Monday, December 21, 2015

Whoa Cowboy whoa!

"Sunny ways cowboy John McCallum"

Good Day Readers:

This time Cowboy McCallum has gone too far. His comment about bringing another 25,000 Syrian/Middle East refugees to Canada in 2016 given the facts is clearly over the top. Consider:

(1) While the sunny ways government's plan to take in these people is admirable, they will put a significant financial strain on the country's social safety net (education, health care, affordable housing, etc.) all at a time when the economy is fragile at best

(2) During this time, how many non-Syrian refugees will be admitted? Presumably, the total immigration program will continue to operate

(3) Expand, consolidate, expand. There needs to be a step back, breathing period after the first year to go back to ascertain how these new Canadians are faring. Simply, ordering up another 25,000 without any follow up is foolish and short sighted

(4) The Sunny Ways Gang is already predicting a deficit of at least $10 billion in each of the next four years. CSB predicts it will be considerably higher? And the daily interest charges on that will be .....?

(5) When the original Sunny Ways was Prime Minister Canada's national debt reached an all time high with interest payments servicing it accounting for almost 35 cents of every dollar in revenue collected by the federal government

Is Sunny Ways McCallum basking in the limelight while spending too much time reading his newspaper clippings? CyberSmokeBlog thinks so. Not to pee on your parade Cowboy McCallum but it's time to get practical.

Clare L. Pieuk
Canada vows to double Syrian refugee intake
Monday, December 21, 2015

Mr. McCallum has been meeting refugees in Jordan.

Mr. McCallum has vowed to double its intake of Syrian refugees next year.

The minister of immigration and citizenship, John McCallum, said the country's resettlement programme would be expanded in 2016 to take 50,000.

Mr McCallum made the announcement from the Jordanian capital of Amman, where he met Syrians heading to Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomed some of the first arrivals earlier this month and said Canada was "showing the world how to open our hearts".

His new Liberal government had promised to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of February.

But Mr McCallum said Canada now hopes to settle as many as 50,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2016.

The UN refugee agency, the Jordanian government and the International Organization for Migration will be helping to speed up the vetting process, he said.

The minister spoke to Syrian families as they prepared to board flights to Canada.

He told one family: "Everyone in Canada is waiting to meet you."

Mr McCallum also toured development projects and refugee facilities during his two-day visit. has been meeting refugees in Jordan.


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