Monday, May 09, 2016

Why Marty and Rick Lagina are Royally up the Oak Island treasure hunt - regurgitation, regurgitation and more regurgitation!

Good Day Readers:

This could be a fascinating series save for the Lagina boys. For those who watched last night's episode it was pandering to the cameras at its best. You were told, for example, you were being treated to bonus coverage. Balls! The excerpts were from a show already aired a couple years ago. Lets recall they already had a camera equipped underwater diver in the vault purportedly containing the treasure so why are you continually being taken back in time?

Answer? Money, money and more money. Last night's instalment had all the earmarkings of a cheap ploy to attract investors (read television stations) to pick up the series.

The Lagina lads at their ever expanding sink hole commercial money pit. Will it take them another 5 years to find the treasure trove they've already discovered? Stay tuned.

So why not open a new season with a one hour television special documenting what's transpired thus far. If you're unable to accomplish this that's awfully sad.

Clare L. Pieuk



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