Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How to stay off the grid!

Good Day Readers:

Like many upon hearing of the recent Paris attacks they appeared to have caught the world's counter terrorist intelligence community completely by surprise, CyberSmokeBlog also wondered how could this have happened? Surely, such a co-ordinated, simultaneous,multi-site operation involving several individuals must have involved considerable planning and communication. Why didn't anyone pick up "electronic chatter? It didn't take much research to explain why.

Here are some techniques for staying off the grid.

Clare L. Pieuk
How to stay off the government's grid

1. Live for free. Earn so little as to be exempt from paying taxes (and consider freeganism to survive). Squat for somewhere to live. Alternatively, Live in the Wilderness or Survive in the Woods. Make sure you are paid in cash, or cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

To be continued .....


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