Thursday, June 26, 2008

Not bloody likely!

T. Vorcheux has left a new comment on your post, "Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Rule 34.04(5) - revisited!"

What he should do is donate this money to a charity. I repeat he should be ashamed to pocket this money.
Dear T. Vorcheux:

Thank you for writing. Sorry for taking so long to post your e-mail.

You're referring to a cheque ($50.20 - appearance plus travel money) Co-Defendant Terry Belhumeur received (August 17, 2007) from MMF lawyer Murray Trachtenberg for a scheduled September 6, 2007 Examination for Discovery (He was a no show so it was held January 28, 2008!) in the Federation's defamation lawsuit against

We received several e-mail from people who were upset Mr. Belhumeur had accepted payment. Suffice it to say, knowing "the gentleman" as we do, it's bloody unlikely he'd donate the money to charity.

Clare L. Pieuk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree wtih you sir, I happen to know Mr. Belhumeur as well and he is a very hardnosed, hard hearted individual trying to sell everyone out to get out this lawsuit. He doesn't know everyone at Henry Street is stringing him along and laughing at him.

6:48 AM  

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