Wednesday, November 04, 2015

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

Good Day Readers:

The following was CyberSmokeBlog's reply this morning to a veteran contributor/researcher regarding the gender make up of the Trudeau cabinet written before the appointments were announced.

You'll notice the cabinet has already morphed to 31 from the previously announced 12-men and 12-women:

CyberSmokeBlog is a little leery of what appears to be an over focus on gender. But one example. A few years ago the fire fighter's union took the City of Chicago to court and won because it was promoting women ahead of more qualified men - e.g. years of experience were sacrificed.

Next. There are cabinet appointments and there are cabinet appointments not all are equal. The five major ones to watch are Department of Finance, Treasury Board, Natural Resources, Human Resources/Social Development (the largest) and Environment. Do you really think Justin Trudeau will risk appointing a rookie MP to any of these senior portfolios? Probably not. Look for luminary recycled retreads such as Ralph Goodale, Marc Garneau and Stephon Dion to name a few - you will notice all men.

On Trudeau-mania 2.0. How long did the love in with Pierre Trudeau last until he was telling Opposition MPs in the House of Commons to Fuddle Duddle off? Or suggesting to striking letter carriers he encountered on Parliament Hill during a noon hour break they should, "Managez de la Merde!"

What about retired Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie ("Nice hair bad haircut"), veteran Toronto-area Liberal MP Andrew Vaughan et al. who are rumoured not to have made the cut? Will they become "anonymous sources" which is long time Toronto Star reporter Susan Delacourt's descriptive for a disgruntled Liberal MP.

Selfies and plunging into crowds. How long will Trudeau-style glasnost and perestroika last if he is assaulted or worse yet?

There's an expression CSB came across not long ago which will have to be paraphrased. Essentially it said, over time secrecy becomes the friend of governments and enemy of democracy because it's efficient and allows more to get done faster at least in the short run.

Finally, your attention is directed to the subject line of CSB's reply.

It's a beautiful fall day in Ottawa so why didn't these newly minted taxpayer lard asses walk the scenic 3.5 kilometres along Sussex Drive from Parliament Hill to Rideau Hall? In the alternative, to show the Liberals are intent on saving your hard-earned tax dollars they could have chartered a school bus. After the swearing in ceremony and as soon as the bus was out of camera range, the Ministers could have picked up their individually chauffeured limousines.

So who will be the first Trudeau Minister caught up in big, fat juicy scandal? Any guesses?

Clare L. Pieuk


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