Friday, February 09, 2007

Will shops at Safeway everybody!

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Mmmhhh why would Will Gooden choose to hunt when he makes over a hundred grand per year. Maybe because he's David's friend and they want to set a legal precedent together. Who cares there are real hunters just trying to make a living on anything caught? If I made $100,000 annually I would be shopping at Safeway too. Can you see David Chartrand helping all the other harvesters who have been charged?
Dear Anonymous:

Short answer - maybe Will is obsessed with using his Club and Air Miles Card. More detailed reply to follow .....

Later. Sorry but we chose not post the second part of your e-mail. While you allege certain individuals have contravened Manitoba's Wildlife and Endangered Species Acts (set out the province's hunting rules and regulations), identifying them by their initials, as you did, makes it apparent about whom you're talking.

A better approach? Visit Conservation Manitoba's website ( There you will find a Government Inquiry e-mail address ( Why not send, anonymously or otherwise, the information you possess requesting the incident(s) be investigated?

Clare L. Pieuk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So where do you shop at then? Sobey's? Of course Will may shop at Safeway and/or Sobey's - we need necessity's don't we. But lik the Metis person that he is and grew up as - Will also hunts. He hunts to feed his family - why? because that is what he grew up on and likes to eat. Jelousy is such a wasted emotion and its only when you get off this money trip about Will that you will a different side of the person he is. Who cares how much money a person has -it is a fact that Will Goodon is a Metis and is entitled like any other Metis person - to hunt! Get over it - you will feel much better.

10:31 AM  

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