Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Damnit lady go back and read the 87-page decision of New Brunswick Judge Ronald LeBlanc of April 2016!

Good Day Readers:

Obviously the Old Witch and her Ontario Cabinet colleagues did not read or if they did failed to comprehend the 87-page April 2016 ruling of New Brunswick Provincial Judge Ronald Leblanc.
His Honour Provincial Court Judge Ronald Leblanc

 In his 87-page ruling he clearly states in part:

".....the Fathers of Confederation didn't want trade barriers between provinces that New Brunswick's monopolistic law contravened the Constitution Act of 1867.

Ontario voters and beer drinkers are already being taxed to the nuts and beyond in one of hottest summers in years yet what does the Wynn government and its brilliant Cabinet Ministers do? That's right continue to increase the price of beer while maintaining a monopolistic beer distribution system (Brewers Retail Stores) that are right out of the Stalinist era. "Uncle Joe" would be so proud!
What to do?

Begin by contacting the Premier's Office ( to let her know what you think of her government's greedy decision to increase the tax on beer while running roughshod over Judge LeBlanc's earlier decision (

CyberSmokeBlog will be sending a copy of this posting to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation encouraging it to challenge Ontario's unconstitutional increase in beer prices. This decision should be imminently challengeable and winnable.

Clare L. Pieuk

P.S. All together now, "Down with Wynne! Down with Wynne! Down with Wynne! ....."


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