Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The kettle calling the pot black!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

President Chartrand is hardly a Rhodes Scholar. In fact, during a candidates debate held at Winnipeg's College Universitaire De Saint Boniface a couple elections ago when asked about his education, he replied he has grade 8 but doesn't need more. This fellow really is condescending.

The following was written by Metis Mama ( and posted on

Can David Chartrand turn on a computer so he can look at pictures or must one of his staff do it? Does he even know what a Rhodes Scholar is or looks like. NO! NO! NO! Not him - the good looking one on the left!

Aaron Trachtenberg

Clare L. Pieuk
metismama said...

Dear MMF Board:

At the Assembly in Ottawa we understand that several candidates indicated that none of you could be contacted - because David advised you don't use computers and don't have emails. The candidates were told that literacy may be an issue for all of you - so if there is information for you he will censor and screen it - to ensure you are capable of reading the big words. He also advised that he had to tell you all to mark the second box down on the ballot because you were unable to think for yourselves and make a choice based on your thought process.

In addition, he apparently asked you at the Manitoba Board Meeting if you look at the blogs. The majority would not admit to ever seeing any. So when we write this letter to you we are hoping that you have relatives who will share the letter. Now did you know how great, vast and wealthy you all are? You now not only pay the MMF President's salary but you also pay the President of Metis National Council, Clem Chartier his. Now please remember with employee benefits it is a mere $200,000 per year because of his travel needs, apartment and $129/day living allowance. But hey that is good because you voted for him - so I guess rightfully so - you pay him.

But there are a few other little things that you should know - you also must pay all his staff too. See there is no money at MNC and it may be that once the forensic audit is done - there just may not be any.

Now truthfully you good little David puppets - "Do not ask too many questions because he will tell what he knows about each of you and he has paid dearly for your loyalty." Now true enough he may not have given you as much as Clem is getting but you just should understand.

In addition, it is important that even though every other Metis elected leader from every other Board is a paid salary position and Manitoba Board is not paid - just the Vice Presidents are - should not be a concern to you - because that is what David has told you is your commitment to the Nation. Your taking one for democracy or was that the watershed - I am not sure?

Have you ever wondered why none of you Board Members are asked to sit on the Finance Committee where you get paid a $300/day honorarium? Maybe it is because he has other friends he has to pay off for their loyalty.

Well I only hope he will give you enough to take a trip to the library so you can read the blogs for yourself or at least have a friend read it for you. Happy spending David - enjoy it while you can!

Metis Mama

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sue this Murray!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Another Metis specific blog ( has made its debut operated by Earlene Bitterman. Featured at the botttom of its main page are links to five other sites. We wish Ms Bitterman well.

Clare L. Pieuk

What's this all about Murray?

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

Every so often we like to Google people. For example, if you enter, "Winnipeg Lawyer Murray Norman Trachtenberg" the first 3 entries refer to material which has appeared on Then there's one for

We do the same for the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench online File Registry. It would appear Mr. Trachtenberg has a couple lawsuits against him which are still technically outstanding.

Then there's this one. To our untrained legal eye, it would appear Counselor Trachtenberg is suing a former client in Small Claims Court (SC07-01-09647) who has turned around and counter actioned him for $10,000. Shortly we'll be visiting The Law Courts Building to pull the case file so we can photocopy documents. This is the only way we can gain a better appreciation of what's happening.

Clare L. Pieuk

Monday, February 25, 2008

How the MMF leadership violated your presumption of innocence, as well as, constitutional right to freedom of speech and expression!

Barristers,. Solicitors & Notaries Public
710-491 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2E4
Fax: (204) 944-8878

Gerald S. Posner
Manitoba & Ontario Bars

Murray N. Trachtenberg, B.A., LL.B.
Direct Line: (204) 940-9602
February 24, 2004

Petition Co-ordinator
Post Office Box 72
Duck Bay, Manitoba
R0L 0J0

Petition Co-ordinator
Post Office Box 128
Camperville, Manitoba
R0L 0J0

Petition Co-ordinator
Post Office Box 523
Winnipegosis, Manitoba
R0L 2G0

Petition Co-ordinator
Post Office Box 130
Skownan, Manitoba
R0L 1Y0

Dear Sir/Madan:

Election Petition
My FileNo. 2003-20

I am the lawyer for the Manitoba Metis Federation.

This post office box was listed in a message dated February 6, 2004 posted on the website for The message suggests that individuals who are signing an election funding petition posted on that website should forward those petitions to your post office box.

The petition contains statements which are untrue and defamatory of the Bard of Directors of MMF. These include the following.

"AND WHEREAS the Manitoba Metis Federation has been needlessly spending vast amounst of money for inappropriate travel and accommodation for David Chartrand, as well as, some Board Members.

AND WHEREAS David Chartrand has already spent tens of thousands of dollars on pre-election campaiging in aanticipation of the court order.

AND WHEREAS very large sums of money intended for appropriate purposes such as consulting with members on hunting and harvesting issues have already been spent by David Chartrand on campaigning.

AND WHEREAS the Federation's Board has been illegally authorizning campaign spending for David Chartrand and unlawfully spending your public money to pay his election court challenge legal fees.

AND WHEREAS unnecessary Board travel has been authorized for public relations purposes to one candidate only, namely, David Chartrand.

AND WHEREAS the Metis have no confidence that any extra funding provided to the Federation will be spent in a legal or appropriate manner but rather beleive all principles of fail play will be set aside by the Board of Directors approving campaigning and public relations expenses for David Chartrand only.

AND WHEREAS the Metis believe that any extra money provided to the MMF will be used in attempts to hinder and suppress the rights of the other candidates for the presidential election rather than providing the, with an equal opportunity."

I have already wirtten to Mr. Terry Belhumeur who is the registered domain holder of and advised him that a lawsuit will be oommenced against him, Clare L. Pieuk and the individual identified as "Metis mon" on the website if, in fact, such an individual does exist.

I am writing to you to advise you that any distribution of defamatory material (such as the election funding petition) by you to any other individual will result in you being liable to pay damages to the Board of Directors and the MMF.

In the event that you distribute any copy of the election funding petition thereby publishing the defamatory statements, a lawsuit will be commenced against you as well.


Yours truly,
What a rookie mistake by minimum $250/per hour Canadian taxpayer funded lawyer Murray Trachtenberg! These statements are "allegedly" defamatory - where is the presumption of innocence we are guaranteed under our laws? Has a Justice and Jury of 12 ruled yet?

CounselorTrachtenberg did not realize the individuals behind those Post Office Boxes were highly respected Metis people within their communities - you would recognize the names. In fact, one is a senior Elder. Such unbridled arrogance - who the hell does he think he is talking down to them like that?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A new blog on the block for the MMF to sue!

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

There's a new Blog out of Alberta being operated by MetisMama. The Blogmaster seems to have good sources and inside information. The following article also appears on

Clare L. Pieuk
Saturday, February 23, 2008

MNC – Never a dull moment

The Métis National Council Assembly is quite a process and some of our new delegates have had their eyes opened to the Ole Boys Club brand of politics. The candidates nominated were:

Tony Belcourt
Clem Chartier
Bruce Dumont
Rick Laliberte

There were deals being cut and promises being made. There were old politicians and new green horns. I have been told that there were jobs promised, contracts made and issues unresolved.

Doucette and Poitras reported that Clem Chartier was being paid a handsome salary, $10,000 a year in apartment rent, $129 a day in meal allowance and 217 nights at $200/night in hotel costs. A rough tally would have our President paid at $86,000 per year in non-taxable benefits over his salary. There are letters from early last summer that were disclosed identifying many dollars in overpayments including David’s wife Glorian – these overpayments are to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Auditor Bernie Shore advised that he did not see the letters until just prior to the meeting even though the dates on the letters were from June or July.

The finances reported a 3.5 million dollar deficit with the bills still coming in, no staff and no commitment for government bailouts.

Oh yea – not to forget Clem also has a $300,000 lawsuit against the Métis National Council that he can now potentially pay himself – if he can find any money and he can put forward for back pay and expenses since October when he was no longer paid as the President. He calls these his damages.

He does not have to call a Board of Governor meeting for the next three years while he is President-elect and he can continue to run the place into the ground. Now based on the unresolved issues – how will he make those job and contract commitments? – it should all be interesting and when will the promises be collected?

His campaign speech was about getting Paul Martin elected as the Liberal leader, a Powley decison that happened prior to his leadership and how good he is at writing Prime Minister Harper a letter that had five points in it some two or three years ago. He promised he will now do a follow up to the letter from then. Sounds like we are well on our way to an outstanding National Leader. Hope you are all feeling hopeful.

There is a star at the end of this tunnel – it is time for a real Métis Nation of Canada – with a constitution, a democracy and real leaders who are supported by the grassroots Métis people. Let the existing Board of Governors clean up the mess they have created and the rest of us can work to build a Nation – at home in the Métis homeland – with real Métis values - where it belongs.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Bring it on!" ..... George W. Bush

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Introducing Tide's new industrial strength stain remover!"

Looks like Davey Boy was able to get his buddy Clem re-elected. Can anyone say "TEFLON." He's gonna getcha Clare.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. No one is TEFLON - look at what happened to Conrad Black and former New York City mob boss John Gotti who died in prison. Remember, I still have legal access to I,574 pages of highly incriminating/embarrassing documents to the MMF leadership, the Plaintiffs and their lawyer Murray Trachtenberg.

Mr. Trachtenberg obtained a Court Order (last year) forcing me to turn them over to his care. I could have appealed the decision, but it will only come out at trial why I didn't. Trust me, I had my reasons.

When I expressed my concern before Justice Deborah McCawly they might be shredded or otherwise "mysteriously disappear," Her Honour repeatedly assured me they could be subpoeaned at trial. If your're reading this Mr. Trachtenberg, and I know you are, you better be able to produce each and every one otherwise your Plaintiffs and you will have mega legal problems!

So you see Anonymous you got that part wrong - there's a very fine line between the hunter and the hunted! Win, lose or draw at the end of the day David Chartrand will know he was in a real fight. Besides, he's got a thousand times more at risk than I do! No one is above the law not even him.

Clare L. Pieuk

The "TEFLON Don" John Gotti Getting Life!

Introducing Tide's new industrial strength stain remover!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Watch me!"

Let's hope it all does - I would equate David Chartrand to a pair of pretty nasty, crusty gitch that haven't been washed in 14 years (personally, I would just toss something like that out).
Dear Anonymous:
Thank you for writing. Remember how your Mother often used to say, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness? Or what about, "A penny saved is a penny earned?" Then there was, "Make sure your gitch don't have holes in case you get into an accident and have to go to the hospital." Unfortunately, over the years we've developed an obsessive-compulsive anal fixation with these concepts. Thanks Mom!
Clare L. Pieuk

Friday, February 22, 2008

It's "Madam O Lee Smokes and her little os!"

Tansi/Good Day Folks,

Anonymous asked if the MMF's demamation lawsuit against goes to trial will the public be allowed into the courtroom and the answer is a resounding YES! We just noticed the e-mail was signed ...O... - that's Madam O Lee Smokes and her little os!

Love it - that's really, really clever.

Clare L. Pieuk

Kichi Marsii!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "How do you say thank you very much in Michif?"

"Kichi Marsii" is thank you very much in Michif and not the meeqwetch like David says, that's Ojibwe.
Dear Anonymous:

What David Chartrand is not Metis!

Kichi Marsii,
Clare L. Pieuk

Watch the rats start jumping ship!

David Chartrand's C/L Wife's Insurance Company Awarded AGA Contract

"In another disturbing bit of Manitoba Metis Federation news, a Federation employee with close ties to the executive level of the Corporation, has learned that Priority Financial has been awarded the contract to organize the next MMF Annual General Meeting . With the event marking the forty year anniversay for the MMF, the contract will no doubt be the most lucrative awarded for such an event. I don't have to remind you of the other contracts this Chartrand/Yakiwchuk tandem has been able to tuck away.

Just get this scenario.....David Chartrand's household will get a sizable chunk of the next AGA event budget.The person who I spoke to has really stepped out on this one. If their information is incorrect, MN&S will hold that person accountable. I have also learned that David's sister Frances (reported by an MMF Board Member to be an overpaid MCFS official) was responsible for last year's AGA. I have left messages with the MMF and Priority Financial to get a comment on their new contract and any other financial considerations they receive from the MMF.

There is also more news coming in on on MMF Board of Director and finance person Jack Park and his employment termination. Last week Darrel Deslauriers. did some investigating and according to Park's employer, he was fired due to financial improprieties.....something about $40,000. Park also has much to do with the MMFs finances, not a good thing. Jack also told the MMF Board that another MMF Board of Director John Fleury, was overpaid by tens of thousands of dollars in expenses. Those particular investigations are very fluid. From all the calls I have been fielding recently, it certainly appears that many Metis officials are abandoning the sinking ship M.S. Chartrand. When will the insanity end?"


Oy vey, he's back! Dancing with Murray - yet again!

Barristers, Solicitors & Notaries Public
710-491 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2E4
Fax: 944-8878

Gerald S. Posner
Manitoba & Ontario Bars

Murray N. Trachtenberg
B.A., LL.B.
Direct Line: (204) 940-9602
February 14, 2008

Mr. Clare L. Pieuk
2 - 371 Des Meurons Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2H 2N6

Dear Mr. Pieuk:

Re: MMF et al vs. Clare L. Pieuk et al
Queen's Bench File no. CI 05-01-41955
My File No. 2003-20

This is further to my letter of January 4, 2008. You still have outstanding undertakings from your examination for discovery. You have had ample time to respond and provide the documentation/information you agreed to produce. Please comply with your undertakings in the very near future.

Yours truly,

February 22, 2008

Mr. Murray Norman Trachtenberg
Posner & Trachtenberg
710-491 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2E4
Fax: (204) 944-8878

Dear Counselor Trachtenberg:

Unlike you who has unlimited access to Canadian taxpayer dollars via the publicly funded Manitoba Metis Federation, I must work every day to make an honest living.

Regarding Undertaking 1:

From: "Lionel Chartrand"
To: "Clare Pieuk"; "Vanessa Everton"
Sent: January 21, 2004 1:35
Attach: WMA20040121.PETITION.doc
Subject: Re: CyberSmokeSignals

Hi Clare,

Here is a quick draft petition. If you and Vanessa like it, please feel free to use and in whatever context you like. I don't need to have credit for it.

If you prefer it come from me, (it may be better that it doesn't) then perhaps post it along with a letter something like this:

Dear Readers:

I have been receiving requests to draft a petition to the governments on behalf of the Metis requesting that they do not give the MMF any mre funding until the MMF has cmplied with the court order. I am responding with a draft petition according to the instructions given to me by (Metis Mom) -or- (a Federation member) -or- (an MMF member who requested their identity not be disclosed).

Please feel free to amend the draft petition as you see fit.

Then there was this Counselor Trachtenberg:

From: "Lionel Chartrand"
To: "Clare Pieuk"
Sent: February 20, 2004 9:33 AM
Subject: CSS

Hi Clare,

I met with the lawyer appointed by the Law Society for me yesterday and he would like, if this is possible, data as to how many hits on CSS there were from February 5th to 10th, and also if obainable, how many hits were repeat hits from the same IP address, i.e. total number of people who could have viewed my letter. If Terry is the one with that info available, could you pass on this request to him?


Please note Counselor Trachtenberg, it was on or about this time Mr. Lionel R. Chartrand in a late evening telephone call requested I remove all his e-mail correspondence to me. Fortunately, I had the presence of mind not to do so.

While I continue to diligently search, I am temporarily unable to find the e-mail attachment from Lionel R. Chartrand entitled WMA20040121. PETITION.doc.

Here, Sir, are your options:

(1) You can contact Co-Defendant Terrance Paul Belhumeur who has exclusive ownsership of and controlled all material posted on that site. He has a copy

(2) Contact Vanessa Everton who was removed as a Co-Defendant last year after signing a letter stating she was unaware of any malfeasance on the part of the Manitoba Metis Federation

(3) In the alternative, my former attorney Mr. Jeffrey J. Niederhoffer would not object to being deposed as a third-party. However, I am only prepared to waive client-solicitor privilege in regard to this narrow issue and nothing more subject to the conditions:

(i) As a third-party Examination for Discovery, I am NOT consenting to Mr. Niederhoffer being questioned on any other matter related to this lawsuit

(ii) He can be questioned ONLY on issuses related to Mr. Lionel Chartrand's preparation of the alleged defamatory petition which appeared on late in January, 2004

(iii) Mr. Niederhoffer's knowledge of Lionel R. Chartrand's involvement providing advice to in his capacity as its General Legal Council

Failure to compy with any of these conditions immediately renders this understanding null and void.

Rest assured Mr. Trachtenberg I will continue to exercise due diligence and make every effort to find this misplaced document.

Please govern yourself accordingly Counselor.

Clare L. Pieuk

Distribution List

How do you say thank you very much in Michif?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "Watch me!"

"Kanawaapamin" means "watch me" in Michif....."Ki Ka Kanawaapamitin" means "I will watch you"..... rock on Clare"

Niyanaan "Us"

Thank God for written interrogatories!

Metis Citizen has left a new comment on your post, "Beyond excellent!"

I agree - it'll be a heck of a show to watch all those MMF Directors squirming and sweating in front of the judge. God, I cannot wait. I remember what David Chartrand and Clement Chartier were like testifying at the Dumont trial. You had to be there to see how slick and unconvincing those guys were. And we know all the MMF Directors have skeletons in their closets. We realize that a lot of these guys have criminal records and God I hope that comes out in court.

I hope you go after them on the stand Clare!

Metis Citizen Who Is Sick Of The Lies!
Dear Metis Citizen:

Thank you for writing. Like you I too remember David Chartrand and Clem Chartier's unconvincing testimony during Yvon Dumont's trial. However, I was also closely observing Justice Menzies. Athough he must display proper courtroom decorum at all times, on a couple occasions if you studied his face and could read his mind, it was as though he was thinking, "Is that all you have Plaintiffs?"

The most memorble line during the trial was delivered by Mr. Yvon Dumont while being cross examined by Murray Trachtenberg - "I told David, you don't lead your people by threating them." He was by far the most compelling witness.

Murray Trachtenberg has been given virtually a blank cheque (Canadian taxpayer dollars) by the MMF to prosecute this case. He hired a court reporter who placed me under oath and had his questions and my answers electronically recorded in what is called a pre-trial Examination for discovery (his office, September 18, 2007). The session lasted about 4 hours. Estimated cost to the Federation around $5,000:

(1) Counselor Trachtenberg's preparation time plus questioning at a minimum $250/hour

(2) Cost of Court Recorder - at least $1,000

However, under Court of Queen's Bench Rules there is a great equalizer. For Defendants who do not have unfettered access to public funds to conduct an Examination for Discovery, they can submit written interrogatories. Currently, Mr. Trachtenberg has 38 pages worth of questions for the 20 Provincial Board of Directors who still remain as Plaintiffs. At some time, he will be obliged to provide me with written answers which become my Examination for Discovery transcript.

Another important point. Unlike the United States, defamation cases are conducted before a Judge and 12 Juors. The MMF will have a lot of convincing to do!

And by the way, yes each Plaintiff has been asked if they have any civil and/or criminal convictions and the details - what, when, where?

Clare L. Pieuk

Beyond excellent!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "Watch me!"

I am beside myself with joy to read your recent post..... what's the likelihoood one could be there in the courtroom watching?
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. Beyond excellent. In the worst case scenario, a Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Justice could order a courtroom cleared of all spectators and the media or only spectators. But here's the problem. There must be a compelling reason in the public's best interest for taking such extreme action.

Since the MMF is taxpayer funded, what could the justification possibly be?

Clare L. Pieuk

Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Watch me!"

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "The natural laws of justice rule 1 - what goes around eventually comes around!"

I don't know what you're so excited about. You and your buddy Sanderson have been useless throughout all this. It's only David Chartrand himself who is bringing himself down, not you, Sanderson, not Belhumeur or Metis Mom. Chartrand is going to go on suing you, will probably be desperate enough to sue Sanderson too - and you're not going to be able to stop him.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. Back in 1970 then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was asked by a reporter if he'd call in the army invoking the little known War Measures Act to counter the FLQ (Front de liberation du Quebec) threat. His reply, "Watch me!" Next day in marched the army.

Counselor Trachenberg has made several huge, huge mistakes so far. For reasons known only to him, rather than naming the Plaintiff in his Statement of Claim as the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. he has listed each Provincial Board of Director. Only Ron Chartrand who refused to get involved from the beginning and subsequently Bonnie McIntyre and Richard Delaronde who eventually saw the light, signed a Notice of Discontinuance and are no longer litigants. However, even they are not safe. The Court can be asked to reach back to force them to testify under oath. For example:

Question: Mr. Ron Chartrand, would you please tell the Court why you were the only MMF Provincial Board of Directors of the 23 who refused named to be named as a Plaintiff in the defamation lawsuit against

Answer: .....

Question: Mr. Delaronde: Sir, would you please tell the Judge and Jury why you signed a Notice of Discontinuance removing yourself as a Plaintiff in Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench file CI 01-05-41955?

Can you imagine when I subpoena each of them starting with Darrel Deslauriers and John Fleury forcing them to testify under oath on the witness stand? David Chartrand and Murray Trachtenberg won't be able to save them. I can hardly wait to finally have the opportunity to cross examine President Chartrand!

It will be brutal. The world will be able to follow the trial blow-by-blow on the internet and in the mainstream media. Do you have any idea how much Provincial Board of Director dirty laundry will get washed in public?.

"Watch me!"

Clare L. Pieuk

P.S. Another incorrect assumption. Mr. Sanderson is not my buddy he too could be subpoeaned.

The natural laws of justice rule 1 - what goes around eventually comes around!

Trouble Brewing On Henry Avenue And MNC?

Things might get a little more interesting in the life of Manitoba Metis federation CEO David Chartrand.

The press, federal government and the province have been visiting on an increasingly regular basis and interviews have or will be conducted regarding the MMF/MNC and MMF affiliates over the next while.

What has touched off this firestorm of activity you may ask? I believe it was the valuable information gleaned from fired MMF Board of Director Darrel Deslauriers (I knew it would only take one) and some anonymous MNC tipster and maybe this blog. The now publicly viewable MNC documents that show the problems that have arisen with David Chartrand as the MNC Health Minister. Training dollars spent on outlandishly lucrative consulting fees, including one to his wife and the awarding of a health contract to an organization not even health agreement mandated (Metco Ventures). Then there is the MNC paid for trips to Australia and Brazil that included (Glorian) Yakiwchuk, David's sister and other relatives/friends!

The list of topics for the press to investigate run long and deep. There's the Community Housing Managers of Manitoba service delivery program, a multi-million dollar program funded by the province, that will have to be looked at. The MMF $500,000, 170 road sign plan that mysteriously produced only one sign to this day. Glorian Yakiwchuk's contract as a broker between Great West Life, and the MMF's employee plans. She is part owner of Priority Financial the go-between for the MMF and Great West life.....another good gig for the CEO's lady.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Could the MNC-MMF be next?

Deputy Minister's Concerns Sparked Audit
Tueday Feb 19, 2008
By Mia Rabson
The Winnipeg Free Press

OTTAWA -- An ongoing audit of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada's regional office in Manitoba goes back several years and arose because of concerns of the department's deputy minister, Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl told the Free Press on Monday. Strahl spoke about the audit publicly for the first time in an interview where he reflected on his first six months at the Indian affairs portfolio.

He said he couldn't talk about any of the findings because the investigation is ongoing and said there is no deadline for when it will be finished.

"You bring in an outside auditor when you want an outside, neutral party to evaluate how money is being spent," said Strahl. "The deputy minister felt there were enough anomalies that he needed to bring in an outside team."

Strahl said the auditors are looking at documents and files "stretching back several years." His department is conducting internal management reviews of all its regional offices and started with Manitoba in 2007 because it had a significant number of anonymous complaints. The findings of that review sparked the full outside audit which is being conducted by Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Consulting.

In December 2007, three senior bureaucrats at INAC Manitoba were escorted out of the downtown Winnipeg offices and placed on paid leave, including regional director Mary Blais, associate director Martin Egan and Fred Mills, the associate director of funding services operations. INAC Manitoba oversees delivery of the department's programs and services to aboriginal people, mostly on reserve, including health care, education and housing. The office also works with chiefs and councils on treaty land entitlement and economic development.

Sources have told the Free Press there is a lot of unrest and unhappiness at INAC's Manitoba offices, including high staff turnover and low morale. INAC set up an anonymous tip line to encourage workers to come forward with their complaints.

Investigators have also spoken with several firms who did contract work for INAC or individual reserves in Manitoba.

The audit is also likely looking at how $55 million was spent on the Manitoba Framework Initiative Agreement -- a plan heralded as the pathway to self government for Manitoba First Nations but which failed to accomplish any of its major goals over more than a decade of negotiations from 1994 until 2007.

The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs quietly disbanded negotiations on the agreement in January 2007.

Last week, Manitoba Grand Chief Ron Evans said he is concerned about the absence of the senior bureaucrats, saying it was affecting some programs and funding for bands in Manitoba. He said the discretion of those bureaucrats to make decisions and bend the rules has been the only way First Nations in Manitoba get the things they need to survive and the interim management team is not knowledgeable enough about many of the programs to ensure they continue to operate without disruption.

Strahl expressed some concern about the idea that rules were being bent at INAC in Manitoba and said discretion is necessary but it still has to be done within the acceptable standards and practices.

"I had a First Nations chief in my office and he said he doesn't want side deals," said Strahl. "He wants to know what the rules and he wants to play by the rules." Strahl said if there is too much rule-bending, people end up bowing to political pressures.Strahl said in his first six months he counts as one of his proudest achievements finally passing legislation extending the charter of human rights onto First Nations in Canada.

"That's something First Nations have been waiting for 30 years," said Strahl.

In addition to the audit in Manitoba, Strahl is also being pressured to address funding inequities in child and family service delivery to on-reserve kids.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The empire is crumbling!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "Starting to come a cropper are we?"

Awww, is poor David's little empire beginning to crumble? Boo hoo.

Dear Lippy:

Thank you for writing - always nice to hear from you.

When you see a comment such as the following posted recently on by fired MMF Provincial Board of Director Darrel Delaurier:

Darrel Said:

I see this letter was copied to the MMF Board, but this is the first time I saw it. Makes you wonder what else David Chartrand and loyal staffers (probably only a couple) are keeping from the Board. I would think Cindy Miller (David Chartrand's Executive Assistant) would have received this letter to be forwarded, but I guess in being Rick's (Boucher - Metco Ventures Owner) cousin and all, she would want to keep it hush hush.

one must question just how informed are Federation Provincial Board of Directors when they must go to the Blogs to find out about the latest goings on at headquarters. Sounds like the empire is crumbling.

Clare L. Pieuk

Friday, February 15, 2008

Starting to come a cropper are we?

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

The following was posted quite recently on

darrel said...

Unbelievable, you can get caught stealing tens of thousands of dollars from your employer and still sit on the MMF Finance and Metis Investments or you can be in over payment of at last count $40,000 from Board advances and still be a Board of Director for the MMF but don't claim bankruptcy or you're gone. WHATS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

We're assuming darrel is recently fired Federation Board of Director Darrel Deslauriers. To the best of our knowledge, David Chartrand's brother Elbert still Chair its Finance Committee on which Muriel Parker sits.

"Metis Investments" we're guessing refers to the Manitoba Metis Community Investments Incorporated an amorphus, murky organization affiliated with the not-for-profit incorporated MMF which no one seems to know exactly what it does.

Sounds like the leadership may be coming a cropper. Organizational Behaviour 101 dictates when that happens there's an implosion, the money runs out and people start eating each other.

Clare L. Pieuk

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Little MMF Mosque in Duck Bay - what a marvelous idea!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "And soon only David and brother Elbert remained on the Board!"

More like "and soon only DUCK BAY will remain on the Board....." Rosemarie McPherson, Anita Campbell and of course Muriel Parker..... there's plenty skirts and burkas to hide behind.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. What a marvelous suggestion! David and Elbert sell that huge, chronically half-empty headquarters building on Henry Avenue and move the MMF's Operations Centre to Duck Bay, Manitoba.

As part of the transition, Provincial Board Members Rosemarie and Anita could dress in burkas along with Louis Riel Capital Corporation Chairwoman Muriel. Meanwhile David and Elbert could be driving around in the Davidmobile organizing retreats at Camp David wearing igalas, kuffiyya and kuffs.

And soon only David and Elbert Chartrand remained on the Board!

Another MMF Director On The Way Out?

I was sent an e-mail earlier this week that indicated another Manitoba Metis Federation Board of Director (BOD) has gotten himself in hot water. Preliminary investigation has revealed the BOD has been released from his duties as a bar manager. Darrel Deslauriers contacted the owner of the club, a rural watering hole, and the owner confirmed the employee in question was given his walking papers over alleged misuse of funds. According to the club owner the BOD, in a written statement, acknowledged a number of 40,000 dollars. I called the club and was informed the BOD doesn't work there anymore. I have sent the info to the Winnipeg Free Press and have also phoned the MMF for verification. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Our Oscar for best acting job of the week goes to - drum roll, envelope please .....!

The candidates are:

(1) David "Noble" Chartrand (President, Manitoba Metis Federation)

(2) Darrel Roger Joseph Deslauriers (Fired MMF Provincial Director)

(3) Murray Norman "$The Happy Litigator$" Trachtenberg (MMF Lawyer)

(4) Lionel R. R. Chartrand (Legal Aid Manitoba alleged Solicitor)

And the winner is - IT'S A TIE! .....

David Chartrand for:

Chartrand said the MMF and the Métis National Council have a good relationship with Ottawa and there are no issues over how either body is spending money given to it by the federal government. (Winnipeg Free Press, February 8, 2008)

Darrel Deslauriers for:

"I had been a member of the MMF for eight years and for all that time I believed I was part of a Métis government," Deslauriers said. "Then I found out I wasn't part of government - I was on a corporation." (Winnipeg Free Press, February 8, 2008)

Resign David Chartrand - now!

Good Day Readers:

We think David Chartrand should resign immediately. And you?

Clare L. Pieuk

Audrey Poitras

March 29, 2007

Clement Chartier
President, Metis National Council
201 - 350 Sparks St.
Ottawa, ON
K1R 7S8

MNC Board of Governors
David Chartrand
Bruce Dumont
Tony Belcourt

Dear President and Board of Governors,

Since 1984, the Metis National Council (MNC) has served to represent the interests of its Governing Members at the national level. In the past year however, the MNC has acted to set itself above Governing Members by concluding agreements and leveraging Governing Members' resources with Health Canada without participation of Governing Members, agreements that ignore the fundamental principles upon which the MNC was founded.

The breakdown of democratic accountability within the MNC, occasioned by the failure to address promptly, and properly, the disgrace of the 2004 Metis Nation-Saskatchewan elections, has allowed the MNC Minister of Health, David Chartrand, to usurp control of the MNC, and to use resources provided by Health Canada to impose his will on Governing Members who do not agree with the direction he is taking including the Metis Nation of Alberta (MNA).

On March 28, 2007, the MNC Minister of Health signed an agreement with Metco Ventures Inc. - a provate bush clearing company owned Mr. Rick Boucher, who is also a regional elected official of the MNA - to administer a reputed $1.5 million in health capacity dollars, and health scholarships and busaries, to Metis students in Alberta. This is not only a direct attack upon the MNA by the MNC, an organization which should be working in our best interests, but also raises concerns with the actions of the MNC Minister of Health whose lack of respect to accountability cannot be ignored.

In no sense can Metco Ventures Inc. be taken to be accountable to the Metis people of Alberta. Metco is privately owned by Rick Boucher and sits isolated in the northeastern corner of Alberta. Given that the sums involved are much larger than the annual allocation that would have been provided to the MNA under the Aboriginal Health Human Resources Initiative (AHHRI) to provide with full disclosure of the nature of the private deal iwth Metco Ventures to explain how this company will meet the accountability requirements of the MNC/Health Canada Agreement, and the requirement for matching dollars.

It is precisely because the MNA is acutely concerned with accountability that it is insisting on having a direct Contribution Agreement with Health Canada in respect of the AHHRI and related health initiatives. The MNA has written to the federal Minister of Health on this issue and is awaiting a response. By allocating Health Canada funding targeted for Alberta Metis to a bush clearing company, the MNC Minister of Health has effectively precluded the possibility of Health Canada entering an agreement with the MNA.

The MNC Minister of Health is taking the MNC on a perilous course. He is acting without the sanction of the MNC Board of Governors, let alone ot the MNC General Assembly, of which we are members. he has opened the MNC to eventual mismanagement of funding directed to Alberta metis, and rather than seeking consensus, he is pursuing an aggressive course of action against Governing members that could ultimately lead to the dissolution of hte MNC.

We the undersigned are therefore demanding that the Minister of Health, who is also the MNC Minister of Social Development, resign from these positions immediately. He has lost the confidence of a significant portion of voting delegates at the MNC General Assembly and to allow him to continue in his functions wold only further undermine democratic accountability within our national organization.

Metis Nation of Alberta
Audrey Poitras

Sylvia Johnson
MNA Minister - Labour Market Development

Marlene Lanz
MNA Minister - Health

MMF Board Members
MNBC Board Members
MNO Board Members
MNA Provincial Council

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Got a favourite lawyer story or joke - we sure do!

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

E-mail us and we'll post it although names may have to be changed to protect the "allegedly innocent." Otherwise you can contact Philip Slayton directly.

Clare L. Pieuk
Hi Clare,

You can send correspondence to Philip at


-----Original Message-----
From: Clare Pieuk []
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2008 5:30 PM
To: Penguin, Info
Subject: Contacting Philip Slayton

Dear Sir/Madam:

Recently I purchased Philip Slayton's book, Lawyers Gone Bad - Money, Sex, And Madness In Canada's Legal Profession. Are you able to provide an e-mail address where he can be contacted?

Thank You,
Clare L. Pieuk

Sunday, February 10, 2008

How times change!

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

When came online (Summer, 2000), there was virtually no internet information available about the operations of the Manitoba Metis Federation. In fact, the term "Blog" did not exist. Today a handfull of sites are providing the province's taxpayers' with-up-to-date information - a transition which has been nothing short of remarkable.

Below is but one example from

Clare L. Pieuk
Metis National Council and the Health Agreement- Exclusive to MN&S (Metis News & Stuff)

I was informed yesterday through a couple of sources, there was a document circulating that showed the Government of Canada had suspended the mega health agreement that totaled ten million dollars over the course of the agreement. The issue that the government was concerned about revolved around the Metis National Council using health dollars for MNC operational purposes. I just heard the President of the MMF state on the Metis Hour, there was no issue with Health Canada and the agreement. Darrel Deslaurier's claims of health funding irregularities have been found to hold merit. The MNC used health funds for their day to day operations. I hope the national Metis politicians know that the aspiring Metis health students are the only ones to bear the brunt of these decisions made by the MNC Health Minister.

The person who sent the documents has stated their employment would be in jeopardy if his/her identity became known, so anonymity has been requested. I am having a tough time establishing a link to the documents for the readers so here is the complete text of the Health Canada document. (Derryl Sanderson)

From: Offices of the Deputy Minister of Health

To: Darren Kondysar
Financial OfficerMetis National Council

Dear Mr. Kondysar:

Re: Consolidated Contribution Agreement HQ0700689

This is further to my letter of October 29, 2007 adressed to Mr. Leclair, Chief administrative Officer notifying the Metis National Council (MNC), of health Canada's cocerns regarding the ability of the MNC to fulfill its obligations under the above referenced agreement, in light of budgetary difficulties faced by your organization at that time.
As you are aware under the terms of the agreement, the MNC is to insure amongst other tasks, the administration and distribution of bursary and scholarship allocations to the five Metis affiliate offices under Health Canada's Aboriginal Health Human Resources Initiative (AHHRI).
In November 2007 Mr Leclair informed me during a telephone conversation of the pending receipt of funding by the MNC from the Office of the Federal Interlocuter(OFI), which funding would enable the MNC to meet its second disbursement to its regional affiliate offices in light of the fact Health Canada funding was used to address pressing operational needs of the MNC. Despite these assurances, I understand the MNC has not received any funding from the OFI and as a result, the MNC has not proceeded to disburse the allocations to its regional affiliates as obligated.
In light of this situation I wish to advise you that Health Canada considers the MNC to be in default as having failed to comply with the terms and conditions of the agreement. As per s.21(1) of the Agreement, I will ask my officials to schedule a meeting with the MNC to review the situation. I have also instructed my officials to withhold all outstanding funding related to the above mentioned Consolidated Contribution Agreement.
While I understand there are extenuating circumstances, it has nonetheless become necessary for Health Canada to take an appropriate course of action. I would also like to inform you and your Governing members that Health Canada is not in a position to discuss any future funding arrangements or new agreements until your governance and financial situations are resolved.
I know the MNC continues to work closely with health officials. I look forward to resolving this issue with the MNC so that work on the Aboriginal Health Human Resources Initiative.
Yours sincerely,
Ian Potter
All of the provincial MNC leaders were sent a copy of this very disturbing document, that was dated January 23, 2008. (Derryl Sanderson)

Friday, February 08, 2008

God this must be embarrassing for the MMF's leadership having its dirty laundry washed in public!

Darrel Deslauriers, David Chartrand and $Murray "The Happy Litigator" Trachtenberg$

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

The following was posted today on Wonder how long it will take before Messrs. Sanderson and Deslauriers get a cease and desist warning letter from Manitoba Metis Federation lawyer Murray Trachtenberg?

Clare L. Pieuk
"I Do Have Proof" Says Dismissed Board Of Director

Darrel has left a new comment on your post,"Deslauriers Gets The Message Out"

Can't believe David would stoop to name calling, but I guess true colours do really come out when you're cornered.
He did warn me if I didn't back off or keep quiet he would turn things around and make me look bad. But you know David, I don't care its about time people hear the truth and see the REAL you.
If anyone is interested I do have proof David was working both sides. I have copies of text messages accidently sent to me intended to be sent to David from Muriel Parker; 3 restructure agreements to LRCC drawn up by David and Elbert (Chartrand); an LRCC reciept for $ 56,000 being held in trust; and a couple telephone messages and conversations between me and David discussing this whole mess. I would be more than willing to share these with anyone. (Darrel Deslauriers)

Darrell Deslauriers I also noticed that the Manitoba Metis Federation has finally (as of today) decided to delete Darrel's name as a Board of Director on their website. It's amazing, the influence of the Metis News And Stuff. A word of note here, concerning the allegations against the MMF and Chartrand that Deslauriers has made. His statements now open the door for press and governments to delve further into his claims of wrongdoing at MMF Inc. (Derryl Sanderson)

Mr. Deslauriers, MMF Inc. = incorporated = corporation!

Member Manoeuvred Off Board?
Claims Criticisms Of Métis Federation President Led To His Removal

By Aldo Santin
Winnipeg Free Press
Friday, February 8, 2008

A long-time member of the Manitoba Métis Federation said he was manoeuvred off the Board of Directors because of his criticisms of Federation President David Chartrand.

Darrel Deslauriers said he was removed late last year after he was forced into bankruptcy by an MMF subsidiary, a lending institution called Louis Riel Capital Corporation, over a $56,000 loan for a truck.

Deslauriers said that after he declared bankruptcy, MMF officials informed him that the Corporations Act prohibits anyone in bankruptcy from holding a seat on a corporation Board.

Chartrand said Deslauriers was a deadbeat who got what he deserved.

"This is just a vile attempt by Mr. Deslauriers to put a negative spin on the Federation," Chartrand said. "He knew the rules, knew that if he declared bankruptcy he couldn't stay on the Board. He wouldn't resign so he was removed."

Deslauriers said he had spent the previous several months questioning Chartrand, particularly over his handling of funds as Health Minister of the Métis National Council. Deslauriers said he also opposed Chartrand's efforts to have Manitoba delegates support his candidate in the upcoming Métis National Council presidential election.

"I had been a member of the MMF for eight years and for all that time I believed I was part of a Métis government," Deslauriers said. "Then I found out I wasn't part of government - I was on a corporation."

Deslauriers said he suspects that officials from the Louis Riel Capital Corporation manoeuvred him into a position of bankruptcy in a bid to silence his criticism of Chartrand.

The Louis Riel Capital Corporation "went after my loan and I had no choice but to declare bankruptcy," Deslauriers said. "They had already taken my truck, emptied my bank account and my kids' trust accounts and were going after my house. I had to declare bankruptcy to save my house. Then I found out I was off the Board."

Chartrand said the MMF and the Métis National Council have a good relationship with Ottawa and there are no issues over how either body is spending money given to it by the federal government.

Chartrand said Deslauriers had refused for several years to pay back his loan, adding the Louis Riel Capital Corporation seized his property to make good the debt.

Chartrand said that every candidate for the MMF Board knows that they would be removed from their position if they fall into bankruptcy.

Deslauriers is still included as a Director on the MMF website but Chartrand said a byelection will be held soon to replace him.

Note: On his November 28, 2007 termination letter President Chartrand wrote, "Take care my friend - David"

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Try new improved Fukitol!

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Suppository that eliminates melancholy and loneliness by reminding you of how awful they were as teenagers and how you couldn't wait till they moved out!
Plant extract that treats Mom's depression by rendering preschoolers unconscious for up to two days.
Liquid silicone drink for single women. Two full cups swallowed before an evening out increases breast size, decreases intelligence, and prevents conception.
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Increases life expectancy of commuters by controlling road rage and the urge to flip off other drivers.
Potent anti-boy-otic for older women. Increases resistance to such lethal lines as, "You make me want to be a better person."
Injectable stimulant taken prior to shopping. Increases potency, duration, and credit limit of spending spree.
Relieves headache caused by a man who can't remember your birthday, anniversary, phone number, or to lift the toilet seat.
A spray carried in a purse or wallet to be used on anyone too eager to share their life stories with total strangers in elevators.
When administered to a boyfriend or husband, provides the same irritation level as nagging him, without opening your mouth.
Now, send these to any woman who needs a good laugh, and any man who can handle it.

Look after your pet tortoise!

Hibernating Pet Tortoise Can Be Kept In Fridge For Winter, Experts Say
National Post
February 7, 2008
Page A3

Warm winters may be rousing hibernating pet tortoises early and endangering their lives but there is a solution - keep them in the fridge for the winter. "It is an ideal method and a proven way of being safe in a changing climate," says Joy Bloor, owner of one of Britain's largest sanctuaries, the Tortoise Garden in Cornwall. Tortoises hibernate through the winter, but need to keep their body termperature between 3C and 5C.

If it rises above that they wake up, begin digesting food and will die if the termperature falls again. Experts recommend using a new fridge with a reliable thermostat and without a freezer compartment as fridges containing integral freezers can malfunction, freezing the whole unit - and any tortoises. "If you open the door every day they should get enough air," Ms. Bloor says. "But you shouldn't go away on holiday and leave them."

What was said - for the record!

Sheila Fraser, FCA
Auditor General of Canada

Pat Martin
Member of Parliament
New Democratic Party
Winnipeg Centre

From: Clare Pieuk
Sent: Friday, June 7, 2005 7:24 p.m.

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Sheila Fraser, FCA
Auditor General of Canada
Office of the Auditor General of Canada
240 Sparks Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0G6

Telephone: (613) 995-3708
Facsimile: (613) 957-0474

Subject: Joint Federal/Provincial Audit - Manitoba Metis Federation

Dear Ms. Fraser:

By way of background, for more than five years a colleague and I have operated a not-for-profit, independent, non funded Metis specific website dedicated to improving the governance, financial accountability and transparency of the MMF. During this time, over 219,000 individuals from throughout Manitoba, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario have visited us.

To date, I have had meetings with staff from Manitoba's Provincial Auditor's Office, a Member of the RCMP's Commercial Crime Section (Winnipeg), The Honourable Oscar Lathlin, Minister responsible for Aboriginal and Northern Affairs (Special Assistant), as well as, Mr. Pat Martin, MP (Winnipeg Centre) her Majesty's Loyal Opposition Critic for Aboriginal Affairs (New Democratic Party). With the exception of Mr. Martin, each has been shown substantial written documentation which we believe may indicate a significant misappropriation of taxpayer dollars has taken place over several years. At no time have any of the parties suggested we not continue to pursue the matter.

I discussed the situation with the NDP Critic as recently as last Saturday (telephone, approximately a half-hour). Unfortunately, he was not prepared to peruse the documentation and consider contacting you (Hardly a labour intensive activity!) instead citing a heavy workload, limited resources and a desire to focus on the positive achievements of Aborighinal organizations. Sadly, the gentleman fails to comprehend if due diligence and financial accountability are not practiced, much of the good work on which he is focusing could indeed be undone, compromised or overshadowed. It is for this reason, therefore, I have had to take the unusual step of addressing you directly.

The authorities with whom I have been corresponding were advised I will be e-mailing you requesting a joint federal-provincial audit on the basis that the vast preponderance of funding given the MMF represents taxpayer dollars. By late Fall 2005, if I have still not been advised whether further astion is underway, I will write our Provincial Auditor Mr. Jon Singleton asking for a definitive answer. It is my understanding the gentleman is obliged to provide such. Failing that, I will file a formal information request pursuant to Manitoba's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act in an attempt to force compliance. Hopefully, this will be unnecessary.

Should all previous initiatives prove unsuccessful, then and only then will I approach the media, as well as, begin publicly discussing the matter on

In the meantime, I remain ready to meet with an auditor(s) from your Office. Below for your edification are copies of correspondence which have been sent to date. Hopefully, it will provide you and your staff with an appreciation of what has transpired.

Clare L. Pieuk
Web Master,

Distribution List
The Prime Minister (
Minister of Indian And Northern Affairs Canada (
Minister of Finance (
President, Treasury Board of Canada (
Minister of Justice (
Rod Bruinooge (
Stephane Dion (
Raymond Simard (
Jack Layton (
Pat Martin (
Auditor General of Canada (
Canadian Taxpayers Federation - National (
Premier, Manitoba (
Minister of Finance (
Minister of Justice (
Auditor General of Manitoba (
Canadian Taxpayers Federation - Manitoba (
Legal Community
PublicInterest Law Centre - Winnipeg (
Lionel R. R. Chartrand - Legal Aid Manitoba (
The Lawyers Weekly (

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

You can't have it both ways Mr. Deslauriers!

Darrel Deslauriers

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Shortly we'll post a letter sent (2005) to Canada's Auditor General calling for a forensic audit of the Manitoba Metis Federation.

Because of's frequent criticism of the MMF for its lack of financial accountability, organizational transparency, public disclosure and fiduciary responsibility for public monies entrusted to it, is being sued for defamation by Federation lawyer Murray Trachtenberg. But is this the real reason for such a frivolous, vexatious, malicious or is it litigation chill? The site became a real thorn in side of Federation leadership attracting over 250,000 readers. Was it getting too close to the truth?

Legal fees to date are well in access of $100,000 Canadian taxpayer dollars yet Mr. Deslauriers remains a plaintiff in the case with his court costs paid by the MMF. Does he even know how much it has spent to date on his portion of the total bill or from where in the budget these funds are siphoned? Does he even care since it's not his money?

So you see Mr. Deslauriers, you can't have it both ways.

Clare L. Pieuk
Deposed MMF Board of Director Calls For Government Intervention

Darrel Deslauriers is calling on the governments to investigate alledged shady practices going on at the Manitoba Metis Federation and The Metis National Council.

Darrel has left a new comment on your post,"VP Of The Metis Nation of Alberta On The Way Out ?..."

Its really sad on what's happening with David and this corporation. We can go on citing our concerns but whose really listening? The federal and provincial governments must take a stand and review this whole mess, until David Chartrand can account for every dollar he was in charge of through the MMF or MNC. The people along with federal and provincial funders must take action. Its nice to see ALBERTA is taking such a stand. MANITOBA SHOULD FOLLOW! I am sure all governments follow this blog. My question to them as a Metis and taxpayer is this. WHEN WILL The GOVERNMENT TAKE CONTROL AND REVIEW THIS? THIS VERY SMALL GROUP MUST BE STOPPED. I HAVE NOTICED IN THE NEWS LATELY, PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THIS KIND OF CORPORATE CORRUPTION HAVE BEEN SENT TO JAIL. WHAT'S SO DIFFERANT HERE? (Derryl Deslauriers)

Darrel Deslaurier's cries for accountability and transparency have to be heeded. He is the first duly elected MMF Board of Director to ever step out and speak in defiance of the MMF Corporation and the MNC. (Derryl Sanderson)

I question the relevancy of the Metis National Council to the grassroots Metis. In addition to the massive health funding failure, let's say the MNC gets $2 million in funding for a particular program, then has to disburse the funds accordingly to the repective provincial Metis groups. The given administration charge to deal with the funding allocation is usually 15 %. So that means the MNC will take their 15%, then the MMF, MNA and so on will then be entitled to their 15% administration costs. So now 30 % of the funding is taken right off the top. Who suffers and who benefits? Surely, the suffering is again burdened by the Metis citizens the politicos claim to represent! (Derryl Sanderson)

Shut the bloody thing down already and start from scratch with a constitution or by laws that have full democracy in mind. There still is no accountability when it comes to having regular govenor meetings. If Tony Belcourt gets elected, what will prevent him from not holding any govenor meetings such as what Clem Chartier and David Chartrand were reported to have ignored for months, leading to the current MNC scandal. (Derryl Sanderson)

*Note to Darrel and the readers.....the governments of Manitoba and Canada are regular visitors to Metis News And Stuff.