Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why federal sunny ways Liberals have such big asses!

Good Day Readers:

First up to the microphone in her clodhoppers (sexy scandal-ridden limo sandals) attempting to explain her recent conflict of interest Toronto debacle, Health Minister Jane Philpott. She sure came out looking like an ass on that one.

But let us not forget young old Natural Resources Minister Jungle Jim Carr. In February of this year he spent $1,258 of your hard earned dollars for tickets to a Winnipeg Jets hockey game at the MTS Centre featuring the Boston Bruins. But if that were not bad enough he compounded the situation by expensing you another $530,25 to rent limos for the one kilometre trip from the downtown Fort Garry Hotel to the MTS Centre.

These federal sunny way Liberals certainly remind you of former Member of Parliament David Dingwall and his famous line about being entitled to his entitlements.
"Mr. Entitlement"
Clare L. Pieuk


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