Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Badly needed election reform - please support the petiton!

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Hi Clare,

I say let the petion go ahead. The Metis National Council is a gong show in my opinion and it's time for theC-31s to stick there nose in there own pot. We don't need them on our voters lists.

Un Vyue Mechif Fiere Rene
Dear Rene,

Thank you for writing. Approximately four years ago when I was associated with I did a laborious line-by-line analysis of a 1994 partial "official" voters list for the MMF's Winnipeg Region - all 5,147 entries. The result? An error rate of almost 33%:

(1) Same name and address listed under multiple Locals
(2) Names and addresses but no Local
(3) Names and Locals but no addresses
(4) And my favourite - the same private residence with 12 people listed

Had no way of knowing who had C-31 status but it's fair to say some did which would have likely pushed the error rate to over 35%. Can you imagine if the federal or provincial governments held elections with such inaccurate voters lists?

Remember when Yvon Dumont supposedly lost the 2000 MMF Presidency by 20 votes. How many C-31s cast a ballot that year?

After evey general vote the Chief Electoral Officer is required to submit a written post mortem report to the MMF's Provincial Board of Directors. When Mr. Dumont challenged the results in court, these became public information once filed in the Court of Queen's Bench case management file. What they show was then CEO retired provincial judge Alvin Hamilton constantly commenting on the inaccuracy and unrealibility of voters lists while making recommendations for improving them. At one point he became so frustrated with the lack of prograss he threatened to resign. It's all there for the reading.

Those who have organized the petition were very wise indeed to include this issue which is why you should support their efforts.

Clare L. Pieuk

Happy now Clem Chartier-David Chartrand?


Ottawa (Ontario) - October 24, 2007 - The Métis National Council was unable to elect a national president at its General Assembly on October 13-14, 2007.

As a result, the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development cannot enter into any new funding arrangements with the Métis National Council until it is able to comply with the court order of electing a new national president.

However, in the meantime, the Department will continue to honour funding agreements that are near completion, and will work to finalize the reporting and accounting of these funding arrangements as soon as possible.

This is a difficult moment in the proud history of the Métis National Council. We urge the leadership to resolve these internal matters for the benefit of the broader Métis community.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sorry, couldn't agree with you less!

Martin F. Dunn has left a new comment on your post "Here it is - The Petition!"

I am truly saddend by your petition which leaves no room for disagreement. Where is the "democracy" in that? How is that any different than the oligarchy that the MNC has imposed on the broader Metis community?

More specifically you impose the following on those who might wish to participate in your petition:

(i) "Voters lists are accurate, complete and do not contain the names of individuals who have relinquished their Metis status by virtue of applying and receiving C-31 status from the Government of Canada." What then happens to the 30,000 registered Indian individuals who responded as having "Metis only" ancestry in the 2001 census?

How, without community discussion and broad input do you decide that the federal government, by virtue of its Indian Act definitions, gets to play a major role in who has and does not have what you call "Metis status" by virtue of who they accept as "Indian?"

Are we all not direct descendants of the pre-contact indigenous people of this continent? Why should we accept government imposed divisions on our common heritage? Whose interests does that serve?

It seems to me that your petition, right out of the gate, begins to repeat the horrendous manipulation imposed on the Metis movement by the MNC over the last two decades. It, in fact, surrenders the choice of Metis people themselves as to how this issue should be treated by governments whose policies are speciffcally designed to diminish all indigenous rights to the level of government funded interest groups.

As a Metis individual who has spent some 30 years in the struggle to have the reality of Metis indigenous and inherent human rights justly accommodated, I beg you to withdraw this peitition until it has the consideration and deliberation of a much larger Metis population than your time frame now permits. At the very least it should provide an opportunity to disagree with some or any of its stipulations.

With respect,
Martin F. Dunn
Dear Mr. Dunn:

Thank you for writing. Here are a few facts of which you may not be aware:

(1) In January, 2004 tried to launch an online/offline petition critical of the Manitoba Metis Federation's spending of taxpayers' money. The result - to date the MMF has paid a non-Metis attorney over $100,000 in public money (minimum $250/hour) to pursue a defamation lawsuit against in an attempt to pressure it to shut down. That's democracy?

(2) This site was approached by a group of Metis citizens asking if we'd post their petition. Since the Federation receives over 95% of its annual budget (approximately $25 million) from the federal government, ALL Canadians are eligible to vote. If anyone disagrees obviously they can abstain or start their own - isn't that the essence of democracy and good stewardship/accountability/governance for our hard earned taxpayer dollars?

(3) The petition organizers have imposed no time frame

Sorry, couldn't agree with you less!

Clare L. Pieuk

Saturday, October 27, 2007

He still doesn't get it!

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Why are there no other signs but the one in my town erected David? I thought everybody wanted one! Even St. Laurant does not have one. WHY? Just admit it your sign plot was a bad investment and your people are paying for it while availalble funding for ligitimate projects is lacking. We in St. Rita do not want your sign take it away!
Dear Anonymous:

Initially David Chartrand publicly said there'd be 130 planted across Manitoba. Then it was 70. Now it's down to one.

Ste. Rita, Manitoba citizens should vote for the petition - any Canadian taxpayer is eligible. Hopefully, this will result in more democratic leadership at the MMF.

Clare L. Pieuk

Oy vey - "Poor" Murray!

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This is a travesty! How will Murray Trachtenberg get paid for his long hours of work legally harassing and bothering Yvon Dumont on behalf of his clients? This totally sucks it's always the innocent who suffer.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you fo writing. What goes around comes around to bite you in the worst possible place at the worst possible time.

The Metis National Council Secretariat, Metis National Council and their then President Clem Chartrand launched what could best be described as an ill-advised, ill-conceived beyond asinine very expensive taxpayer funded lawsuit against Canada's first Metis Lieutenant Governor The Honourable W. Yvon Dumont. Well guess what? Surprise they lost!

But it just gets better. Counselor Murray Norman ("The Happy Litigator!") Trachtenberg who represented the plaintiffs at trial then decided to challenge the ruling. Now he'll have to go before a three judge Manitoba Court of Appeal Panel - we can almost hear him now:

Your Honours:

The appellants' request an indefinite delay "forthwith" because the MNC is so dysfunctional these days there's no one who can give me directions. How can I possibly proceed?

From where will the taxpayer dollars come to pay my considerable legal fees now that Chuck Strahl, Minister responsible for Indian Affairs and Northern Development Canada announced recently he's cutting off all the Metis National Council's future funding until such time as it gets its you know what together.

Murray Norman "The Happy Litigator" Trachtenberg

After the judges stop laughing they'll love hearing that - Mr. Dumont has nothing to worry about.

Clare L. Pieuk

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Is the Manitoba Metis Federation next?

Ottawa Cuts Off Funding Talks With Metis Council
(CP) Thursday, October 25, 2007

OTTAWA—The Métis National Council’s future is in doubt after the federal government cut off new funding talks amid a nasty leadership dispute.

Indian Affairs minister Chuck Strahl said yesterday his department “cannot enter into any new funding arrangements” with the Council “until it is able to comply with the court order of electing a new national president.”

Ottawa, in the meantime, will honour existing funding deals, Strahl said in a statement. These include a $10-million program to train Métis health workers through to 2010.

"This is a difficult moment in the proud history of the Métis National Council,” Strahl said. “We urge the leadership to resolve these internal matters for the benefit of the broader Metis community.

The Council says there are 350,000-400,000 Métis in Canada.

An assembly earlier this month to choose a new president unravelled when the voting eligibility of delegates from Alberta was challenged by participants from Manitoba leaving the Council without an elected leader.

The long-running dispute involves a maze of finger-pointing and procedural wrangling.

Tensions had been simmering since July when four of the five regional leaders who comprise the Métis Board of Governors from Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan banded together to oust national president Clement Chartier.

At issue was the extension of Chartier’s three-year term just as it was expiring in October, 2006.

The move was made to stabilize the Council amid allegations of Métis electoral impropriety in Saskatchewan that have seen three people convicted so far. Once related concerns about Saskatchewan’s representation were settled, the national Board of Governors held the now infamous July meeting.

Its first order of business: a motion to terminate Chartier’s leadership which his political foes say was never properly extended.

Only David Chartrand, Manitoba Métis Federation leader, challenged what he described as a pre-planned coup.

He and Chartier went to court, arguing that the Board of Governors overstepped its authority in naming an interim president something they say only the Métis assembly of 55 elected delegates can do.

Both sides claim to be defending basic democratic principles.

Some insiders say the embarrassing situation has more to do with ego clashes and the desire for more regional control over multi-million-dollar programs.

An Ontario Superior Court order placed the day-to-day operations of the Métis National Council under the direction of chief administrative officer Dale LeClair, who also oversaw the failed general assembly.

The situation is now dire, he says.

“Without a functioning, working Board of Governors, we . . . don’t have a working mandate,” LeClair said in an interview.“

"I’m going to have to make the decision at what point in time do we get down to a skeleton crew and lay off workers.”

LeClair said more than $2.4 million in future operational and program funds are immediately at stake, but existing funding deals will be honoured by Ottawa.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Petition update!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Just received an e-mail from CTPOC advising within days it will be releasing a petition calling for greater financial accountability, public disclosure and organizational transparency by the taxpayer funded Manitoba Metis Federation. We have been asked to post the following information:

(1) You will be able to vote online by simply contacting and providing the information requested in the petition which appears on this site

(2) To collect signatures, contact and a Microsoft Word table will be sent (electronically) which you'll then be able to download, print and use. Please mail completed data sheets to:

The Canadian Taxpayers' Petition Organizing Committee
Post Office Box 63
Inwood, Manitoba
R0C 1P0

(3) ALL CANADIAN TAXPAYERS will be eligible to vote regardless of where they live

(4) Your information is STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL! It will be given only to the federal and provincial politicians listed on the petition

(5) The Committee would like to thank those who have started e-mailing messages of support - they are greatly appreciated!

So Canadian taxpayers, it's now up to you. Let's bring democratic leadership to the Manitoba Metis Federation. Please register your vote!

Clare L. Pieuk

Monday, October 22, 2007

Won't be long Ste. Rita residents!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "!"

Hey There,

We in St Rita, Manitoba are just waiting for the chance to cast our numerous votes. Word around here is the new sign "same wording" is going up next month. They are at the same time putting up two flags - have the cement poured already. It will be interesting to see the outcome. Just give us the word and we will deliver you the votes.

Yours truly,
Dear P O'd:

Thank you for writing. Some organizations never learn then there's the current MMF leadership.

We have been advised by the Petition Committee it has had a lawyer review it to ensure none of the wording is even remotely litigious so the Federation cannot attempt to sue those involved to block its distribution. Apparently the PC is also considering a Press/News Release to announce the official launch.

Why not e-mail your expressions of support to The Committee will need volunteers to collect votes offline (door-to-door). The online portion of the petition can be done electronically.

And remember, since the Manitoba Metis Federation receives over 95% of its funding from the federal government any taxpaying Canadian is eligible to vote.

Clare L. Pieuk

Thursday, October 18, 2007

CTPOC Post Office Box 63 Inwood, Manitoba - R0C 1P0!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Sounds like these people at The Canadian Taxpayers' Petition Organizing Committee are serious. Received an e-mail ( advising they have now established a Post Office Box to receive offline hardcopy lists of registered voters. It's:

Post Office Box 63
Inwood, Manitoba
R0C 1P0

Can the petition be far behind?

Clare L. Pieuk

Well over $100,000 public dollars!

Lippy has left a new comment on your post, "Lippy's back!"

Man! It just goes on and on and on ..... zzzzzzzzzzzz.
Hi Lippy,

Love your pseudonym. Isn't it truly amazing? Can you imagine how much that translates into as Manitoba Metis Federation taxpayer funded legal fees! For what?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Very interesting indeed!

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Hey Clare,

Here's the link to the Vice President of the Metis Nation of Alberta and Metis Matters you might be interested in .....
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you very much for the link. Hopefully, many of our readers will check it out.

Lippy's back!

Hi Clare,

I'm sure you are already aware of this link but just in case you're not check it out and type Manitoba Metis Federation in the Name Search box. I wonder how many thousands of dollars have been wasted to date?

Hi Lippy,

Nice to hear from you again it's been a long time.

Yes, we're indeed familiar with Manitoba Justice's website. If you know the name(s) of parties in a lawsuit, or better yet the case file number, enter the information and you'll get a listing of all court documents filed by whom plus the dates. However, to read the contents you must visit the Provincial Law Courts Building (Winnipeg), pay a $5 fee and you'll be given the dossier. There's even a photocopying machine should you'd wish to make copies.
The one exception (rare) is when a Judge/Justice for whatever reason(s) decides to seal a file or certain documents it contains.

The media uses this approach all the time to find out what's happing with high profile lawsuits. The sworn affidavits entered into the record by plaintiff(s) and defendant(s) are there for the reading. Some of the information in divorce cases, for example, can be nothing short of phenomenal. Because it's in the public domain, anything obtained this way can be quoted verbatim in the mainstream media or posted on the internet.

And yes, the MMF has spent thousands and thousands and thousands of our taxpayers' hard earned money pursuing frivolous litigation. It's scary!

Clare L. Pieuk

P.S. Now that you're getting good at this, here's your homework for tonight Lippy. Enter CI05-01-41955 in the File Number Search box and report back what you find.

More MNC!

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A little background for you. Metis Matters is an Alberta publication ran by none other than the Trevor Gladue quoted in the story above which is taken right from the MMF webpage (under press releases). Here is what the Metis Nation of Ontario had to say about "The Gong Show!”
Metis Nation of Ontario Deplores Events Leading To Failure To Elect A National President And Return To The Courts


OTTAWA (October 16, 2007) - The Métis National Council’s (MNC) General Assembly ended on Sunday, October 14, 2007 without electing a National President and the fate of the MNC now referred back to the courts. Métis Nation of Ontario President, Tony Belcourt called the situation deplorable and avoidable.

“The Executive of the Métis Nation of Ontario worked tirelessly to ensure that we could hold a fair and democratic election for President of the Métis National Council at our Assembly last weekend,” Mr. Belcourt said. “We were on the verge of finally being able to hold a vote to determine the final list of voting delegates, but our meeting was ended so that this decision would be referred back to the courts. We were shocked and dismayed at this decision because if we had taken a critical vote on the motion on the floor at the time, we would have fulfilled our responsibilities to name a National President and we would be in the position of being able to get on with business. We are concerned at the very future of the Métis National Council itself.” The court ordered on September 17, 2007, that the MNC hold a General Assembly in Ottawa to elect a President. The Court ordered that: no person act as President until the elections, to be held Oct. 13th and 14th; that there be no meetings of the Board of Governors; and that MNC Chief Administrative Officer, Dale LeClair, run the day-to-day operations of the MNC until the holding of the election. The Court further ordered that Mr. LeClair would act as Chair of the General Assembly until the election of a President. The order is in effect until the person elected as President takes office.

Following a day and a half of debate over an issue concerning voting delegates, the Chair declared the meeting adjourned and that he was referring the question of delegate status to the Courts. On Saturday, October 13, 2007, the President of the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF), David Chartrand, tabled a motion to remove and replace the names of an entire delegation of a Governing Member of the MNC. This is the first time in MNC history that a Governing members’ voting credentials have been challenged. The question of who could vote on this motion became a hotly contested issue.

The Chair initially ruled at the close of business on Saturday (October 13, 2007) that none of the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) delegates named in the motion, could vote on the motion. Métis Nation of Ontario President, Tony Belcourt, challenged the decision on the basis that it violated the court order that specified that Alberta, as a founding member of the MNC would have 15 voting delegates and that it violated the MNC By-Laws which state, “At all meetings of members, each member shall be represented by the President”. The Chair closed the meeting shortly thereafter without a decision on his challenge taking place. The Chair asked for written opinions on his ruling and stated that he would reflect on the day’s events and announce his position when the meeting resumed on the next morning.

At the resumption of business Sunday (October 14, 2007), the Chair reversed his earlier decision and declared that seven of the 15 MNA delegates named at roll call could vote on the MMF motion because the MMF motion both sought to remove and then replace these very same seven people. The ruling was because the credentials of those seven delegates were not an issue. Mr. Chartrand immediately objected to this ruling and sought an adjournment so that he could caucus with his delegates and seek legal advice. Following the return to the meeting, further discussion took place and members of all delegations except those of Manitoba loudly called for question on the MMF motion. Rather than putting the motion to a vote the Chair then announced that he was referring the matter back to the Court. Without the presence of the court-appointed Chair, the meeting ended in complete disarray. The delegations from the MNA, the Métis Nation of British Columbia (MNBC) and the Métis Nation of Ontario remained in the Assembly room for further discussion. They were then re-joined by the President of the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan and other members of the MNS delegation for the closing discussion. The representatives of these four of the five governing members of the MNC then spoke of their commitment to work cooperatively on matters of mutual national concern in spite of the apparent impasse within the Métis National Council.

“We are very concerned that the future of the Métis National Council is now uncertain,” said Belcourt. “It is not clear at this time how the courts will deal with this matter. The Board of Governors, by Court Order, cannot meet. We are very concerned with the future livelihood of the staff and the financial commitments the MNC has made to its creditors. The MNO remains committed to the Métis National Council and its future well-being. We deeply regret, however, that circumstances are such that for the time being, we are powerless to act.”

For further information: please see the MNO website at or contact:

Chelsey Quirk
Communications Assistan
Telephone: (613) 798-1488 Ext. 104
Cellular: (613) 299-6085
Tony Belcourt

Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for the heads up. We checked a few issues online of Metis Matters but could find no mention (unless we missed it) of who the owner, publisher and editor are - normally publications contain this information. We did learn, however, Trevor Gladue is Vice-President of the Metis Nation of Alberta.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A special public service announcement - The Gong Show!

Chuck Barris

The Gong Show was a television variety show spoof broadcast on NBC's daytime schedule from June 14, 1976 through July 21, 1978 and in first-run syndication in the U.S. from 1976 to 1980. The NBC incarnation and the later years of the syndicated version were emceed by Chuck Barris who also produced them. Gary Owens hosted the first syndicated season.

Show Format

Each show presented a contest between amateur performers of often dubious talent, with a panel of three celebrity judges. The program's frequent judges included Jaye P. Morgan, Arte Johnson, Rip Taylor, Jamie Farr and Anson Williams. Rex Reed was notorious for being the harshest critic often giving acts a 9 when they received 10s from the other judges. If any one of the judges considered an act to be particularly bad, they could strike a large gong thus forcing the performer to stop. Most of the performers took the gong with sheepish good grace, but there were exceptions.

Originally, panelists had to wait 20 seconds before they could gong an act (later extended to 30 and finally 45). Knowing this, some savvy contestants deliberately stopped performing just before the 45 second rule kicked in but Barris would overrule this gambit and disqualify them. On other occasions, an act would be gonged before its minimum time was up but Barris would overrule the gong, and the hapless act would be obliged to continue with the full knowledge their fate was already sealed.

When an act was on the verge of being gonged, the laughter and anticipation built as the judges patiently waited to deliver the coup de grace. They would stand up slowly and heft their mallets deliberately like baseball players in the on-deck circle letting everyone (including the contestants) know what was coming.

Sometimes, pantomimed disputes would erupt between judges, as one celebrity would attempt to physically obstruct another from gonging the act. The camera would cut back and forth between the performers onstage and the mock struggle over their fate.

If the act survived without being gonged it was given a score by each of the three judges on a scale of 1-10 for a maximum score of 30. On the NBC run, the contestant with the highest combined score won the grand prize of $516.32 (reportedly the Screen Actors Guild's minimum pay for a day's work) and a "Golden Gong" trophy. On the subsequent syndicated run, the prize was $712.05. In the event of a tie, three different tiebreakers were used at various times during the show's run. At first, the studio audience decided the winner by their applause. Later, the producers chose the winner - later still, the celebrities picked the winner. When Barris announced the final score, a dwarf in formal wear (former Munchkin Jerry Maren) would run onstage throwing confetti while balloons dropped from overhead.

On one memorable occasion, all the acts were so bad that everybody had been gonged. When the time came to announce the winner the curtains opened on an empty stage - but Barris still made his usual triumphant curtain speech, exulting, "We just saved $516.32!"

Originally, the show was advertised as having each day's winning contestants come back after a few weeks (this is also mentioned in the pilot episode) to compete in a "tournament of champions" with the winner being given the chance to appear in an unspecified nightclub act. However, only one of these tournaments was ever held. The winners on the NBC version became eligible to appear on the syndicated version for a chance to earn that show's prize.


What happened at the Gong Show!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "It's the Gong Show!"


MMF Disappointed that MNA President’s Actions Made Election Impossible
Métis Matters

WINNIPEG - The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) is very disappointed that a fair and democratic Presidential election was not able to take place this past weekend at the Metis National Council (MNC) General Assembly. Despite the obstruction and frustration of the democratic process by Metis Nation of Alberta (MNA) President Audrey Poitras, we have continued confidence in MNC Chief Administrative Officer and Assembly Chair Mr. Dale LeClair and his ability to implement an Ontario Court Order to have an MNC Presidential Election following the MNC Bylaws."

It is truly unfortunate that the Duly-elected delegates attending were not able to cast their votes on behalf of their constituents," saidMMF President David Chartrand. "It is a sad time for Metis democracy when one or more Presidents of the MNC Governing Members feel they do not have to abide by the Court Order, the Bylaws, or any rules, and can act arbitrarily and without constraint."

Appointed by the Court to manage the MNC Presidential Election, Mr. LeClair had requested the Governing Member's Delegate Lists be submitted no later than September 26, 2007. The MMF Delegate List of provincially elected representatives was submitted on time as requested. MNA President Poitras did not submit the MNA Delegate List until just prior to the MNC General Assembly thereby preventing scrutiny to ensure it was legitimate. The MNA Delegate List did not meet the requirements set out by previous resolution of the MNA Provincial Council, the MNC Bylaws, or the Court Order setting out the conditions for the MNC Presidential Election. Because of the last minute provision of the List there was no time to challenge it before the MNC General Assembly and no time to have the court rule on this matter.

Meeting the MNC Bylaws, a previous MNA May 28th 2001 resolution made itclear that the MNA's 15 voting delegates from Alberta for an MNC Annual General Assembly will consist of the 14 Provincial Council Members plus one. This resolution has never been rescinded and has been confirmed by practice at subsequent Assemblies. The arbitrary appointment of the delegates by the MNA President is improper.

MNA President Audrey Poitras ignored the MNA Provincial Council, theMNC Bylaws, and the Court Order, and did not bring a properly constituted delegation to the MNC Assembly. She abandoned the democratic process and refused to allow the majority of the MNA Provincial Council from taking their rightful seats as Delegates at the MNC Assembly. She replaced the legitimate Delegates with appointees of her own choosing."

A letter submitted to the Assembly Chair indicated that MNA VicePresident Trevor Gladue and the majority of the MNA Provincial Council will be going to the Court this week," explained President Chartrand. "I understand they have been left with no choice because MNA President Poitras has refused to meet with her Provincial Council to resolve this very serious issue of delegate representation that has now effected the whole of the Metis Nation."

After nearly two days of debate concerning the MNA Delegate selection, the MNC Assembly was adjourned. The need to adjourn the Assembly without a Presidential Election would have been avoided if the MNA Delegate List had been submitted on time as requested. No valid reason for not submitting the List on a timely basis has ever been offered. No valid reason for excluding the majority of the MNA Provincial Council has ever been offered.

"Despite the setback of not electing an MNC President this past weekendwe are confident our Chief Administrative Officer will continue toensure MNC operations and service delivery will continue smoothly," said President Chartrand. "We are pleased the Provincial elected Delegates from across our Metis Nation Homeland took a firm stand to protect our democracy, our institutions, and our government."

For More Information Contact:
Nicole LeClair
Director of Communications
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you so very much for the update. Metis Matters is a publication out of Sherwood Park, Alberta.

What a mess! Perhaps the MMF should file another taxpayer funded lawsuit - OY VEY!

Clare L. Pieuk

It's the Gong Show!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "And the winner was .....?"

No president. Word is it was a complete Gong Show. APTN did a story on the election and you can view the video of the whole affair.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for your reply. We've sent an e-mail to APTN's News Department requesting an update. In the meantime, perhaps the Metis National Council Secretariat, MNC, Clem Chartier, the MMF and David Chartrand should consider suing someone at taxpayer expense for ..... whatever.

Clare L. Pieuk

Monday, October 15, 2007

And the winner was .....?

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

As many of you are aware, the Metis National Council recently held its Annual General Assembly (Ottawa - October 13-14, 2007) to, among other business, elect a President. Anyone know who won?

Clare L. Pieuk

We found Paula but lost Judith!

Hi Judith,
Could you send your e-mail address. The one we've been using keeps bouncing back. Have we got a job for you!
Best Wishes,

Friday, October 12, 2007!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Recently we received an anonymous e-mail from The Canadian Taxpayers' Petition Organizing Committee. Apparently, it will be publicly releasing the document online shortly. In the meantime, CTPOC has established an internet address - - where you'll soon be able to register your vote.

Why not e-mail The Committee with your messges of support?

Clare L. Pieuk

P.S. Are you listening citizens of Ste. Rita, Manitoba?

Distribution List:

John Williamson
Federal Director (Ottawa)

Adrienne Batra
Manitoba Provincial Director (Winnipeg)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We found Paula - welcome back!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "Careful what you ask!"

Paula where are you? I understood that The Verdict was to start again at the end of September or beginning of October. It was my vote for one of the best shows on TV.
Dear Anonymous:

We too were mystified when The Verdict hosted by lawyer Paula Todd suddenly disappeared last summer from CTV's national network with no on air announcement or internet comment. So we contacted CTVglobemedia ( and received following reply:

"The Verdict is on hiatus and will return October 15, 2007."

We have no idea why the program temporarily left the air.

Ms Tood is a very interesting person. After studying literature and political science at York University's Faculty of Arts she went on to earn a second degree (LL.B.) from the school's widely acclaimed Osgoode Hall. We've corresponded with her in the past and even received a direct reply so she's aware CyberSmokeBlog exists.

Her e-mail address (unless it has changed in the interim) is We'll send a copy of this posting to let her know we're happy she's returning.

Clare L. Pieuk

Distribution List

Friday, October 05, 2007

Coming shortly .....


The Taxpayers' Petition Organizing Committee

All in the family!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "Your next MNC President?"

How is it that Bernie Shore is their accountant seems pretty fishy to me!
Dear Anonymous:

Like lawyer Murray Trachtenberg, Bernie Shore does double duty as lead accountant for the Manitoba Metis Federation while simultaneously doing work for the MNC. This situation probably resulted from the past influence within the MNC of former Metis National Council President Clement Chartier and MMF President David Chartrand.

However, since Clem Chartier was removed not long ago while David Chartrand's influence within the Metis National Council has obviously been severely curtailed recently, and a new presidential election called (October 13-14, 2007 General Assembly), look for these cozy relationships to change especially if Yvon Dumont runs and becomes your next President.

Clare L. Pieuk

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Your next MNC President?

The Honourable W. Yvon Dumont, O.M.
(Term of Office: 05 March 1993 - 02 March 1999)

  • Born: St. Laurent, Manitoba, 21 January 1951
  • First became active in Manitoba Metis Federation 1967 as Secretary Treasurer of St. Laurent Local and 1972 Director of Interlake Region
  • Executive Vice-President of Manitoba Metis Federation 1973 and President 1984-93
  • A founding Vice-President of Native Council of Canada 1972-73 and President of Metis National Council 1988-93
  • Member of Municipal Council, Rural Municipality of St. Laurent
  • Member of Board of Governors, University of Manitoba
  • Active in several small businesses and served on national division of Aboriginal Economic Development Board
  • Vice Prior and Knight of Justice of Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem
  • Received Manitoba Metis Federation Award 1993 for dedicated service to Metis people of Canada and National Aboriginal Achievement Award 1996 for public service
  • Awarded Honourary Doctor of Laws degree from University of Manitoba 1996
  • Appointed to Order of Manitoba 2001

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

The upcoming Metis National Council General Assembly (October 13-14, 2007) which will elect a new President should be fascinating:

(1) Incumbent President Clement Chartier's term expired. Four of five Board Directors passed a Motion to remove him

(2) Only Manitoba Metis Federation President and MNC Director David Chartrand supported Mr. Chartier's bid to remain in power. Both subsequently challenged the majority ruling in court

(3) Justice Cosgrove of Ontario's Superior Court ruled (September 17, 2007) MNC Chief Administrative Officer Dale LeClair be given de facto day-to-day responsibility for running the Council until an election is held

(4) Here's where it gets interesting. Like you we too have heard the rumours circulating Canada and Manitoba's first Metis Lieutenant Governor The Honourable W. Yvon Dumont may be running for President. This is the same gentleman the Metis National Council, Metis National Council Secretariat Inc. and Clem Chartier unsuccessfully tried to sue ($47,000 plus court costs) last year for allegedly not preforming his duties as an MNC Goodwill Ambassador

In a decision handed down in July, 2006 Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Justice John Menzies ruled in favour of Mr. Dumont. However, earlier this year our "learned friend" Murray Norman Trachtenberg, who unsuccessfully represented the Plaintiffs, filed a Notice of Appeal. If this further taxpayers' waste of money goes ahead, we believe the Dumont decision will be upheld. Talk about poetic justice!

We certainly hope Mr. Dumont decides to run - CyberSmokeBlog endorses his candidacy.

Below is Justice Cosgrove's written ruling, as well as, a Draft Agenda for the MNC's upcoming General Assembly. Should be fascinating - too bad the television cameras couldn't be there!


Clare L. Pieuk


Court File No. 07-CV-39063


Monday, The 17th Day Of September 007



Plaintiffs/Moving Parties





Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Barristers and Solicitors

1100 - 100 Queen Street Ottawa ON K1P1J9

J. Bruce Carr-Harris

Isabella Mentina

(613) 237-5160 Telephone

(613) 230-8842 Facsimile

Counsel for The Maniotba Metis Federation Inc. and Clement Chartier

THIS MOTION made by the Plaintiffs/Moving Parties for interm Orders and other relief set out in the Plaintiffs/Moving Parties Case Management Motion Form dated August 21, 2007, was heard this day at 161 Elgin Street, Ottawa, Ontario.

UPON READING the material filed on the motion and on hearing the submissions of Counsel for the Plaintiffs/Moving Parties and Counsel for the Defendants/Respondents the Metis National Council ("MNC"), the Metis National Council Secretariat Inc. ("MNCSI"), Audrey Poitras, Bruce Dumont, Tony Belcourt and Robert Doucette, and on consent of all parties:

1. THIS COURT ORDERS that a meeting of the General Assembly of the Metis National Council Secretariat Inc. be held in Ottawa, Ontario on October 13-14, 2007, for the purpose of electing a President of the MNC (the "General Assembly").

2. THIS COURT FURTHER ORDERS that the items on the Agenda of the General Assembly shall be only those items appearing on Schedule "A" attached hereto, except either the President-elect or Dale LeClair giving the Update on the Metis National Council and the Plaintiffs and Defendants shall each select a co-Chair for the General Assembly, and only such incidental business as may be associated therewith.

3. THIS COURT FURTHER ORDERS that notice of the General Assembly, and the General Assembly itself, be held in accordance with the provisions of the By-Laws of the MNC, save and except as may be expressly modified herein, and, in particular, save and except that the Chief Administrative Officer of the MNC, Dale LeClair ("LeClair"), shall Chair the General Assembly and perform any functions as required of a Chair by the By-Laws for the porpose of that General Assembly until a new President is elected, at which time the President Elect will be the Chair.

4. THIS COURT FURTHER ORDERS that the number of voting delegates from each provincial delegation representing the Members of the MNC at the General Assembly shall be 15 elected provincial voting delegates in the case of each of the Founding Members of the MNC and 5 elected provincial voting delegates from each of the other Members of the MNC in accordance with the By-Laws.

5. THIS COURT ORDERS AND DECLARES, as the Parties do not agree on the current status of the Presidency, no one shall perform the role and Office of the President of the MNC and there shall be no meeting of, or business of the MNC conducted by, the Board of Governors or the Cabinet of the MNC until the new President of the MNC has been elected at the General Assembly.

6. THIS COURT FURTHER ORDERS AND DECLARES that LeClair shall run the day-to-day affairs of the MNC, and that he is only to conduct the day-to-day operations of the MNC under the powers granted by this Order only as the need arises. If LeClair requires the advice of any member of the Board of Governors or Cabinet of the MNC for this limited purpose, the request for advice and the response shall be in writing and shall be immediately provided to each of the parties to this proceeding.

7. THIS COURT FURTHER DECLARES that this Order is for the purpose of effecting a remedy that has arisen as a result of certain temporary exigencies, and nothing in this Order shall be construed as amending the By-Laws of the MNC, amending the contract of any empolyee, agent, officer or governor of the MNC, or reflecting the past or proper practices of the MNC.

8. THIS COURT FURTHER DECLARES that the President of the MNC elected at the General Assembly shall hold office in accordance with the BY-Laws of the MNC thereafter. The provisions of this Order expire upon the newly elected President of the MNC taking office at or forthwith after the General Assembly.

9. THIS COURT FURTHER ORDERS that the granting of this Order is without prejudice to the rights of all parties in this proceeding to claim costs of this proceeding and this motion and other relief as may be appropriate at a later date.

P. Cosgrove


Schedule "A"


OCTOBER 13th & 14th 2007



5:00 p.m. Registration Begins

7:30 p.m. Reception


9:00 a.m. Welcoming Comments from Chair

  • Dale LeClair, MNC Chief Administrative Officer

9:15 a.m. Roll Call of Assembly Delegates

  • Approval of Agenda
  • Appointment of Elections Committee and Resolutions Committee

9:45 Update on Metis Nation Council

  • Bruce Dumont

10:15 a.m. Health Break

10:30 a.m. Review and Approval of Minutes from Last General Assembly

10:45 a.m. Finance and Administration Report and Appointment of Auditor

  • Dale LeClair, MNC Chief Administrative Officer
  • Bernie Shore, Auditor

11:15 a.m. Overview of Elections Process and Voting

  • Nomination of Candidates
  • Candidates Speeches (Maximum 15 minutes for Each Canadidate)

12:00 p.m. Voting Over Lunch

1:30 p.m. Announcement of Election Results and Acceptance Speech by Metis National Council President Elect

2:00 p.m. Updates from Governing Members

  • Metis Nation of Ontario
  • Manitoba Metis Federation
  • Metis Nation - Saskatchewan
  • Metis Nation of Alberta
  • Metis Nation British Columbia

3:00 p.m. Health Break

3:15 p.m. Presentation by Metis National Youth Advisory Council

  • Presentation by Women of the Metis Nation

4:00 p.m. Meeting Adjourns

6:00 p.m. Redeption and Banquet


9:00 a.m. Workshop on Relationship with Federal Government, Powley Implementation and Update on Metis Litigation

9:30 a.m. Questions, Discussion and Developing Strategies

10:00 a.m. Appointment of auditor

10:15 Health Break

10:30 Resolutions

11:30 Closing Comment from National President

11:45 a.m. Meeting Adjourns and Closing Prayer