Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"Stormin' Norman" in your face!

Good Day Readers:

For reasons known only to The Peoples' Television Network it has sized this video so that "Stormin' Norman" Sabourin (as CyberSmokeBlog affectionately likes to call him) is in your face. At least now it usually supplies the embed code so videos can easily be transferred to the social media. That wasn't always the case.

Here's what "Stormin'" didn't address and the interviewer didn't appear to be knowledgeable enough to press him on:

(1) The business model used by the Canadian Judicial Council is severely flawed - Judges judging Judges. Is there no potential for conflicts of interest?

(2) Why is there no meaningful layperson involvement/oversight in the complaints adjudication process? Are there no laypersons with brains? Who truly represents taxpayers capable of publicly saying, "This investigation is flawed!" A Canadian Judicial Council Ombudsperson? Hummm, not a bad idea

(3) Canadian Judicial Council inquiries? Balls! Having sat through every minute of the Douglas Inquiry it was deny ... deny ... deny ... delay ... delay ... delay ... obfuscate ... obfuscate ... obfuscate ... delete ... delete ... delete. After spending several millions of taxpayer dollars what did you have? A now former Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Associate Chief Justice (Lori Douglas) who waited until she qualified for a full pension and benefits package then resigned

Judicial inquiries Balls! Look to the Opal Provincial Inquiry a few years ago into missing and murdered British Columbia Aboriginal women. As a result how many cases were solved after the expenditure of millions and millions (estimated at over $8 million) of public dollars? None. Who went to jail? Nobody.

Lest we not forget British Columbia's provincial inquiry into the Vancouver airport death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski (Braidwood Inquiry). One Mountie was sentenced to 30-months for perjury while another is awaiting sentencing. Cost? At least $3.7 million.

Based on the aforementioned CyberSmokeBlog is opposed to the Trudeau government's plan for a national inquiry into the deaths and disappearance of Aboriginal women. The situation has already been written about and studied to death. Rather, how much are the Liberals willing to budget for such an inquiry? Take that money and give it to the RCMP with the proviso that it can only be used to investigate the disappearance and deaths of these women. At least some of these cases may be solved.

Many hold misplaced expectations that inquiries (judicial or otherwise) will answer all the questions. Unfortunately, that seldom happens.

(4) The Council is not nearly as proactive as it could and should be. But one example. Rumours about Lori Douglas' conduct while on the bench had been circulating for sometime. In fact, her pictures on the pornographic website Dark Cavern were well know for a long time within Winnipeg's legal community and beyond yet the CJC only initiated an investigation after a formal complaint was received from Alex Chapman

Finally, Norman Saborin to C B: "Can you hear and see me now? Read my lips ...... ... ..... ... eh?"

CyberSmokeBlog is certain Mr. Sabourin is a fine young man. Problem is he finds himself having to defend a severely broken business model.

Clare L. Pieuk


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