Friday, June 20, 2008

What happened to the dead duck?

Will Goodon, Lawyer Jean Teillet (Pape Salter Teillet) and their expensive duck!
Smitty has left a new comment on your post, "The $300,000 Canadian taxpayers' duck?"

How's Willy boy's court case going, I hear its deader than that duck!
Dear Smitty:
Thank you for for writing. Don't know but maybe someone out there does.
The trial was held in Brandon some time ago. Justice Manitoba's online Court Registry System contains records of documents filed and hearings scheduled for that Queen's Bench venue going back to February 1, 2001. What you'll have to do is contact the courthouse, name the parties involved in the case (e.g. Will Goodon or MMF versus Province of Manitoba) and see if it can come up with a file number. It should look something like this:
CI 05-01-41955
CI = Court of Queen's Bench Civil Division
0? = Year Statement of Claim filed
02 = Brandon
Four Digits = Unique identifier
It's much easier to track a case if you have its file number. Then you can go online to get a listing of all documents entered into the official record, when and by whom. This will give you a general overview of what's happening. However, to really understand the latest you'll need to visit the courthouse, pay a $5 fee if you're not one of the litigants, to obtain the documents which you can then photocopy to your heart's content.
If anyone living in or near Brandon would like to do this, we'll gladly post the material for all to see.
Clare L. Pieuk


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