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Tansi/Good Day Folks:

All of us at would like to thank The Honourable W. Yvon Dumont for running in the 2006 MMF election against impossible odds. How much were your able to raise for your campaign Sir? Same question for you David Chartrand? From where did it come? These are questions those seeking public office provincially or federally must answer for the electorate. After all these years the MMF's election bylaws remain severely flawed. Until they're fixed you will not have a fair vote. How much longer will the billboards be displayed? Why aren't the television ads still running?

If only you could have seen how elegantly and graceful Mr. Dumont performed during his five day trial in April which begged the question, "What in the hell is this man doing in a courtroom after all he's done for your Nation?" SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! Why did The Metis National Council and its Secretariat pay "The Happy Litigator" at least $250/hour to prosecute this gentleman on their behalf? Dave Charette was presnet every day his usual polite, respectful self.

To Mr. Justice Menzies we say, Sir, our politicians tell us like health care they're trying to speed up the legal process. With all due respect, this was not a complex case, in fact, it was patently obvious from the outset what its real intent was. We trust you will do the right thing and award double damages to the Defendant. Remember your words, "No one has entered this courtroom and shown me how his man harmed the Metis National Council Secretariat."

Again thank you Mr. Dumont for accepting an impossible challenge because you were trying to protect your people's freedom of speech and expression while preventing them from being sued by the publicly funded Manitoba Metis Federation.

Clare L. :Pieuk

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Maybe they deserve each other!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "Gag on Metis people will NOT continue!"

Word has it if/when David Chartrand loses the MMF election, he's going to run for Chief of the Pine Creek First Nations Reservation ..... look out Billiejo De La Ronde.
Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for writing. Some time ago we heard that as well. You know the old expression, "Birds of a feather flock together." They deserve each other!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Former legal advisor Lionel Chartrand being sued!

File No. CI06-01-46930



- and -



Mirwaldt & Gray
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries
402-171 Donald Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 1M4
Phone: 943-3040
Fax: 943-5135
(Scott P. Gray File No. 1411-20G)


1. The Plaintiff claims:

a) General damages;

b) Special damages in teh amount of $11,533.18 plus chch further special damages to be ascertained at the trial of this action;

c) Post judgment interest calculated pursuant to s. 84(1) of The Court of Queen's Bench Act, C.C.S.M., c C280;

d) Interest on the damages at such rate as this Honourable Court may allow;

e) Such other and further relief as this Honourable Court may allow; and

f) Costs of this action.

2. The plaintiff is an employee of Hudson Bay Mining and Smeltig Co. Ltd. and resides in the City of Flin Flon in the province of Manitoba.

3. The defendant is a barrister and solicitor practicing law in the Province of Manitoba and is a resident in or about the City of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba.

4. On or about February 3, 1993 the plaintiff went to 21 Scarth Street in the City of Flin Flon to visit his friend, Lee Jenks, and while on the premises there slipped and fell on the path from the public sidewalk to the door of the home located there. As a result of the slip and fall, the Plaintiff severely broke his left leg and thereby suffered loss and damage.


a) As a result of the slip and fall, the Plaintiff was hospitalized with his broken leg for several weeks and had to undergo several operations including the insertion of multiple screws to hold the bone back in place;

b) Further, the Plaintiff was off work for several months and when he returned to work, he was forced to do light duties for an extended period of time and thereby lost the opportunity to work at his original employment and earn the overtime that accompanied that work.

5. Pursuant to The Occupiers Liability Act, C.C.S.M., c. 0-8 and The Residential Tenancies Act, C.C.S.M., c. R-119, the occupiers of this property were Lee Jenks residing on the property and Beverly Wadham and/or Brian Wadham as the manager or managers of the property for the owners, Frank and Stella Chrupalo.

6. The damages suffered by the plaintiff were caused by the negligence of either or both of the occupiers.


a) Failing to maintain the path from the street to the home on the property in a clean and safe manner to ensure that persons using the path could do so in safety and without harm;

c) Failing to construct a boardwalk or other level suitable structure for the safe passage of persons from the public sidewalk to the residence and; and

d) Failing to erect signs or other warning devices alerting persons using the path of the slippery conditions.

7. Sometime in either 1993 or 1994, the Plaintiff instructed and retained the Defendant who agreed to act as solicitor for the Plaintiff in making a claim and taking proceedings against all the persons potentially liable for the damages in negligence in respect of the said slip and fall. It was an implied term of the said agreement between the parties and a duty of the Defendant that the Defendant would exercise all due care, skill and diligence in and about the prosecution of the said claim and proceedings.

8. On or about November 9, 1994, the Defendant issued a Statement of Claim on behalf of the Plaintiff against the owners of the premises, being frand and Stella Chrupalo

d) Failing to erect signs or other warning devices, alerting persons using the path of the slippery conditions.

7. Sometime in either 1993 or 1994, the Pplaintiff instructed and retained the Defendant who agreed to act as solicitor for the Plaintiff in making a claim and taking proceedings against all the persons potentially liable for the damages in negligence in respect of the said slip and fall. It was an implied term of the said agreement between the Parties and a duty of the Defendant that the Defendant would exercise all due care, skill and diligence in and about the prosecution of the said claim and proceedings.

8. On or about Nobember 9, 1994, the Defendant issued a Statement of Claim on behalf of the Plaintiff against the owners of the premises being frank and Stella Chrupalo in Suit No. 95-08-00009 issued out of the Flin Flon Centre of the Court of Queen's Bench. The plaintiff relied upon the professional advice that he received from the Defendant in issuing said Statement of Cclaim that said claim was issued against the appropriate Parties.

9. On or about March 20, 1994, Frank and Stella Chrupalo filed and served upon the Defendant a Statement of Defence to the Statement of Claim wherein they indicated that Brian and Beverly Wadham were the ones who had rented the premises to Lee Jenks.

10. In breach of the term of the agreement between the Plaintiff and the Defendant and in breach of the duty of care from the defendant to the Pplaintiff, the Defendant failed to exercise any due care, skill and diligence in or about the prosecution of the said claim or proceedings.


a) Failing to issue a Statement of Claim against Lee Jenks within two years from the date when the Plaintiff's cause of action arose against him;

b) Failing to pursue an application against Beverly Wadham and/or Brian Wadham to extend the time for filing a claim against either of them within one year of the discovery of their involvement, being March 20, 1994 or shortly thereafter when the Defendant received the Statement of Defence;

c) Causing or permitting the said claim of the Plaintiff against Lee Jenks to be or become status-barred;

d) Failing to investigate the facts of the case sufficiently prior to issuing the Statement of Claim to ascertain the actual managers of the premises;

e) Failing to insist upon a Statement of Defence being filed prior to the expiration of the limitations period so that the determination of the management, if otherwise not deberminable, could be so determined prior to its having an adverse impact upon the claim of the Plaintiff;

f) Failing to make due or proper application for an extension of time under The Limitations of Actions Act, C.C.S.M., c. L-150 upon the discovery of the management of the premises and occupancy of the premises.

11. The prosecution of the action against the Chrupalos after more than one year had transpired since the filing and serving of the Statement of Claim was transferred to Don Knight and then Wayne Onchulenko before being assumed by the Plaintiff's present solicitor. In the meantime, the defence of the matter was transferred to Charles Sherbo of Filmore Riley. Mr. Sherbo took a motion for Summary Jdgment alleging that the Chrupalos were not appropriate Parties to the action by reason of them not being occupiers of the premises. The Motion was initially successful before the master but was successfully appealed to Mr. Justice Schulman. The Defendants then appealed successfully to the Court of Appeal and the action was dismissed by reasons delivered on September 9, 2004: see Beheyt v. Chrupalo (2004), 187 Man. R. (2d) 202.

12. By reason of the matters aforesaid, the Plainitff has lost all prospect of recovering damages from the said Lee Jenks and the said Beverly Wadham and the said Brian Wadham in respect of the said slip and fall and he has been deprived thereby of the said damages and he has suffered thereby loss and damage. In particular, the Plaintiff has been ordered to pay the sum of $6,133.65 plus interest to the Chrupalos in respect of the costs of the said issued Statement of Claim. In addition, he has incurred legal costs for the defence of the Motion for Summary Judgment and the two appeals thereof to the extent of $5,399.54 plus interest thereon as calculated pursuant to The Legal Profession Act, C.C.S.M., c.-L107.

13. The Plaintiff therefore claims:

a) General damages;

b) Special damages in the amount of $11,533.18 plus such further special damages to be ascertained at the trial of this action;

c) Post judgment interest calculated pursuant ot s. 84(1) of The Court of Queen's Bench Act, C.C.S.M., c, C280;

d) Interest on the damages at such rate as this Honourable Court may allow;

e) Such other and further relief as this Honourable Court may allow;

e) Such other and further relief as this Honourable Court may allow; and

f) Costs of this action.

May 1, 2006

Mirwaldt & Gray
Barristers and Solicitors
402-171 Donald Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 1M4

Scott P. Gray, Counsel for the Plaintiff

Gag on Metis people will NOT continue!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "Hey Arnold - need a lawyer? Call 1-800 "The Happy Litigator!"

I am just a little curious about something. When Yvon Dumont wins this election will all these ridiculous lawsuits be dropped or does the gag on the Metis people go on?
Dear Anonymous:

Several times during the campaign Mr. Dumont has stated if he's elected there will be no more defamation lawsuits. In fact, that's the first plank in his seven point platform. He's a man of his word (Remember, it's "The Honourable" W. Yvon Dumont!) so the answer to your question is the gag on your people will NOT continue!

We're still awaiting the decision of Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Justice Menzies on another case. In a politically motivated lawsuit, The Metis National Council, its President Clem Chartier and The Metis National Council Secretariat sued Yvon Dumont for a little over $47,000 (one year's salary) plus damages. They claim he broke an agreement not to run for political office within two years after leaving his position as Governor of the Metis Nation. As you may recall, he challenged David Chartrand in 2003.

Fortunat Guiboche on the land claims case!

Dear Blogmaster:

For some time I have questioned the Manitoba Metis Federation's right to bring a lawsuit before the courts claiming it represents all the province's Metis citizens who have direct ties to our historic Nation. Before this case was heard I also made the governments of Canada and Manitoba aware of my position with respect to this issue. For the record, the Minister of Justice/Attorney General of Canada in a letter to me stated:

Dear Mr. Guiboche:

Thank you for your correspondence of March 18 and March 15, 2006.

In your email of March 8, 2006, you raise a concern about the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) litigation. Specifically you are concerned that the Manitoba Metis Federation does not represent your interests, or the interests of all Metis in Manitoba, without their express consent.

The trial for this matter started on Monday, April 3, 2006 in the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench, Winnipeg. Accordingly, it is not appropriate for me to comment in any detail on this issue. That said, it is a matter of public record that the Government of Canada has questioned the MMF's ability to properly represent all Metis who may have an interest in this case (the legal term for this is "standing"). Standing remains a live issue in this case.

You may wish to raise your concerns with the MMF directly, if you have not done so already. Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns regarding this matter.

Yours Sincerely,
Vic Toews

Note: Well I most certainly made the MMF aware of my position. Where this will all end is now up in the air. The case is an individual and personal matter for the descendants of the original land owners. No one else has that right - it is false representation to claim you (Manitoba Metis Federation) have it without the consent of those interested persons.

You got that wrong too Grassroots News!

Anonymous said ...

Since when did Yvon Dumont direct your site, of any others for that matter, as the June 26, 2006 Editorial in Arnold Asham's Grassroots News says:

"And no wonder. From those behind CyberSmoke to Mr. Dumont himself, none have shown either the ability or forthrightness to state their cases based on the facts - because they understand that the facts undermine their arguments. It appears that this group - of which Mr. Dumont directs and instigates" - blah, blah, blah blah .....

I guess all the "FACTS" you have presented to those you have had to come in contact with during your lawsuit don't count.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. I can categorically state Mr. Dumont has never, ever tried to influence the content of - he has too much class to try that. Behind-the-scenes is an informal editorial panel whom I consult on an as needed basis from time-to-time about postings.

In sharp contrast, David Chartrand calls Bloggers who provide an invaluable service to Manitoba's Metis electorate "Chicken Peeping Toms" and tries to misuse the legal system to intimidate, threaten and bully them - sound familiar? This is why we endorse Candidate Dumont - he has so much more class and respect for individuals while fully understanding the value/impotance of your fundamental right of freedom of speech and expression. Besides, I'm the only one who knows the password needed to post material on this site.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hey Arnold - need a lawyer? Call 1-800 "The Happy Litigator!"

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Where the hell has Grassroots News been since 1997?"

Dear Blogmaster:

This is total crap .... what do you expect from a publication that receives its bread and butter from the current G.....n Chartrand administration. As far as I'm concerened Asahm can take Grassroots News plus his G......n criminal record and go screw himself.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. Perhaps Mr. Asham should hire Murray "The Happy Litigator" to defend him.

Clare L. Pieuk

Don't get angry - vote for Yvon Dumont!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "Where the hell has Grassroots News been since 1997?"

I have had just about enough of the Chartrand Clan ....! Number one - when David Chartrand became MMF President Yvon Dumont had already been Lieutenant Governor approximately four years. If the Federation was in a financial crisis at the time of Chartrand's 1997 electorial win it would have been after Billyjo De LaRonde and Ernie Blais' stay in office NOT Mr. Dumont's.

Yvon has never done any mudslinging in his campaigning it is all Chartrand. Grassroots News needs to re-read its own "newspaper" and correct the name of the real down and ..... politician, David Chartrand. I know for a fact at a debate I attended one of David Chartrand's right-hand men smacked a sixteen year old in the ribs just because she believed in Yvon Dumont. How do these people sleep at night?

Angry As Hell
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. Grassroots News is beyond pathetic isn't it? They must think everyone is really stupid! Sorry for using dots but the MMF is currently paying Mr. Murray Norman ("The Happy Litigator!") Trachtenberg at least $250/hour to sue

Simple. When you don't have a conscience it's very easy to sleep at night.

Arnold - my shoes need shining!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "Where the hell has Grassroots News been since 1997?"

What a frigging unbelievable joke - no one at Grassroots News is fit to shine the shoes of either Ron Chartrand or Yvon Dumont. Who are their candidates? Will Goodon and David Chartrand? Give me a break.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. So you'd like a break eh - which arm? Yvon Dumont and Ron Chartrand's shoes may not need shining but mine sure as hell do. What say you Arnold Asham I'll give you a quarter which is about what your "newspaper" is worth!

Where the hell has Grassroots News been since 1997?

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

The following "highly unbiased"/"accurate"/"informed"/"objective"/"heavily subsidized" article is from Grassroots News - Manitoba's Aboriginal newspaper's answer to the state controlled and operated Soviet Union publications Pravda and Tass. What a joke! Your reaction readers?

Clare L. Pieuk
Future Of Métis Nation Now In Voters’ Hands
Editorial Grassroots News
June 27, 2006

During the current MMF campaign we’ve challenged Mr. Chartrand’s opponent and his critics to produce anything concrete to support their numerous and often outlandish accusations against his leadership or the MMF Head Office administration and found—not surprisingly—that they haven’t been able to put up.

Unfortunately they also haven’t shut up and appear to think so little of the Métis people and their innate ability to detect B.S. that their campaign platforms remain based, not on encouraging unity, but undermining it at every turn with a campaign of cowardly personal innuendo, smear tactics and absurd claims of every shape and form always directed at the person rather than Mr. Chartrand’s record.

And no wonder. From those behind Cybersmoke to Mr. Dumont himself, none have shown either the ability or forthrightness to state their cases based on the facts—because they understand that the facts undermine their arguments. It appears that this group — of which Mr. Dumont directs and instigates—would prefer that the Métis Nation return to the time when it had no public credibility, no initiative, little energy and almost no political clout and where the people were spoon fed a steady diet of we can’t do this, we can’t do that, we don’t have the funding and the types of excuses given by people unwilling and incapable of true leadership.

Winnipeg Region VP candidate Ron Chartrand is an example of the old style of leadership, repeatedly blaming the complete lack of even a single example of locally-driven initiative on the lack of funding it allegedly receives from head-office rather than acknowledge his failure to capitalize on numerous local community opportunities within a few feet from the local’s McGregor offices—an obvious fact pointed out by his VP rival Nelson Sanderson. Much smaller locals across the province aware that Head Office funding resources have their limits have met this challenge by tapping into the energy, commitment and vitality of the people. As a result they are an example of leadership transforming challenges into opportunity instead of retreating to excuses for inaction.

For every advance by the Métis Nation during the past nine years—and they have been considerable and unprecedented the MMF as organization — once virtually on the brink of financial, political and moral insolvency when Mr. Chartrand assumed leadership — has defied all the naysayers by transforming itself into a political organization that delivers on its promises and whose example has inspired thousands of young Métis men and women to complete post-secondary studies and training, to explore and celebrate their Métis cultural traditions and to become active in creating a stronger future for themselves, their Métis communities and the province in general.

To tell the Métis people today that it can’t be done, that the challenges are too fierce, that there isn’t enough money, flies in the face of what the MMF has accomplished through the work of its president, its Head Office administration and staff, and the dozens of active locals across the province whose executive and members have taken responsibility for creating opportunity and programs and services in their own communities.

People like Carl Chartrand, Robert Gaudry, Justin Richard, Nelson Sanderson, Leah LaPlante and Will Goodon have waged their campaigns for office on the premise that the Métis people deserve political representatives with a vision for the future and the energy, commitment and focus to seeing the Métis Nation progress.

The MMF is currently the envy of the rest of the Métis Nation in terms of its public profile, its creativity and credibility among the non-aboriginal public, politicians and the business community and even First Nation leaders are taking note of the organization’s ability to realize its goals and objectives because of the support from its grassroots membership — the Métis People of Manitoba.

This Thursday’s vote for the various executive and the MMF president is, in fact, not a decision between individuals but more importantly a decision between moving Métis culture, rights, and self-government forward or relegating them and the future of the Métis peoples in the province to the indifference, inaction and inability that marked Mr. Dumont’s leadership of the MMF in the ’90s.

Mr. Dumont’s failure to make himself available to the Métis people at the majority of locally sponsored debates and forums, his failure to appear in solidarity with his people during the land claims and hunting claims trials and his failure to articulate a coherent, sound and objective based political platform do little to inspire anyone.

Those who would like to see the Métis People and the MMF return to being marginalized, ignored and on the verge of collapse would like nothing better than to see Mr. Chartrand and those sharing his commitment, energy and vision defeated. That is why your decision on June 29th is so vitally important. The future of your families, communities and your nation is truly in your own hands now.

Your friends and associates define you!

Anonymous said ...

I think the saying "You are as good as the company you keep" says a lot about the relationship between Arnold Asham and David Chartrand
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. There's also the old expression, "If you wish to see where someone is at a particular point in their life look at the company they're keeping."

Keep an eye on the electronic equipment too!

Anonymous Said ...

You can bet the paper shredders at the MMF will be churning out tons of confetti when David Chartrand is defeated this week. If I were Yvon Dumont I'd have observers on every floor the second the results are announced.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. You may be a lot closer to the truth than you realize. From someone who worked at the Winnipeg Regional Office we were told as soon as the 2003 election results were announced, electronic office equipment "flew out the back door."

Monday, June 26, 2006

1635 Burrows Avenue?

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

The MMF owns property at 1635 Burrows Avenue, Winnipeg - four or five units each with office/warehouse space. Currently Grassroots News is renting one (formerly occupied by The Louis Riel Capital Corporation before it was forced to move to 150 Henry Avenue during January of 2000).

We've started receiving reports the Federation recently sold this property. If you have any information, could you please contact us - you can remain anonymous.

Clare L. Pieuk

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Interesting she didn't mention her involvement with the MMF!

Thompson Regional Board of Directors
MMF Provincial Board of Directors


Tansi Good Day Folks:

I briefly first met Ms. Campbell at the Winnipeg Office of Anishinabe Mazaska Capital Corporation during September 1999 while I was General Manager of the Louis Riel Capital Corporation. Plaintiff Campbell is one of several MMF Provincial Directors who allege I defamed them while Webmaster for

Before the trial begins I will subpoena her plus all remaining Co-Plaintiffs and look forward to renewing "our acquaintance" while she's under oath before a Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Justice and Jury. I will be direct examining her on her motivation and intent for being a Plaintiff along with how I have allegedly damaged her reputation causing Ms Campbell financial loss - that should be very interesting! Then I'll report it all on for the world to see.

Ms Campbell will be capably defended by MMF lawyer Mr. Murray Norman ("The Happy Litigator") Trachtenberg. See you in Court.

Clare L. Pieuk

P.S. One other question I'll have for you when we meet again in Court Ms Campbell. How is it I could defame every MMF Provincial Board of Director except for Ron Chartrand, Bonnie McIntyre and Richard De La Ronde?
"A Vibrancy - You Just Feel It"
By Gloria Taylor
For The Winnipeg Free Press
June 24, 2006
Page MB7

Anita Campbell has traveled east all the way to Halifax, explored the west throughout the prairie provinces and enjoyed parts of Manitoba from the north to the south. But Campbell, a member of the Premier's Economic Advisory Council (PEAC), and Executive Director of the Ma-Mow-We-Tak Friendship Centre Inc. in Thompson for the past 13 years, always loves to come home.

Indeed, when a job offer came from an organization in Saskatchewan, Campbell made a trip to the neighbouring province to scope out possibilities. Then she returned to Manitoba to live and work Campbell makes no bones about the fact that she missed her home, but there was more to her decision than just a desire to return there. It's what she calls "a vibrancy" the province where she has lived for 25 years, a vibrancy she couldn't find elsewhere.

"You just feel it," she says. "I've been through Toronto, I've driven through all the provinces going east all the way to Halifax and yes, they're great. But they don't offer the same things we have here." Campbell defines vibrancy in many terms, not the least of which are location and opportunity.

"I feel like I'm right in the middle of everything, "she says. "Because I'm in central Canada. "Thompson likes to refer to itself as the hub of the south; I look at Manitoba as being the hub of Canada." But more, there is the spectacular setting of northern Manitoba. she says the rugged rocky terrain and acres of treed landscape can compare with some of the most beautiful sights found anywhere in the country.

"Going west, you travel through flatlands, what is there to see? You drive east and sure, you've got a lot of trees, but we offer the best of what the east has to offer and the best of what the west has to offer. It's in this setting in the growing City of Thompson that she decided to settle and she looks forward with optimism to the future.

Like other Manitoba cities benefiting from a strong provincial economy, Thompson is growing. For Ms. Campbell, this means that the services of her hriendship centre will continue to be needed, and perhaps needed to an even greater extent in future as people from surrounding areas continue to move into the northern city.

The executive director oversees a staff of 65 and four separate facilities that make up the friendship centre. The centre provides a range of programs to people of all ages, but she says the reason for its existence is to help people in surrounding communities move to and make a successful transition to life in Thompson.

Thousands of users - she estimates the number at 35,000 annually - come to the centre for services such as help with their income tax, advocacy services to help with landlord/tenant affairs or government departments, adult education, counselling, translation services, employment assistance and a host of others.

One popular, award-winning program is the Northern Circle of Youth. Under that banner, the centre provides programs that speak to a holistic approach for people up to the age of 29. Young people can enjoy weekly gym nights, sharing circles, movie nights, cultural activities, sports activities, arts and crafts, tournament nights and outdoor expeditions. The program received a Manitoba Attorney General's Crime Prevention Award in 2001.

In a growing city like Thompson and in a healthy economy like Manitoba's, Campbell thinks that opportunities for Manitobans will only increase with time, not only in the northern city she calls home but elsewhere in the province as well.

Suing the deceased?

Anonymous Said:

After losing in Small Claims Court to Mr. Saul Selby, Arnold Asham appealed in Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench (File Number CI03-01-33599). As you will see Justice Perry Schulman heard and dismissed the case on September 25, 2003. If you go to The Winnipeg Free Press website you'll find the gentlemen's obituary - he died during August of 2003.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing - that explains it.

Clare L. Pieuk

Thank you we just did - please read the posting below!

Anonymous said ...

You will hit the mother lode if you do a name search under Arnold Asham in the Manitoba court records.

Its taken over six years but I finally get to say, "Bye bye for you Mr. Arnold Samuel Asham - Grassroots News and you are toast on June 29, 2006!


Tansi/Good Day Folks:

In response to a June 21, 2006 posting, "What he has a rap sheet?" which noted MMF lawyer Murray Norman "The Happy Litigator") Trachtenberg had sued Grassroots News publisher Arnold Asham for non payment of legal fees, an anonymous reader contacted us and stated in part:

"Arnold Asham has spent more time in court than a few of the judges ..... he is an interesting character."

Over the years like many of you we too had heard numerous rumours about the operation of his "newspaper." So yesterday we "ran him" through Manitoba Justice's online file registry ( Please note:

(1) This information relates only to Small Claims Court and Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench civil matters. It is impossible for us to do a criminal record check

(2) There is another Arnold Asham of curling fame, however, we are assuming the Arnold Asham identified in the online Manitoba Justice website search relate to Mr. Asham and Grassroots News. If this is incorrect we apologize in advance

The information available is skeletal - it only lists documents. For more detail you'll have to go to the File Registry at the Provincial Law Courts Building to access their contents. Here's what we found:

(i) C104-01-39410 Her Majesty The Queen in the Right of the Province of Manitoba (Plaintiff) versus Arnold Samuel Asham (Defendant) - 2004

(ii) SC04-01-99328 Medpak Limited (Plaintiff) versus Arnold Samuel Asham (Defendant) - 2004

(iii) SC (Small Claims) 03-01-94918 Saul Selby (Plaintiff) versus Grassroots News and Arnold Asham (Defendants) - 2003

(iv) CI03-01-33599 Saul Selby (Plaintiff/Respondent) versus Grassroots News Arnold Asham (Defendant /Appellant). From the records it appears Mr. Asham lost in Small Claims Court (SC03-01-94918) subsequently appealing to Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench where Justice Perry Schulman dismissed his case on September 25, 2003

(v) SC02-01-93707 Murray Trachtenberg (Plaintiff) versus Arnold Asham and A. A. Aborginal Advertising Incorporated carrying on business as Grassroots News (Defendants) - 2003

(vi) SC02-01-90915 Grey Goose Bus Lines Limited (Plaintiff) versus Arnold Asham (Defendant) - 2002

(vii) SC01-01-84296 Greg Stefanyshyn, Vector Graphics And Design (Plaintiff) versus A. A. Aboriginal Advertising Incorporated and Grassroots News (Defendants) - 2001

(viii) SC00-01-82104 Garden City Dental Centre (Plaintiff) versus Arnold Asham (Defendant) - 2000

(ix) SC00-01-83170 Norman Asher (Plaintiff) versus A.A. Aboriginal Advertising and Aboriginal Advertising publications of Manitoba (Defendant) - 2000

(x) CI00-01-16942 Southeast Child & Family Services (Plaintiff) and A.A. Aboriginal Advertising Incorporated carrying on business under the name and style of Grassroots News a Dividion of Aboriginal Advertising publications of Manitoba and Grassroots News a Division of Aboriginal Advertising Publications of Manitoba and Len Kruzenga (Defendant) - 2000

(xi) CR91-01-10343 Between The Queen and Arnold Asham Accused 1991 (file transferred to Dauphin Judicial District) - 1991

Now for my favourite Arnold Asham story.

During February 2000 Louis Riel Capital Corporation Chairman Alphonse Ducharme, Board of Director Leo Campbell (appointment deliberately not renewed) and I as General Manager (Asked to resign refused and was fired!) were summarily dismissed from LRCC for opposing the "forced move" of corporate headquarters to 150 Henry Avenue plus inappropriate interference by the MMF in its "supposedly arms-length affiliate's" internal affairs, Leo and I launched a petition.

The plan was to send all signatures collected to Mr. Bob Dickson (Ottawa - at the time Executive Director, Aboriginal Business Canada which established and funded LRCC (ABC is embedded in Industry Canada). Leo paid (About $800!) to have the following small clip out coupon published in The Winnipeg Free Press:

An Open Letter To The Metis And Non Status Indian People of Manitoba

Hello, my name is Leo Campbell. for over five years I was a Director of the Louis Riel Capital Corporation which is funded by Aboriginal Business Canada (ABC) to provide loans to Metis and Non Status Indian people throughout Manitoba. Because of the increasing political interference in the day-to-day operations of the Corporation, I am circulating the followign petition that will be sent to ABC in Ottawa.

I the undersigned am a person of Metis or Non Status Indian ancestry currently residing in Manitoba. Further, I believe The Lousi Riel Capital Corporation should be operated as an independent, autonymous Aboriginal financial institution free from political interference including any involvement or influence from a Metis political organization(s).

If you would like to sign the petition or read the two page letter of explanation that accompanies it, please contact the Local Manitoba Metis Federation Chairperson in your area or your representative in the Provincial Legislature. Please return signed petitions to my by April 29, 2000.

Thank you and Meegwetch
Leo Campbell

This announcement was sponsored by Leo Campbell a Metis rancher from Waterhen, Manitoba. Mr. Campbell can be reached at:

Box 130
Sknowan, Manitoba
Telephone/Fax: (204) 628-3355

If you are unable to obtain a copy of the petition, you can also show your support by completing this coupon and mailing it to the above address.

I Support The Petition

Adress: _____________
Telephone: __________

After the WFP ad was purchased Leo then paid for a series of 20 second announcements which he read on NCI Radio. We tried to have them aired during what was then "The Metis Hour" sponsored by the MMF. Although the Sales Department Representative for Native Communications was nervous even agreeing to let them run he finally concluded there was no basis for denying us. However, they could only be played before and/or after TMH show.

Subsequently explained to Mr. Arnold Samuel Asham in a telephone conversation (February 2000) we had entered into agreements with the WFP and NCI Radio and wished to run the petition in Grassroots News for which, of course, we'd be prepared to pay. He flatly refused and when I asked why suggesting that was not a democratic way for a newspaper to operate, he refused and promply hung up. So to to you, Sir, I finally get a chance to say "Good Bye" and when The Honourable W. Yvon Dumont becomes the MMF's next President on June 29, 2006 both you and your "newspaper" are toast. You forgot, Sir, "What goes around comes around."

Friday, June 23, 2006

Announcing The Honourable W. Yvon Dumont's campaign billboard fundraiser!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Today I was in Winnipeg's North End and saw two more of those bloody, friggin' thinly veiled, "Vote David Chartrand!" billboards for which their funding remains a huge mystery - taxpayer dollars? Also passed Connie's Cafe on Main Street where there was a simple Yvon Dumont poster displayed (window) in such a classy way - it spoke volumes! THIS IS SO UNFAIR VOTERS SO WHAT THE HELL YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Will someone quickly please step forward to organize a fundraiser to help Mr. Dumont's campaign team buy a billboard. Send us ( your anonymous electronic address where people can make arrangements online to contribute and we'll immediately post it. PLEASE HURRY!

You'll have to move fast but this is definitely doable! Imagine the impact of a billboard close to Portage and Main with a message in box car sized letters saying something like, "ALL MANITOBA CITIZENS LOVE THE HONOURABLE W. YVON DUMONT CANADA'S FIRST METIS LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR!"

Clare L. Pieuk

Fortunat Guiboche on the "Group of Five?"

Well, well, well, five (5) Progressive Conservative MLAs endorsed MMF Inc. policies and practices. My take on this is I'm delighted to hear and see it. You have a right to know why so here's my answer.

They stepped on a mine field that will come back to haunt them - I mean the Conservative Party they represent. Well I guess their constitutents will have no legal objections to the transfer of their land over to the Metis original land owners. Folks this is the best real estate in Manitoba - Steinbach and area WOW manna falling from unexpected places! What a gift of gigantic proportions count your blessings and don't say another word - a great day for the Metis! Thank you David Chartrand and those five stuipd MLAs. You have just handed the provincial New Democratic Party another four years in office!
Dear Mr. Guiboche:

Thank you for writing your articles are always so very interesting. Knowing what we do ("Nudge, nudge, wink, wink - know what we mean? Know what we mean?") about the Chartrand administration, you have to wonder where the hell "The Group of Five's" collective heads were at when they went public in their support of David Chartrand? Are they not plugged into "The Chicken, Peeping Tom Blogs? They may have committed political suicide. Gary! Gary! Gary! Yvon! Yvon! Yvon!

Clare L. Pieuk

You've got to love this!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Sometimes you have to be able to laugh. From one of the comments found on

Our youths sure can learn from Chartrand:


Thank you for the kind words!

Anonymous said ...

Clare and Derryl Sanderson both have awesome articles - couldn't ask for anything better. Keep up the good work

Metis Reader
Dear Reader:

Thank you so very much for the kind words. And to the defamation lawsuit Plaintiffs and their illustrious $250/hour legal counsel Murray Norman ("Litigation Happy") Trachtenberg , better get used to it's not going anyway soon we're here for the long haul! Before this is over your names and photographs will be recognized globally.

Thank you for the heads up!

Anonymous said ...

Please tune in to CBC Radio AM Channel 990 at 7:30 a.m. on Monday June 26, 2006. Yvon Dumont and Bob Chartrand will be doing an interview with Louise Charette.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. Louise Charette is Winnipeg CBC Radio's Aboriginal Affairs Reporter. Her stories are regularly aired on host Terry McLeod's weekly morning show. Ms Charette's particulars are:

Telephone (CBC): 788-3069
Cellular: 792-2202

Clare L. Pieuk

Don't know about Derryl but I'd rather be a whiner than a dummy!

Anonymous said ...

Dear Blogmaster:

Seems Darryl Sanderson and you don't like the idea of MLAs supporting David Chartrand. I think it really doesn't matter at this point. Most people have either voted, or have their minds made up. What a bunch of Tory MLAs say now is of no importance. See my blog for more on what I have written.

I don't mean to sound rude, but what Darryl and you have said kind of makes you all sound like whiners. I enjoy reading both your blogs and usually go there to get the stories first but this issue is a little out of character for both of you.

People have the right no matter what position they are in to support whoever they want on a personal platform. These individuals did say it was not a Party endorsement. Besides, if Yvon does happen to win I am sure he will welcome the provincial Progressive Conservative Party's acknowledgement of the Metis.

Dear Anonymous:

Derry Sanderson makes some excellent points in his article. Not to sound rude but perhaps you should carefully re-read his posting - is it possible you might have missed or perhaps didn't comprehend something? Here at CyberSmokeBlog we couldn't agree with you less. As provincial politicians are they so sadly misinformed as to think the current Chartrand administration runs a clean tight ship? What about Team Chartrand's election tactics have they not been reading the newspapers? Oh well, I'd rather be a whiner than a "dummy" - right?

A wise person once said people are only entitied to an opinion if it's an iformed one.

Clare L. Pieuk

Obviously they've never read our blogs Derryl or they'd know better!

Progressive Conservative Party Leader

MLA Carman

MLA Southdale


MLA Emerson

MLA Springfield

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

The excellent article and analysis (below) was posted on Obviously these gentlemen have not read Mr. Sanderson's or's outstanding election coverage. We have a quick suggestion. Why don't you (Blogmaster Sanderson) e-mail a copy to the Provincial Liberal leader, as well as, Premier Gary Doer. Why stop there? Prime Minister Harper's address is

Clare L. Pieuk
Thursday, June 22, 2006

P.C. Leader Hugh McFadyen Must Address The Metis Nation of Manitoba

The so called "unprecedented" move of endorsing a Manitoba Metis Federation Presidential candidate by Members of the Manitoba Progressive Conservative Party has been condemned by many Metis who have construed it as "political favor payback."

PC MLAs David Faurschou, Jack Penner, Jack Reimer, Denis Rocan and Ron Schuler are taking sides in the MMF election, and have thrown their support behind the tarnished political reputation of current President David Chartrand. This open endorsement by the Conservative Members clearly shows these mavericks of the Opposition either have no regard for the Federation's constitution or did not research Article 2 which states the organization have no affiliation with any political party.

When these men decided to publically announce as a group their support, they ceased to act as individuals and are now speaking as representatives of the PC Party of Manitoba. I have contacted the leader Hugh McFadyen and am awaiting a response from the newly elected Head of this right-wing Party. Here is a form response from the PC Communications Director which was sent today:

Good afternoon Mr. Sanderson,

I would like to address concerns you've raised regarding some of our MLA's publicly supporting Mr. Chartrand in the upcoming MMF election. Please note their decision to endorse this candidate was something they chose to do on their own as individuals. In no way were they speaking on behalf of our Leader, Hugh McFadyen, PC Caucus or the PC Party of Manitoba.

I trust this provides you with the official position you were seeking on this matter.

Michelle Bailey

Note: This answer is not palatable to Metis members and I have asked for a response from Mr. McFadyen. The Metis will be watching to see how he decides to tackle this very contentious issue. There also must be attention brought to the "unprecedented" massive PC membership campaign orchestrated from the President's Office a few months ago. PC membership applications were being handled by Executive to the President Cindy Millar and solicited by MMF Head Office.

There were reports upwards of 400 memberships to the Conservative Party were sold in this manner with some MMF employees' membership fees payed by unknown sources.

Conor Lloyd, the former MMF Communications Director, was known to be in bed with one of the PC leadership candidates Ron Schuler and was openly touting his campaign from 150 Henry Avenue. Once Metis Members found out about the trickery and disrespect shown to our constitution, Mr Schuler was handed a surprising, stinging and humbling defeat at the hands of McFadyen during the recent leadership contest thereby suffering the same fate as the only other Federation endorsed candidate Liberal Ray St Germain.

We Metis don't appreciate our constitution being dishonored. This endorsement by these five Members, clearly must be viewed as political payback ..... you scratch my candidate I'll scratch yours.

One only has to look at the blatant disregard these PC Members and the David Chartrand team have shown towards our constitution to see the reasoning behind Schuler and the others' endorsements. Selling 400 memberships can do a lot for support ..... the Conservatives have never supported a Metis Federation candidate until Chartrand decided to hawk PC memberships .... or wait maybe these Members are supporting Davey's platform - t
he same hogwash Chartrand spewed while explaining the other constitution non-adherence issue.

During the federal elections, the President again chose to ignore the constitution by openly endorsing the federal Liberal party then explaining it away by stating he only was supporting their platform. How dim does Chartrand think the Metis voters are? Here is a leader who runs like a bull through a china shop showing no regard for the people and the Nation which he was supposed to lead not dictate.

With all of the MMF resources being utilized by Chartrand during his re-election bid, challenger Yvon Dumont is certainly not being afforded a level playing filed during this campaign and I urge all Metis to get the anti-Chartrand word out - only six more days 'til we go to the polls. Mr. Chartrand is utilizing Federation money to gain higher profile during the campaign. Mr Dumont has the will of the people - the true Metis values will win out this go around.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

That's because the masked man wasn't mentioned in Dan Lett's original Winnipeg Free Press article!

Anonymous said ...

I have checked the article, "Dan Lett Of The Free Press Criticizes MMF President's Election Tactics" posted June 19, 2006 on Where is the reference to a masked man? I'm sorry, there are a few more who we need to unmasked yet. They were caught and identified covering Yvon Dumont's posters. Do they even know the seriousness of their actions and were they motivated from higher up? Please keep an eye open and if you see anything suspicious in your community you feel is wrong, report it to someone you can trust or to the police. What they're doing is wrong and let's put a stop to it and charge these people. I have my camera ready at all times everywhere I go.
Dear Anonymous:

If you carefully check our posting you will see the reference to individual(s) removing Yvon Dumont posters and replacing them with David Chartrands' does Not appear in the original Dan Lett Winnipeg Free Press Article. Rather, it can be found in the "Comments" section (fourth one) for the posting, "Dan Lett Of The Free Press Criticizes MMF President's Election Tactics" which appears on Go there and have a read - people are identified by name.

The "masked man" who ran for Winnipeg Vice-President a few years ago saw our remarks, went to the aforementioned location and then related how his posters had similarly been replaced guessing it was a certain person who was responsible. In this case he was wrong. Carefully follow our instructions in the first paragraph and you'll see what we mean. Hope this eliminates any confusion you may still have.

Clare L. Pieuk

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What he has a rap sheet?

Anonymous said .....

Dear Blogmaster:

Regarding your recent posting, "The adventures of Batman and robin!" there's a bigger story here than you realize. Arnold Asham has spent more time in court than a few of the judges. If you found this small claim you should be able to find the others. Asham is an interesting character .....
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. What he has a rap sheet?

Clare L. Pieuk

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Thank you Premier Doer!

From: "Premier"
Sent: June 20, 2006 11:03 AM
Subject: Response from Premier Doer

Thank you for your e-mail.

I appreciate your time and effort in sending me an e-mail and I can assure you that each e-mail is read and noted. As you may be aware, I receive many e-mails each day. Due to the large volume you may not receive a response other than this automated reply.

As the internet is not a secure method of transmission we respectfully request your full name and mailing address if you wish a response. Thank you for sharing your concerns and comments with me.

Gary Doer
Tuesday June 20, 2006

The Honourable Gary Albert Doer
Room 204 Legislative Building
Winnipeg Manitoba R3C 0V8
Telephone: (204) 945-3714, 3715
Facsimile: (204) 949-1484

Dear Premier Doer:

Thank you for replying to my e-mail of June 6, 2006 - your Office has always responded in the past to my correspondence. If you would like to contact my by surface mail my particulars are:

2-371 Des Meurons Street
Winnipeg Manitoba R2H 2N6
Telehone: 237-7063

As you are well aware, the Manitoba Metis Federation is currently in the midst of an election the results of which will have a significant impact on our province.

Over the years there are those of us who have grown increasingly concerned with the lack of built-in checks and balances associated with the MMF's electoral process. In short, it has degenerated into the wild, wild west of bygone days as evidenced by the troubling information increasingly appearing on the internet.

To cite but one example, the Federation's by-laws are completely silent on the issue of campaign funding for which there is absolutely no accountability or public disclosure requirements. For example, are taxpayer dollars being used to this end?

On the eve of Mr. Justice Perry Schulman's January 27, 2004 decision to overturn the 2003 election results, incumbent President David Chartrand publicly stated to the Winnipeg media if the Manitoba Metis Federation were ordered to hold a second vote it would require additional funding (both federal and provincial) to pay for amending the election by-laws plus the cost of conducting a second vote - money he claimed the organization did not have. Sadly, huge gaps still exist in the bylaws. However, this time around it is as bad as, and likely worse, than in Mach of 2003.

Unfortunately, Elections Manitoba does no have the jurisdiction to intervene to appoint independent, neutral observers. Therefore, we may face another fiasco come June 29, 2006 which would be an embarrassment not only for our Metis citizens but all Manitobans.

It was with this in mind I orginally wrote Mr. Alvin Zivot, Q.C, the MMF's Chief Electoral Officer on June 6, 2006 with copies to Prime Minister Harper, Indian Affairs and Northern Development Canada Minister Jim Prentice, his Parliamentary Secretary Mr. Rod Bruinooge and you.

Clare L. Pieuk

We like how you think!

Anonymous said ...

Dear Webmaster:

Regarding you posting, "Who is this masked man?" recently I became a member just so I could vote David Chartrand OUT!

Who is this masked man?

Anonymous said ...

Dear Webmaster:

Hi Clare, I had the same thing done when I ran for Vice-President Winnipeg Region a few years ago and I saw the person who was covering my posters. Guess who? ".... ...." - he is the most distructive person anyone can ever meet. When I read your blog I immediately thought about .... .... - this is the individual who should be investiagted and charged. He'll do anything to get David Chartrand elected. You know who I am.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. I could take a very educated guess as to your identity. What some people don't appreciate is when you send an anonymous e-mail to there's absolutely no way you or your address can be identified. In fact, if I try to contact a sender for clarification my letter comes bouncing back as undeliverable. However, I can tell you the individual you named was not mentioned.

To learn their identities go to Scroll to the second posting from the top ("Dan Lett Of The Free Press Criticizes MMF President's Election Tactics" - June 19, 2006) and activate the "Comments" link - it's the fourth one. There you will find names mentioned - know any of them? We chose not to post this letter because of the seriousness of the allegations plus three of us are being sued for "supposed defamation" by the David Chartrand administration.

Clare L. Pieuk

More election campaign shenanigans?

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

We're currently verifying a report Yvon Dumont campaign posters (as well as some pro-Dumont candidates) have been replaced by those supporting David Chartrand in the Dauphin/San Clara area of the province. To the anonymous tipster we strongly recommend you contact the MMF's Chief Electoral Officer but better still your local RCMP Detachment. People have been charged for that kind of activity in past federal/provincial elections.

Clare L. Pieuk

Candidate debates - how useful are they?

Dumont Skips Meeting For Metis Candidates
By Aldo Santin
The Winnipeg Free Press
June 15, 2006
Page A4

Anyone who wanted to size up the two candidates for president of the Manitoba Metis Federation at last night's all-candidates forum left disappointed.

Incumbent president David Chartrand showed up early, shaking hands and making small talk with supporters.

Challenger Yvon Dumont sent his regrets - for the fifth time in two weeks. Dumont, who was president from 1984 to 1993 has missed all the candidates' forums staged in Winnipeg leading up to the June 29 election.

"It sounds a little fishy to me," whispered Sheila McBeath at the meeting at the Freight House following the announcement that Dumont would not be there. "I find (the explanation) very hard to believe, especially since he hasn't made any of the other candidates meetings. I am disappointed."

McBeath was one of about 100 people who went out for the forum, where candidates for vice-president and board of directors were also speaking, but it was a special night for the St. Vital resident. McBeath said she was adopted as a baby, never knew her birth parents and only learned she was Metis five years ago.

She said she skipped the 2003 election - where Chartrand narrowly defeated Dumont by 20 votes amid allegations of voting irregularities - because she didn't know enough of the issues but added she is making a concerted effort for this campaign. One thing McBeath said she's learned is that Metis politics is a dirty game.

"If you listen to one (of the presidential candidate's camps) you're told he's a unifying force and a natural leader who's done wonderful things for our people," McBeath said." And that's exactly what the other camp says about their candidate. "And they both say the other guy is the devil ..... I just don't know what to believe."

Rhonda McLeod, office manager for the Dumont campaign, said organizers of last nights forum only contacted Dumont by phone Tuesday to tell him about the meeting. "He had left for The Pas on Saturday and won't be back till Monday," McLeod said. "All these all-candidates' meetings have been scheduled without taking Yvon's schedule into account."

McLeod said Dumont has attended only one forum in the area, in Stonewall. He also attended a forum in Thompson. She said Dumont laid out a busy campaign schedule last month, meeting people across the province, and he's not been able to change it with little notice.

Arnold Asham, publisher of the Grassroots News which organized last night's debate, said Metis presidential campaigns have a tendency to degenerate into mud-slinging matches and this year's election looks like a repeat of the past.

"They all get very personal which is not a very good idea.," Asham said before the meeting started. "Everyone wants to hear the candidates' platforms but stuff like this doesn't get us anywhere."

Charles Desliets, a Dumont supporter, said the Metis people are a divided nation and they have to end their petty disputes if they're to be successful. He left the meeting, when it was announced that Dumont would not be attending.
Given the biased, one-sided coverage of the election campaign in Grassroots News to date, we seriously question the choice or debate organizer.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Our first, "Laughing Super Dave Two Minute Challenge Question?"

Anonymous said ...

Here's one for our peerless leader. Who was the legal-eagle genius who told him the best way to snuff out allegedly defamatory comments on the internet was to draw attention to them via a lawsuit? Oh wait, we already know the answer. It's the same about to be gonzo lawyer who enraptures the ...... on the Board with fanciful tales about how the MMF is going to win and collect a bonanza judgment from people with no money or assets.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. Perhaps I can answer on behalf of "Super Dave" who, to be fair, we offered a campaign link in the lead up to the 2003 MMF election but got no response. Can you believe the following? It's from Mr. Murray Norman Trachtenberg's third Ammended Statement of Claim against the Defendants:

"Belhumeur and Pieuk supported Dumont and during the election campaign, established a web link with an election website that had been created for Dumont so that anyone who accessed would easily link to the Dumont election website." (Page 12, paragraph 50)

It has to be realized this is not about a huge monetary damage award for the MMF, rather, it's a blatant, shoddy, tacky but $NOT CHEAP$ attempt to misuse and abuse the system to "legally" harass individuals who have publicly dared to criticize and embarrass the current leadership for its irresponsible spending of our taxpayer dollars.

Starting with and subsequently followed by other Metis specific blogs, David Chartrand's monopoly on information has effectively been broken. This turkey of a lawsuit has Winnipeg's legal community shaking their collective heads in disbelief while turning into a major public relations nightmare for the Federation's leadership, the Plaintiffs and their attorney. Can you imagine what provincial and especially federal government funders must be thinking? Suffice it to say they are watching the case very closely!

By complaining to the Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission, Derryl Sanderson ( has, to all intents and purposes, muzzled President Chartrand foiling him from any longer using Host Ray St. Germain of NCI Radio's The Metis Hour Times Two to self-promote while attempting to influence the election's outcome.

Then there's Grassroots News. Its recent incredibly biased, unprofessional campaign coverage has left the publication's reputation in tatters. We can all learn from history - many parallels exist between Russia under Josef Stalin and the growth of Manitoba's Metis Nation. "Uncle Joe" as he was derisively referred to controlled the State's only two newspapers Tass and Pravda. Problem is, everyone knew what a JOKE they were! Fast forward to 2006. The blogs have rendered MMF's principal propaganda organs ineffectual. Perhaps that's why you're seeing so many television and billboards ads these days.

Clare L. Pieuk


Friday, June 16, 2006

The adventures of "BATMAN" and "robin!"

robin: "H..y s..t BATMAN did you know Murray has sued "Publisher" Arnold Asham in Small Claims Court?"

BATMAN: "You little dick-weed robin - of course I do!"

robin: "You can be such a jerk BATMAN!"

BATMAN: "Maybe so robin but at least I had the brains to find file SC02-01-93707 on Manitoba Justice's webpage Seems Murray Normand ("Happy") Trachtenberg during February 2003 commenced an action against "Publisher" of the internationally acclaimed rag Grassroots News for non payment of legal fees."

robin: "Jeez BATMAN so who do you figure paid Arnold's legal bills?"

BATMAN: "You know robin, sometimes I can't believe how friggin' stupid you can be!"

robin: "Screw you BATMAN I just got my super generous severace package from the MMF which included a couple $Grand$ worth of pre-business training from Emplopyment Insurance to help set up my new enterprise."

BATMAN: "So what you calling this enterprise robin?"

robin: "Minority Financial - it's a grow op I figure it can't lose!"

BATMAN: "With a name like that I can't see how you can lose - besides, you're such a pathetic little weenie"

robin: "Are you ever f.....g stupid BATMAN!"

BATMAN: "F..k you robin I''m hiring Murray Trachtenberg to sue you for defamation on behalf of the MMF Board of Directors!"


BATMAN: "Tell Murray I think he and his clients are so cool - their defamation lawsuit is the greatest event in the history of mankind (Sorry - personkind!) since the advent of canned beer!"

robin: "I hear Murray's Legal Assistant Louise Coulombe and he absolutely love!"

BATMAN: "If nothing else at least they''ve got class and good taste - not like you - weasel!"

robin: "Screw you BATMAN you're such an arse!"

BATMAN: "Nice talk robin - what's the matter been watching too much Ricky on Trailor Park Boys lately?"

robin: "Go screw yourself BATMAN!"

BATMAN: "Murray - Did you hear that! Now we've finally got the little bugger in black letter let's sue his ass off!"

To be continued .....
You be the judge - which one of these fine looking specimens is guilty?

Just like in the upcoming June 29, 2006 MMF election you can cast a ballot in our electronic poll on behalf of the duly departed, a loved one, hell your family pet or perhaps your lover/mistress guys - you too ladies! Be sure to vote multiple times! To participate simply comtact (

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The two minute laughing Super Dave challenge!

Anonymous Said ...

Attended the debate last night at the Freight House. What a joke! The only person worth listening to was Randy De La Ronde. One part was quite entertaining though when Dave Charette and Linda Campbell got into it. Poor old Linda was just asking a question and Dave jumped all over her. Had to love David Chartrand's comment about when you're a politician you should always be prepared even on two minutes notice. Nice of him to say since he knew about the meeting a week or two in advance. I'm glad Mr. Dumont did not waste his time driving back from northern Manitoba for that circus show.
The aforementioned came from dated June 14, 2006 - currently the sixth "Comment" under the posting, "Manitoba Metis Federation Election." Just like in football, here at CyberSmokeBlog we're preparing our special two minute drill for Super Dave. The rules. We'll post some INCREDIBLY EMBARRASSING QUESTIONS for President Chartrand from our readers and he'll have two minutes to respond online. To be "fair" he will be given your inquiries two minutes in advance. In other words, he'll have four minutes. Please send your questions "The Super Dave Two Minute Challenge" c/o Your confidentiality will be respected. Now this should be interesting!

Are you ready Super Dave? ONE! TWO! - To be continued .....


David Chartrand getting desperate!

Anonymous said ...

Keep it up Chartrand! Not only are you digging a deeper hole for yourself you're making Dumont look like a shining angel next to you!

News Flash - "Publisher" Arnold Asham to organize Easter egg hunt during election campaign!

Dear Blogmaster:

I had occasion to read an article in toady’s Winnipeg Free Press (June 15, 2006) headed, "Dumont Skips Meeting For Metis Candidates." It wasn’t until the last few paragraphs I realized why Mr. Dumont never showed up. The event was organized by Arnold Asham of Grassroots News the most notorious David Chartrand ...... and ... ...... on the planet.

This is the same Arnold Asham who in the past forbid any photos or editorial by those opposed to David Chartrand from appearing in his "We all love David" publication. If he set up the meeting then rest assured President Chartrand’s finger was deeply embedded in the pie. Besides, the fact Mr. Dumont received less than 24 hours notice (Mr. Asham would have trouble organizing an Easter egg hunt!) would be akin to George Bush accepting an invitation to a meeting arranged with Osam Bin Laden. Congratulations Yvon for not falling into the trap!

I almost gagged when Arnold Asham tried to portray himself as the great moderator by reportedly saying, "Stuff like this doesn’t get us anywhere."

No Name Provided
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. Haven't read The Winnipeg Free Press article yet but I will and post it for all to see. Unually the reporter's e-mail address is shown at the end. Perhaps you should contact them with your favourite "campaign tricks" story! Why not have a contest here to pick the best one? Sounds like they could benefit from a little Metis election enlightening.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Campaign Willie - where are you when you're needed?

Anonymous said ...

In regards to your posting, ”But can you sing Campaign Willie?” I was in attendance at the Shakers Inn last Thursday. To begin with, Marielee Nault and two other ladies were there having coffee and dinner. All three were very helpful to me and most respectful to everyone in the restaurant. It was not until almost 8:00 p.m. when Mr. Dumont and five other gentlemen showed up. In total there were only 11 and as I stated Ms Nault was very nice to all. She even went out of her way and spoke to her challenger wishing him luck.

To tell the truth everyone sat at the same table with the exception of Dave Charette and another man. There were neither heated arguments nor debates. Both parties were very friendly to one another. Therefore, I think before you start accusing people you should get your facts straight. Don’t you think if Ms Nault were being very disruptive she would have been asked to leave by the owners who were present?

Also, there were posters and information being spread around Mr. Dumont was coming out but like I said there were only two from the area, six of Mr. Dumont’s followers and Ms Nault plus two other ladies.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. Hopefully, Campaign Willie will see your comments and get in touch. Don't know if CW plans to attend the Freight House Candidates' Debate this week in Winnipeg sponsored by that "prestigious" publication" Grassroots News but it sounds as though it may be a real fiasco with several running for Office planning to boycott. Looks like David Chartrand may have to discuss the issues with himself and Arnold Asham.

As for Ms Marilee Nault, perhaps she's being really nice these days because come June 29, 2006 she realizes she will have a new boss - that is, IF she gets re-elected. Then there's the issue of being a Plaintiff in a lawsuit
which is making her and the others litigants look like a bunch of losers.

Arnold Asham

"The Prestigious" Grassroots News

Laugh as you will but it's true!

Anonymous said ...

Dear Blogmaster:

Regarding your "Dr. Murray" posting, ha, ha that letter is just too funny! Somehow it kind of makes sense though especially the part about "Dr." Trachtenberg's patients needing help and not liking to be made fun of.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. Believe it or not that's the e-mail we received. We thought it hilarious but more importantly isn't that the truth - Dr. Murray and his patients! Right about now barring eleventh hour "Divine Intervention" their prognosis for winning the defamation lawsuit sucks the Big One!

Why we support Mr. Yvon Dumont!


MMF Leader Linked To Huge Brawl
By Doug Nairne
Staff Reporter
The Winnipeg Free Press
December 30, 1997

POLICE ARE still sorting through the aftermath of a massive Christmas Day family feud in Duck Bay that involved as many as 50 people fighting in the street.

Among those being investigated for their role in an afternoon battle that sent two people to hospital with serious injuries and left dozens of others with scrapes and bruises is Manitoba Metis Federation president David Chartrand. Winnipegosis RCMP Const. Marvin Gruger said the fights broke out at about 3 p.m. and seem to have been sparked by traditional rivalry between two large families in the community, which is located north of Dauphin.

He said the brawl began with a small group and then grew until between 30 and 50 men were involved, some of them armed with clubs and knives. "It's going to take another week to get this mess all sorted out, but I think there will end up being about 40 people involved," Gruger said. Most of the parties involved were intoxicated." The most seriously injured men included one who suffered skull injuries when he was clubbed over the head and another who was stabbed several times in the back. Both men were kept in hospital overnight and then released.

Gruger said the RCMP are investigating a complaint that Chartrand 37, assulted a 16-year old. The mother of the alleged teen victim said the youth was going to his aunt's house to wish her a Merry Christmas when a van pulled up next to him and a man got out and started to punch him. The woman said her brother was also beaten during the brawl, apparently with a pipe or piece of wood. The 16-year old suffered a badly cut lip and bruising to the face and had his shirt and pants ripped off in the attack his mother said.

"I can't just let this go," she said. RCMP say the violent incident was only one of several reported assaults on the reserve during the holiday period. "Its been a bad week up there," said Gruger.

David Chartrand, who was elected to the MMF post earlier this year, was fishing yesterday and could not be reached for comment. His family members in Duck Bay said the accusations are politically motivated by people who oppose Chartrand and support former MMF leader BillyJo De La Ronde. Both Chartrand and De La Ronde have numerous relatives living in Duck Bay.

David N. ("Bilboard") Chartrand

Note: We are in possession of a three page hand written letter by the mother of the 16 year old boy. It is dated January 2, 1998 addressed to then MMF Northwest Regional Vice-President Gordon Flett and Board Members Grace Menard and Doreen Woods.

They're on to you David game over!

Anonymous said ...

Don't worry Yvon, David Chartrand's true colours are shining through his tactics! The President says billboards have been put on hold? Funny, I just saw a huge sign by the 59er Restaurant with the words "Re-elect David Chartrand ..... blah, blah, blah ..... 790-DAVE something or other."

And what is this crap about not apologizing for defending his people? Maybe he needs to say he's sorry for hauling them into court! What a load!

Dr. Murray?

Anonymous said ...

I find it very disrespectful how you make fun of Dr. Murray Trachtenberg and his MMF patients. Do you not understand this is why they are taking you to court? They do not want you to make fun of their Doctor or themselves. They need help but they do not need to be made fun of. You should be ashamed of what you are doing to these poor people and their Doctor.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for contacting This site regularly gets visitors from around the world so we have no way of knowing who you are or where you live.

We're based in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. To the best of our knowledge Mr. Murray Trachtenberg is not a certified psychiatrist or psychologist although no doubt there are days he probably wish he were. Therefore, he is not a Doctor with patients like Dr. Phil you may have seen on television. Rather, he's a lawyer licensed to practice in this province.

The confusion may be over the use of the term "Counselor." In this country judges often refer to lawyers/solicitors/attorneys as Counselor(s) or Counsel for the Plaintiff(s)/Defendant(s). Their Honour could address Mr. Trachtenberg as Counselor Trachtenberg and be well within the accepted rules of protocol. It is even common for those practicing law to refer to their colleagues as such.

Of course, we would never do anything to cast aspersions at Counselor Trachtenberg or his clients - we have far too much respect for them! If we have, however, inadvertently done so in any way we profusely apologize all over ourselves. Hope this clarifies the situation for you.

Clare L. Pieuk

Monday, June 12, 2006

But can you sing Campaign Willie?

Southwest Region Board of Director
MMF Provincial Board Member

Dear Blogmaster:

I've been travelling the province following the current election campaign. Although, of course, I have not visited every event I have seen enough to offer your readers my observations:

(1) Some have asked whyYvon Dumont does not announce his campaign schedule in advance? It happened last election and again now. David Chartrand organizers shadow Candidate Dumont's movements so the President and his entourage (including headquarters staff) can arrive at the same location shortly afterward

(2) If Team Chartrand knows where Mr. Dumont is in advance they schedule debates at locations far away from where the challenger is then try to make political hay by continually pointing to an empty chair and saying something like, "Look he's not here to discuss the issues!" That's what happened recently in Swan River

(3) Then you had a recent situation where Yvon Dumont was addressing a group of supporters at a restaurant in the Southwest Region and Provincial Board of Director Marilee Nault insisted on interrupting and being very disruptive to the point where she came close to being asked to leave. However, Ms Nault wisely departed before this happened

(4) There was a very interesting development at a pre-election event in Crane River. Will say more about it later

(5) Regarding last month's Candidates Forum sponsored by the Stonewall MMF Local, yes, Anders Bruun one of the lawyers who recently defended Yvon Dumont in the Metis National Council Secretariat's lawsuit was in attendance. At least a couple times David Chartrand acknowledged his presence on one occasion even saying he'd better watch what he said because Mr. Dumont's attorney was in the audience. You got that right David!

(6) The question has been raised whether David Chartrand accused Candidate Dumont of insulting one of his daughters? Yes he did and Yvon Dumont immediately and strongly denied the allegation. At the end of the meeting President Chartrand apologized to Mr. Dumont

(7) President Chartrand also apologized to David Charette for saying he'd fire any member of his staff who challenged an opponent running against him. Last month Mr. Charette formally questioned the validity of Mr. Chartrand's candidacy before Chief Electoral Officer Alvin Zivot

I'll be at some upcoming pre-election events in rural Manitoba so look for my next report.

"On The Road Again" With Campaign Willie
Dear Campaign Willie:

Thank you for taking the time to write CyberSmokeBlog. We really appreciated your report and look forward to others. But can you sing?