brothers endorse Stephen Harper!

Rob and Doug Ford attend Stephen Harper event in Etobicoke
Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Doug and Rob Ford attend Stephen Harper's campaign event in Etobicoke Tuesday morning (The Canadian Press /Jonathan Hayward)

Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford and his brother Doug showed their support for Conservative Leader Stephen Harper this morning in Etobicoke, where they attended a Tory campaign event.

The brothers sat in the front row as Harper spoke to more than 100 supporters about his party's platform.

As election day approaches, the road to power goes through Ontario

Rob Ford pulls out of mayoral race, Doug Ford steps in

Doug Ford said Harper has the best plan for Canada.

Doug Ford on Battleground Ontario
Catherine Cullen

Doug Ford talks to journalists at today's Conservative event #elx42
10:07 AM - 13 October 2015

"This is all about the economy, making sure that we stay on track and continue to have a surplus," he told reporters.

The former city councillor for Etobicoke North also took a shot at the Liberals, both federally and provincially.

"We have to make sure we don't follow the provincial Liberal situation we have out there right now, and creating billions of dollars of debt," he said.
Doug Ford holds court at a campaign event for Conservative Leader Stephen Harper in Etobicoke. (Catherine Cullen/Twitter)

"That's what Justin Trudeau's doing. He's going to take after Kathleen Wynne, and that's a big issue, that's a big concern for every person in Canada."

Doug Ford ran for mayor in last year's municipal election after Rob had to drop out over health concerns. Rob Ford is currently a Toronto city councillor, representing Etobicoke.


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