Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Poof just like that!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "Don't be so sure!"

Murray Trachtenberg just e-mailed me, he said the papers go to you to sign to remove me, is this true? He said I don't sign anything and you must agree to remove my name.

Dear Mr. Deslauriers:

Thank you for writing. Yes, we will receive a copy of the Notice of Discontinuance by surface mail which we'll sign and return to Counselor Trachtenberg after making a photocopy for our records. Since Terry Belhumeur is also a Co-Defendant he too will get one which he'd be insane not to endorse.

Once it has been signed and returned to Mr. Trachtenberg we'll post a copy on this Blog, as we're entitled to do, for everyone to see. As we recall, the Notice of Discontinuance is a bland 2-3 paragraph statement essentially saying you're requesting your name be removed as a plaintiff in the lawsuit. Simple isn't it? Didn't hurt either. Don't imagine David Chartrand will be too happy but then again who cares?

Clare L. Pieuk


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