Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A special message for Anonymous!

Dear Sir/Madam:

Thank you for your recent e-mail. After taking it under advisement we decided not to publish it verbatim because of possible legal consequences. However, here's what we can say:

(1) Your comments are indeed correct. For further substantiation simply consult the official court transcript of the April 2006 trial of Metis National Council Secretariat/Metis National Council/President Clem Chartier versus Yvon Dumont. Count the number of times the name Lionel R. Chartrand is referenced

(2) Here's another example:

(i) While Webmaster for CyberSmokeSignals.com, Mr. Lionel Chartrand agreed in writing (announcement posted) to serve as pro bono General Legal Counsel. This was done because we'd received very reliable information during September 2003 the Provincial Board of Directors had passed a Resolution to pay a lawyer to monitor the site in search of litigious material

(ii) The same Lionel Chartrand subsequently received two defamation warning letters both dated February 9, 2004 from Federation attorney Murray Norman Trachtenberg. The other Co-Defendants in the case (Vanessa Everton, Terry Belhumeur and I) only became aware of the existence of his second missive much later (February 2006) and even at that it was by accident - Counselor Trachtenberg had included in as part of one of his many affidavits

(iii) During March 2004, I received an e-mail from a St. Norbert Local Member who had attended a meeting during which Al Benoit announced four Metis solicitors had been retained to advise those hunters who held an MMF Harvesters Card but had been charged by Conservation Manitoba. The fourth name mentioned was none other than Lionel Chartrand. The gentleman was somewhat taken aback given the significant criticism Mr. Lionel Chartrand had leveled at the President's leadership and particularly his approach to hunting rights

(iv) I telephoned Lionel Chartrand for confirmation at which time he noted he'd been approached at the Federation's 2003 Annual General Assembly (Winnipeg) by the President inquiring as to whether he'd be interested in providing legal advice. On said occasion L. Chartrand further claimed he'd agreed to a personal services contract but had yet to do any paid work

(v) Lionel Chartrand attended the May 4, 2004 Hearing in which the MMF appealed Mr. Dumont's earlier lower court victory to have the results of the 2003 election for the Office of President overturned. During a recess in the proceedings, I observed and overheard (from behind my newspaper) President Chartrand engage Mr. L. Chartrand in what could best be described as a very friendly discussion. Upon its conclusion the latter left the courtroom. Most curious I followed and approached him in the corridor noting he sure seemed amicable with the MMF leader at which point he stated the Provincial Board of Directors had passed a Resolution not to sue him for defamation

Before I could question him more closely for particularization, Mr. Lionel Chartrand claimed he had to represent a client and scurried down the hallway

(v) During September 2005 I was shown written documentation strongly suggesting Mr. Lionel Chartrand had indeed been approached (December 2004) by the MMF to do legal work

We rest our case.

Clare L. Pieuk

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Always keep your powder dry!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Aborginal Council of Winnipeg lawsuit!"

Oh boy, that Chartrand is such a ..... ... . I saw him at the meeting and he is a real ...... character, he just wanted to stop the vote before anyone could object to anything. He thought he could use his tricky lawyer ways to make himself our Prez and boy was he shown the way it works. He is so pathetic and so scared of Grassroots News and even his pal Dave.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. We too were somewhat taken aback by the scathing criticism Lionel Chartrand received in the Grassroots News article - and there's plenty more! Suffice it say for now we're biding our time while keeping a considerable store of gunpower dry. One of these fine days you'll hear a BIG BANG! as he's hoist by his own petard.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Aborginal Council of Winnipeg lawsuit!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

The ACW held its Annual General Meeting (September 13, 2006) to elect three of its ten member volunteer Board of Directors plus a President. As of October 22 this year the following Executive is listed on its website www.abcouncil.org/acw/:

Larry Wucherer, President president@abcouncil.org
Lionel Chartrand, Vice President vicepresident@abcouncil.org
Marileen McCormack, Treasurer treasurer@abcouncil.org
Jeff Chartrand, Secretary secretary@abcouncil.org
Josie Hill, Director josieh@abcouncil.org
Carol Beaulieu, Director carolb@abcouncil.org
Don Smith, Director dons@abcouncil.org
Annetta Armstrong, Director annettaa@abcouncil.org
Kevin Chief, Director, kchief@abcouncil.org
Rhonda McCorriston, Director, rhondam@abcouncil.org

Election Results

Lionel Chartrand 395
Larry Wurcherer 272
Cyril Shorting 112

Board of Directors
Wayne Helgason 405
Anita Flett 390
Marvin Delaronde 325

However, since then the election has been mired in controversy culminating with Chief Electoral Officer George Munroe declaring the results "null and void." A lawsuit was subsequently filed in Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench (www.jus.gov.mb.ca - CI06-04-48674). A few facts from the available online information:

(1) The Applicants (Plaintiffs) are Lionel Chartrand, Wayne Helgason and Anita Flett versus the Respondents (Defendants) Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg Incorporated, Larry Wucherer, Josie Hill, Carol Beaulieu, Annetta Armstrong, Cyril Shorting , Joan Hay, Dilly Knol, Diane Roussin, Andrew Thompson and a Party dentified only as a Chairperson Respondent

(2) We have not yet had an opportunity to read (But we will!) the Plaintiffs' Statement of Claim but it would seem reasonable to assume they are asking the Courts to uphold the results citing Section 139 of the Corporations Act of Manitoba

(3) The online case file shows 28 entries everything from 19 sworn affidavits to a subpoena requisition (person unidentified) to testify

(4) Solicitors of record listed:

(i) Lionel Charterand/Wayne Helgason - Norman A. Cuddy

(ii) Larry Wucherer/Joan Hay/Dilly Knol/Diane Roussin- None other than Murray Norman Trachtenberg!

(iii) All other litigants are currently unrepresented.

(5) On October 3, 2006 Queen's Bench Justice C.J. Monnin scheduled a Hearing for 10:00 a.m. Thursday October 26 which should be open to the public. CyberSmokeBlog will endeavour to have someone in attendance so we can report what happened

(6) Since the aforesaid hearing date is so close at hand the case management file currently resides with the Justice who will be presiding. Therefore, we were unable to access it at the Registry but we will once it's returned - should be interesting to see what the afiants have said. In the meantime we leave you with the following article from Grassroots News.

Clare L. Pieuk
Grassroots News
Volume 10 Number 34
September 19, 2006
Page 4

ACW Election Overturned

Controversy reared its ugly head once again during an Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg Election. Accusations of campaign intimidation, election day campaigning and censorship were levelled at several candidates, their backers and organizations located in the Aboriginal Centre.

With 2,829 votes cast in the election and only 28 spoiled or ruled ineligible the turnout represented one of the largest in ACW elections history as Lionel Chartrand outdistanced his rivals by polling 395 votes to Larry Wurcherer's 272 votes and Cyril Shorting's 112 votes.

BOD candidates Wayne Helgason's 405 votes, Anita Flett's 390 votes and Marvin Delaronde's 325 votes indicated the trio would secure the three BOD seats open but Chief Electoral Officer George Munroe declared those election results "null and void" after voting irregularities were raised sending the nearly 200 assembled ACW members at the Annual General Meeting held at the Freighthouse last Wednesday into a frenzy.

A new election has been declared to be held not less than thirty days after September 16th.

The brouhaha began on election day when copies of Grassroots News were ordered removed from the Aboriginal Centre of Winnipeg by the Chief Electoral Officer after receiving a complaint about the publication having biased election coverage.

"I ordered them removed due to the fact that there was biased coverage," said Munroe. "My job is to ensure the election is run properly."

Copies were seized by building security and stored behind the security desk.

The absence of the papers was noticed by Michelle Boivin who questioned why they were missing and was shocked at the answer. "It was clearly a form of censorship on the electoral officer and members of the other slate," said Boivin. "I can't believe this, It's just a form of pettiness and an effort to control people's opinions and I won't have it."

When CAHRD Executive Director Marileen Bartlett (Mcormick) discovered Boivin was questioning the decision to have the papers removed she allegedly called Boivin" a whore" in front of a number of witnesses, which Bartlett later denied. "Those are not words I have said in my whole life about anybody. I didn't say those words. You can ask anybody."

However, two separate individuals who witnessed the altercations confirmed to Grassroots News that Bartlett had used the term in her confrontation with Boivin - who is a backer of a slate of ACW candidates calling for more transparency and accountability in the ACW and the Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development Bartlett heads up.

The Winnipeg Police Service were called and a television news crew arrived at the Aboriginal Centre shortly after as the call had been intercepted over the police scanner which are monitored by news rooms across the city. The presence of the mainstream media resulted in Munroe reversing his earlier decision to have the newspapers removed. They were replaced by about 3:30 PM that afternoon.

The turning point occurred when several outraged students demanded a new election be called after they discovered the status of their schooling at the Aboriginal Centre wasn't in jeopardy at all. CAHRD student Belinda Kennedy told Grassroots News that Bartlett brought presidential candidate Lionel Chartrand into one of her classes at the Aboriginal Centre where they were mislead into believing that if they didn't vote for Chartrand their schooling would be placed in jeopardy.

"What bothers me even more is that we were led to believe that if we didn't vote for Lionel Chartrand then our schooling would cease to exist. We actually believed that because we were under the impression he was fighting for us," said Kennedy.

We later found out that there is an agreement in place that ensures our programs at the Aboriginal Centre for the next five years. So what was that all about? We were taken for a ride and had I known that I wouldn't have voted for him."

"I'm concerned that they will run me out of school there but I am more angry at them then I am scared of what they will do to me by talking openly about what happened," added Kennedy. "I'm sure they will try to kick me out of school for speaking out."

The debacle continued as points of order and constitutional citations finally resolved that the Chief Electoral Officer was the only person who could order a new election. Munroe appeared unwilling to do that until it was revealed that an ineligible voter had cast a ballot.

Community elder Thelma Meade brought a black man in front of the meeting and respectfully submitted that he was a fine man and was proud to have known him. She questioned why he was able to cast a ballot citing the word aboriginal in the title of the ACW.

Munroe took the microphone and declared the election results "null and void" in view of the man being able to cast a ballot.

It was just a colossal mess," said Michelle Boivin. "From start to finish. I had hoped that there would be a change for the better today. But now after the truth has surfaced we can move on and people can vote and make an informed decision as to who they want representing them."

ACW member Ivy Chaske, who's been living out of province for several years prior to her return to Winnipeg, says she was "terribly disappointed" by the behaviour of ACW presidential candidate Lionel Chartrand during the campaign and the general assembly.

"He wasn't interested in listening to the people and its obvious that if his slate of candidates list was handed out to students when they were being fed and that he was speaking to students during the voting day and telling students that if they didn't vote for him thier education or courses would be in jeopardy that he has no respect for a truly fair and democratic election."

"During the assembly he never spoke to the people or condemned any practices but kept trying procedural lawyer things to prevent the people's decisions at the assembly from being respected. It sends a real message as to how he would be as a leader if he turns his back on the people and refuses to distance himself from people and processes that are not only disrespectful to individuals and democracy but to the entire community."

And when Chartrand attempted to defend censorship of Grassroots News he diminished himself in the eyes of several observers, according to Cyril Shorting, another ACW candidate.

"It shows just how intent he is on control and deciding for others what they can or can't read. It's totally arrogant. It is his right not to read Grassroots News because he personally believes the coverage is biased. But it is not Mr. Chartrand's right to impose the view that because he believes the coverage is biased to prevent other people from reading it or having access to it. Or does Mr. Chartrand propose that as adults we are not to be given the right to make up our own minds. One wonders if the basic fundamental rights and freedoms Canadians have are to be withdrawn because Mr. Chartrand believes they should be. I am stunned by this display of arrogance and disrespect for his own people."

And Shorting's view was shared by his other rival Larry Wurcherer.

"This is what I have been talking about for months and pretty well demonstrates what Mr. Chartrand is about."

"There's no indication from him that he has even the faintest notion of democracy or what the ACW stands for. We are supposed to listen to the people, however, if they can't be manipulated or if they dare to speak their own minds or have their own opinions then Mr. Chartrand will use whatever means to ignore them or attempt to use technical or procedural manipulations rather than denounce un-democratic practices employed by his supporters or others."

"Lionel set a terrible example of leadership of an organization that says it represents an aboriginal people who believe in different values. He's a lawyer and not someone who inspires our people by example and that was obvious during the election," said Wurcherer.

When challenged by Grassroots News regarding his allegations that he had not been given an opportunity to share his election views with the newspaper Chartrand responded, "do you think I'm afraid of you" and walked away.

The weekend prior to the election Chartrand had spoken to Grassroots Publisher Arnold Asham at the MMF General Assembly in Brandon and failed to mention either the newspaper's coverage or an interest in submitting his viewpoints on the election," says Asham. "Lionel had the opportunity to speak directly to me on any matter relating to our election coverage or any complaints he had and he said nothing."

In fact, said Asham, "I took Lionel to task for his supporters having dumped our papers a week earlier and told him we would be pursuing this matter."

During the ACW assembly numerous members also called for polling stations to be located in locations not associated with the Aboriginal Centre.

"I don't want to have to vote at the Ab Centre because there are people and organizations that pressure students to vote a certain way. When you vote in civic or provincial elections you don't vote at City Hall or the Legislature and it should be the dame for the ACW," said Amanda Flett. This has been going on for years and the people are getting wise to their (Ab Centre's) shenanigans. We're sick of being manipulated and disrespected.

Monroe confirmed he would not accept another role as an election officer saying the September election was a trying one for him personally.

Details of the new election, locations of polling stations and the electoral office will be carried in the next edition of Grassroots News.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Congratulations Judith Cameron!

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

We've just received word Judith was awarded the NEICOM (North East Interlake Community/Futures Development Corporation) Community Volunteer of the Year Award at a ceremony held last night in Fisher Branch, Manitoba for her tireless efforts and countless hours making her community a better place in which to live - all this while being married with three children. Talk about multi-tasking!

Also in attendance was a very proud Interlake MLA Tom Nevakshonoff (www.ndpcaucus.mb.ca/mlas/interlake/index/html; tnevakshonoff@leg.gov.mb.ca) who has been most supportive of Judith in her endeavours for a longtime.

If you'd like to contact Judith to offer your congratulations her particulars are:

Box 434 Simli, Manitoba R0C 1B0
Telephone: (204) 642-9648
E-mail: camfam5@mts.net

Thursday, October 19, 2006

MNT re-emerges from the shadows!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "Ladies and gentleman - candidate Cameron!"

I noticed something interesting recently while checking The Queen's Bench Registry. As you may know, Lionel Chartrand is contesting the recent decision of the Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg to set aside his election as President. Fair enough. But guess which lawyer with the initials MNT is acting for a number of the respondents? I kid you not. Take a look at the record when you have time.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you very much for the heads up - that is indeed interesting! For those not familiar with the court system respondents are the defendants. As soon as we get a chance (within the next day or two) we'll visit Queen's Bench Registry to examine and photocopy the file documents for publication on this site.

"Dat you MNT?"

Ladies and gentlemen - candidate Cameron!


Put Citizens At the Top of Governance Model
By Jim Mosher
Friday October 13, 2006
Interlake Spectator

Judith Cameron says Gimli council needs to invert its governance model – and put people back at the top. "You've got to invert the pyramid, and have the community up here." She said Tuesday. "Council is the point at the bottom." Cameron, 47, says council’s work must be informed and balanced by input from across the municipality. It’s left to council to find the balance. Development – a good thing, says Cameron – is one area that needs more direction. "It’s all a balancing act," she said, taking the example of high-priced condominium development and the issue of affordable housing. "You have to balance a variety of community needs. The need for high-end condos is clear, but you’ve got to balance that with housing generally."

Many on the latest edition of council have, says Cameron, paid lip service to affordable housing. (Kevin Chudd, the incumbent mayor, she emphasizes, has been on-board from Day 1) Cameron is Vice Chairman of the Gimli Non-Profit Housing Corporation. "We have been championing that initiative. I would love to have had these people now paying lip service to have lent their support before" It’s the indecisiveness of the past council that bothers Cameron.

"There’s been no strategic planning," she side of wider issues that include such things as affordable housing, investment in sewer and roads infrastructure. "You can’t keep shuffling these things off." The strategic plan, as Cameron sees it, would take both a short and long term view. "It must include seniors, youth, infrastructure, recreation, she said.

Cameron describes how she believes a strategic plan should be constructed. First, there must be a series of public meetings. Then a community needs assessment is required to nail down just what is generally agreed as required. These two pieces are then melded into a draft strategic plan, which is then presented to the public. "It’s a long process but an inclusive one, notes Cameron. "The past council did not want to do a needs assessment or invite community input because they knew then that they’d have to act on what the community wants." Cameron said.

It may be, Cameron suggests, that Gimli citizens want a swimming pool, a community hall, a truly multi-use facility. If so, why not? "Why can’t we think outside the box?" she said. "You’ve got to talk to people. Our people are intelligent…they know what they want. And you’ve got to talk to youth." But it’s not all about "progress", if progress means dressing up Gimli to take it down the wrong path. "We need to make progress but not at the expense of changing the dynamic of the community, not making it such that you lose the charm that is inherent in Gimli."

The duty of a councilor, says Cameron, is to honor one’s duty to citizens. That can be achieved with frank, public discussion. "The atmosphere at the council table has to be conducive to the exchange of ideas." Cameron
and husband Scott have three children – Michael, 13, 11 year old Daniel and Katie, six.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Judith Cameron gaining momentum - candidacy endorsed by world leaders!

President Bush: "Thank you for supporting Judith Cameron, Vladimir!"

President Putin: "Everyone in Russia is going to vote for her October 25 if they know what's good for them George!"

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Newfie Lawsuit?

A Newfie calls up his lawyer and asks, "Wid all them there lawsuits going on I'm feeling kinda left out. How do I get in on some of the action?" I hear that people are suing cigarette companies cause they got cancer, and others are suing the Big Mac Company cause they got themselve fat."

His lawyer asks, "And which catagories do you fit under?"

"Neider, I just want to sue Labbatts for all the ugly women I've slept with" ...
Thank you to the person who submitted this.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Stalin: "NYET! NYET! NYET eh? Fellow comrades in Canada and Manitoba - why you spending your hard earned taxpayer dollars on such foolishness?"

"No people no problem. No problem no people!"

Murray Norman Trachtenberg!
Barristers, Solicitors & Notaries Public
710-491 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2E4

Gerald S. Posner
Manitoba & Ontario Bars

Murray N. Trachtenberg
B.A., LL.B
Direct Line: (204) 9409602
e-mail: mtrachtenberg@ptlaw.mb.ca
October 11, 2006

Mr. Clare L. Pieuk
2 - 371 Des Meurons Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2H 2N6

Dear Mr. Pieuk:

Re: MMF et al vs. Clare L. Pieuk et al
Queen's Bench File No. CI 05-01-41995
My File No. 2003-20

On May 12, 2006, I sent you a copy of the plaintiffs' Amended Statement of Claim which issued from the Court on May 9, 2006. I note that you have not responded to this pleading and have filed no amended defence dealing with the allegations raised in the Amended Statement of Claim.

For your ease of reference I enclose another copy of the Amended Statement of Claim.

My instructions are to proceed to Examination for Discovery.

I am currently working on the plaintiffs' Affidavit of Documents. The Queen's Bench Rules require each party to a lawsuit to disclose relevant documents that are or have been in their possession by way of a sworn Affidavit of Documents.

Upon delivery of my clients' affidavit, I shall be arranging a time to examine you for discovery

If it is your intention to file an amended Statement of Defence dealing with the allegations contained in the Amended Statement of Claim, I would ask that you do so in the very near future.

Yours truly,
Signature (Unintelligible)
Electronic Distribution List

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada

The Honourable Vic Toews
Minister of Justice

The Honourable Jim Prentice
Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development
Federal Interlocutor for Metis and Non-Status Indians

Mr. Rod Bruinooge
Member of Parliament, Winnipeg South
Parliamentary Secretary
Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development

The Honourable Gary Doer
Premier of Manitoba

The Honourable Dave Chomiak
Minister of Justice and Attorney General

The Honourable Gregory Selinger
Minister of Finance

The Lawyers Weekly

Globe And Mail

National Post

Winnipeg Free Press

David N. Chartrand
President, Manitoba Metis Federation

Just in - Teamsters support Judith!

Dear Judith:

I've asked The Brotherhood to support you in the upcoming election. Hope to be in Gimli, Manitoba soon to work on your campaign. Good Luck!

Your Best Friend,
Jimmy H.

THE REAL James Riddle "Jimmy" Hoffa

Friday, October 13, 2006

Definitely NOT "Jimmy H.!"

AGE: 77
DOB: 9/2/29
HEIGHT: 5'8"

AGE: 56
DOB: 4/3/51
HEIGHT: 5'6'

(If nothing else at least Whitey has good taste in Ladies!)

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "Everyone supports Judith!"

I found "Jimmy H." - here he is!
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. You frickin' dummy that's James "Whitey" Bulger! Sorry we don't wish to be disrepectful, however, by way of background:

(1) An informed source identifying themself only as "Jimmy H." (Jimmy Hoffa) recently contacted www.derrylsanderson.blogspot.com with excellent information challenging certain positive comments Mr. Sanderson made vis-a-vis Grassroots News and Owner/Publisher Arnold Asham. After trying unsuccessfully online to coax their identity from them, the mysterious person would only agree to continue communicating using the pseudonym "Jimmy H.!"

(2) Since then we've been getting all kinds of interesting e-mail as though there's an easter egg hunt on for Jimmy H.

(3) "Whitey" Bulger. Fascinating story. He's been on the lam for over eleven years and is currently the FBI's Number Two Man second only to Oslama Bin Ladin. Long story short:

(i) Whitey ran South Boston's Irish Mob for more than 20 years in the process amassing a personal fortune worth over $30 million

(ii) He was always one step ahead of the law because unbeknownst to even his closest "Associates" he was a stoolie for the FBI's Boston Office informing on the Italian mob. Talk about the kettle calling the tea pot black!
(iii) After being tipped off by his FBI Irish handler he was about to be indicted for: at least 19 murders; extortion; rackateering, narcotics trafficing, etc., etc., etc. he collected Mistress Catherine Grieg 20 years his junior and split

(iv) William Bulger (Whitey's brother) went on to become University of Massachusettes President and eventually one of the State's most powerful politicians (Senate Leader)

(v) Fascinating story! Wasn't a movie recently released in which Jack Nicholson plays a character much like Whitey?

(vi) Since fleeing more than 11 years ago, Whitey has allegedly been spotted in more than 19 countries. Type in Whitey Bulger in the Boston Herald's (www.bostonherald.com) embedded Search Engine to read much more

So Anonymous we can certainly see how you might confuse "Jimmy H." with Whitey Bulger but we can assure you they are two completly different people. Wonder when Jimmy H. will again emerge from the shadows with more fascinating information on the inner workings of Grassroots News?

Clare L. Pieuk

P.S. There's a $1,000,000 reward for information leading to Whitey's capture and arrest. Please help us find him - we promise to share the money!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Everyone supports Judith!

Belinda: "How's it going Bill - eh?"
Bill: "You sure have nice eyes Belinda!"

Belinda & Bill: "We're voting for Judith!"

Tie: "How's it going eh? GO LEAFS GO!" Go Judith Go!

Peter: "HA! HA! HA! After you dumpted me Belinda I became Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister. Please call me Peter, Condeleessa."

Condy:"Hi Peter! Good Luck on October 25 Judith. I'll try to call from Washington after the polls close but can't promise. I'm really busy these days working on the C-a-n-a-d-i-a-n file!"

Ray St.Germain: "Dat you Jimmy H?"

Cyber SmokeBlog: "For GOD sakes,Rachael, you're getting on our nerves. Now that you've made us all sick the least you can do is vote for Judith our all C-a-n-a-d-i-a-n candidate!"

"Uncle Joe:" C-a-n-a-d-i-a-n Comrades: "Vote for Judith or else! Americanski capitalist Rachael, you're starting to get on my nerves too woman - definitely not good!"

The only thing we can all agree on is vote for JUDITH CAMERON (RM of Gimli-Riverton) on October 25, 2006!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Never mind Rachel we still love you in Manitoba!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Every so often one comes across an article which has it all - excellent writing, solid analysis blended with acerbic and humourous language. While we don't think Rachael Ray is that bad we could see how she might get on some peoples' nerves.

When your 15 minutes of fame are finally over, Rachael, you can always move to Manitoba to become Head Chef at MMF Headquarters. Better yet, why not challenge Rosemarie McPherson as Metis Womens Representative, that is, whenever they have their next "Annual" General Meeting?"

But not to worry Rachael. If you need backup we'll send Mike ("I like that - I like that a lot!") Homes from the immencely popular Canadian cable channel HGTV (Home and Garden Television). You don't mess with Mike!

Rachael, this is the flag for Canada ("The Great White North eh!")

This is Manitoba's - we're a Province which borders on the State of North Dakota

Our national symbols are the beaver, Mounties and DAMN GOOD BEER!

Now our candidate for, The Sharp Golden Tongue Award of the week!


Clare L. Pieuk

OVER cooked
When will chirpy celebrity chef/talk show host RACHEL RAY'S 15 minutes be up?

By Kate Zimmerman
The Winnipeg Free Press
October 7, 2006
Page F1

Source: http://community.livejournal.com/rachael_ray_sux/


It's a wonder that scientists have yet to precisely calculate the shelf life of celebrities.

There must be an average time from during which a star of screen or CD vaults from obscurity to ubiquity and then begins the long slow slide down to lapsed-celebrity competitions like Dancing With the Stars. If only fameologists could tell us exactly when to expect our blast of shadenfreude regarding the particular celebs we never liked in the first place.

Schadenfreude, of course, is that great German word that means "joy in another's misfortune." I myself have been gloating in a most unbecoming fashion lately over the attempted media takedown of would-be Martha-cum-Oprah figurine Rachael Ray. I'd like to know how long I will have to put up with her before a maniacal binge of Krispy Kreme lands her on the cover of The Enquirer, her shows are cancelled, her books are remaindered and a regular appearance as a shill on the Shopping Network puts the final nail in the coffin of her career.

Ms. Ray is that pint-sized American gal who rose to fame on what my daughter used to call a "stirring show." At one point she had, apparently, five shows on the Food Network, although I have only been subjected to two of them. One is called 30-Minute Meals, the other is $40 a Day, in which the host travels to a city and ensures that she spends no more than that on three meals, all of which she invariably relishes.

Neither show's concept is atrocious, per se; it's Ray's strange brash, New-York-Meets-Cape-Cod accent and crazily chirpy manner that irritate me. Like many others, I find her inane chuckle and smurfy good humour hideously strident.

Sardonic chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain has referred to Ray as a "bobblehead." His fellow detractors have invented a drinking game (details at www.slobak.com/rachael-ray.html) where, "when you're up for getting sloshed within 30 minutes or less, "you have a sip each time Ray does something annoying. You quadruple your swigs whenever she drops something, giggles and says something along the lines of "Potato overboard!"

There's another entire website devoted to Ray's non-fans, called Rachel Ray Sucks. Compared with the degree of vitriol its comtributors hurl at Ray, I am one of the nicer popes.

Yes she is currently embarrassing herself all the way to the bank, with a baker's dozen of cookbooks, an Emmy, a magazine called Every Day with Rachael Ray, a line of cookware, a truly startling rating as one of America's 100 sexiest women. And now, egged on by her mentor/svengali, Oprah Winfrey, she has assumed the role of daytime chat show host.

Ray made the talk-show rounds herself before the launch of her prattlefest. She may have been named by Time magazine as one of its most influencial people of 2006, but David Letterman seemed both bewildered and exhausted by her high-spirited jabbering. She planned to do things like jump out of planes with her guests to help them defeat their fear of heights, she said, and was kicking off her first week by interviewing Diane Sawyer.

Ray is unapologetic about her lack of gravitas. Nevertheless, there is quite a difference between starring on a cooking show where it's you, a knife and a pair of onions, and trying to bond with a respected journalist who has herself interrogated many of the world's most famous people. Ray is apparently one of those never-say-die sorts who mistake fearlessness for wide-ranging talent. The first show received excoriating reviews.

In one of the warmer assessments, the Hollywood Reporter described it thus: "It moves along in energetic rat-a-tat-tat style via a series of manic Rachael McNuggets that casts Oprah's very own hand-picked youngster as a whirlwind of hyperkinetic charisma." Canadians were less gentle. In a story headed "Pat Sajak, We're Sorry, Come Back!" Rob McKenzie of the National Post wrote, "It's like they gave Miss Piggy a talk show."

He went on to imply that Ray must have made a deal with Satan to land her latest gig. Evidently, he said, the vegetables had been carring the entertainment burden on her other shows. "Sawyer and Ray discussed "slut shoes," McKenzie wrote of the episode he watched, "and Sawyer showed a cosmetics mirror that has a built-in flashlight, so you can use it in the back of a car at night. 'Shut up!' Ray thoughtfully observed. That is life-changing!'"

McKenzie noted that Ray's show may appear on Citytv affiliates but is "running 24 hours a day on closed-circuit TV in hell." Lee-Anne Goodman wrote for Canadian Press that Ray's high-decibel and often overbearing demeanour" is sufficiently grating that it seems to upset her guests. "Even Winfrey herself - whose company Harpo is co-producing the show - appeared shell-shocked by the end of her visit to the Rachael Ray set on Tuesday as her hand-picked star repeatedly and loudly spoke over her new boss and erupted into loud and nervous laughter ..." Goodman added that Hollywood Reporter TV columnist Ray Richmond said of the show, "She could attract a huge audience of people with their hands over their ears."

This sort of remark is unlikely to give Ray pause. As it turns out, she generated great numbers on her CBS debut, capturimg the highest rating for a first-run syndicated show in four years.

Naturally, Ray doesn't feel my pain. She's now rich, famous and despite being a stocky 38, is being described as an "It Girl." So please, Mr. and Mr. Scientist - get researching. I have to know: how long must I wait before Rachael Ray's 15 minutes are finally up?

Kate Zimmerman is a Vancouver writer who spends far too much time seeking out the stupidest television shows on cable.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Returning soon - "The Adventures of BATMAN and robin!"

Please stay tuned.

We're looking for "Jimmy H." - anyone seen him?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Dat you Jimmy?"

I noticed there is an uncanny resemblance between Arnold Asham and teamster Jimmy Hoffa. Does anybody know if Mr. Asham has an airbrake endorsement on his drivers license?
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. Yes, you're right there is an uncanny resemblance except we think Mr. Asham is much better looking. We do know for certain, he's considerably kinder and gentler - just look at those eyes - than Jimmy ever is/was!

Don't know about the reference to the airbrake endorsement but we can definitely say Mr. Asham does not drive a semi-trailor for The International Brotherhood of Teamsters ("The Teamsters!") although his "newspaper" reads like it!

Clare L. Pieuk

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Mr. Leprechaun: "How's it going eh? Bloody DAMN GOOD BEER that Guinness - poked back five pints count 'em eh! Just spotted Jimmy H. at MMF headquarters wearing big cement boots eh!"

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"Dat really you Jimmy H.?"

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

Sometimes you have to laugh. Colleague and Fellow Blogger Derryl Sanderson (www.derrylsanderson.blogspot.com) recently received an e-mail from someone who had a rather different perspective on comments posted earlier by Derryl regarding Grassrootsnews and its Owner/Publisher Arnold Asham. Obviously the individual was very knowledgeable about the subject matter but remains anonymous. As you can see by their response below, they are a little uncomfortable revealing their identity in the face of earlier gentle internet prodding by Mr. Sanderson. We don't think they'll self-identify:

The reason I keep anonymous is because I suffer from "Jimmy Hoffa Syndrome" and don't want to become the only resident underneath the freshly poured concrete of the new Manitoba Hydro complex. The people we challenge are capable of almost anything and it's a short hop from dissident to dead. In the future I will identify myself as:

Jimmy H!

Dear Mr. H.:

Jimmy H. Potograph Currently Unavailable!

Christ Jimmy where you been hiding - why the hell haven't you called home eh? Or as Host (silver-throated recently silver haired Metis icon crooner) Ray Germain from Derryl Sanderson's favourite taxpayer MMF funded NCI Radio Program, Metis Hour Times Two would say:

"Dat really you Jimmy H.?"

The Real Ray ("Elvis") St. Germain

All of us at www.CyberSmokeBlog.blogspot.com thought you'd been buried in custom made cement shoes under tons of concrete beneath Giants Stadium in The Meadowlands, New Jersey. When you get a chance Jimmy H. drop us a quick line to let us know how you're doing. Please enclose updated picture.

Clare L. Pieuk

Born: Brazil, Indiana February 14, 1913
Died: Unknown (Disappeared July 30, 1975)
Officially Declared Dead: July 30, 1982


Mr Hoffa was a noted American labour leader with ties to the Mafia. As the President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters from the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s, Hoffa wielded considerable influence. He is also well-known in popular culture for the mysterious circumstances surrounding his still-unexplained disappearance and presumed death.

THE REAL Arnold Asham

THE REAL Derryl Sanderson

PERSON UNKNOWN - "Dat really you Jimmy H.?"