Friday, October 16, 2015

Has a shredding frenzy already started at the PMO?

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Recall earlier this year when Stephen Harper went on an order in council appointments binge for more than 200 of his buddies? Presumably this was done because of the optics - how would it have looked had it happened a couple days prior to losing the election? Well, it appears a document shredding frenzy may already be underway in the Prime Minister's Office.

Clare L. Pieuk

P. S. Well at least they weren't 18-wheeler transport trailers!

Why were a whole bunch of moving trucks outside the  Prime Minister's Office?

Trucks could be seen dropping off boxes Friday Morning - but Privy Council Office is claiming responsibility, saying "it was all routine work"

Friday, October 16, 2015
Emma Loop BuzzFeed News Reporter Canada

Moving trucks kept coming and going  - dropping off flat boxes and picking up full ones - outside the Prime Minister's Office Friday morning. (Emma Loop/BuzzFeed Canada)

Trucks from Boyd’s Moving & Storage and Grand & Toy could be seen parked at Langevin Block, which houses Stephen Harper’s office.

With the election only three days away, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are leading in the polls, meaning the Conservatives’ nearly ten-year governance could be coming to an end. Grand & Toy has an active contract with the government for shredders. The contract includes top secret document shredders that exceed “RCMP destruction standards.”

Then again, Grand & Toy also has a contract with the government for office supplies, so it could just be a whole bunch of staplers.

The truck appeared to be dropping off both flat boxes and full ones.
Emma Loop (BuzzFeed Canada)


Privy Council Office, the non-partisan branch of government that supports the PMO, is claiming responsibility for the trucks. Its offices are located mostly in the building behind Langevin Block.

“Movement of materiel in and out of the Langevin and Blackburn buildings is part of routine traffic in government buildings,” spokesperson Raymond Rivet wrote in an email. “This activity by PCO has nothing to do with the upcoming election.”

Rivet said “it was all routine work.” He said there’s been activity around the building because Public Works and Government Services Canada is replacing a generator.

“Other shipments received included standard office supplies such as paper, file boxes, plastic floor mats (to protect carpets from chair castors). We did have one moving truck (Simplex) moving office furniture to another PCO building,” Rivet wrote.

“One photo showed some boxes being moved out - these were leftover books from the GCWCC book sale that were being donated.” October 16, 2015, at 6:11 p.m.

A couple trucks from Boyd’s came and went, but one could be seen dropping off dozens of flat boxes.

Vine Company

At one point in the morning, a man in a black pickup truck also stopped by to apparently pick things up.

Vine Company

Meanwhile, Twitter users have pointed out instances lately of Shred-it trucks parked around government offices.

@Don Martin CTV@EmmaLoop
Lost of shredding going on these days, this was outside the Department of Finance #elxn42
Why did Chris Alexander - who's office is under scrutiny for nefarious PMO activities- have a Shred-it Truck? #cdnpoli 
3:34 AM - 10 Oct 2015

Chris Alexander is Canada's Immigration Minister and a Toronto-area MP.


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