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That nauseating little automatically generated bilingual response!

Dear Constituent,

Thank you for taking the time to contact me. I value constituent feedback as it helps me to better represent Winnipeg South. My staff and I read every email to ensure we are aware of constituent concerns. We work to answer specific questions as quickly as possible. If you need assistance with an issue of federal jurisdiction or have a question related to government affairs, please call my office at 984-6787. We are here to help!

Rod Bruinooge, MP


Je vous remercie d'avoir pris le temps de communiquer avec moi. Mon personnel et moi-même lisons tous les courriels que nous recevons afin de nous assurer de bien comprendre les préoccupations de la population. Nous essayons de répondre le plus rapidement possible aux questions qui nous sont soumises. Si vous avez besoin d'assistance à lâ019égard d'une question relevant de la compétence du gouvernement fédéral, nâ019hésitez pas à appeler mon bureau au 984-6787. Nous sommes là pour vous aider!

Rod Bruinooge,
Depute de Winnipeg-Sud

Now get off that skinny little ass and do something!

The Honourable Rodney Bruinooge
Member of Parliament
Winnipeg South
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

Consistency Office
2855 Pembina Highway, Unit 27
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2H5

Dear Honourable Minister:
We'd like to be among the first blogs to congratulate you on your recent weight loss. Hopefully, you'll share your dieting regimen with good friend David Chartrand.
With your new found energy we'd like to recommend you investigate the vast expenditure of Canadian tax-dollars by Corporate Team TRACHTENBERG - chartrand to sue private citizens in the defamation lawsuit against CyberSmokeSignals. The Court of Queen's file number is CI 05-01-41955.
Clare L. Pieuk
P. S. Please don't send us another one of those little nasuseating automatically generated responses telling us how much you value our input which you never follow up!
Eat native diet – drop 60 lbs.
Bruinooge shows the way to inspire Manitobans
By PAUL TURENNE, Winnipeg Sun
May 25, 2010

It’s not exactly revolutionary nutritional science, but a Winnipeg MP is hoping his personal success with dieting can inspire Manitobans and help reduce the province’s growing problem with diabetes.

Rod Bruinooge, MP for Winnipeg South, has lost about 60 pounds since making a New Year’s Resolution to eat a diet more in tune with what aboriginals ate prior to their introduction to refined sugars and other modern bulge-inducers.

Bruinooge said he weighed 223 pounds in late December — his highest weight ever — and now hovers between 160 and 165.

“My goal was just to get healthy, but I didn’t know what healthy would look like,” the Conservative MP said, noting he didn’t have a goal in mind. “I haven’t been this weight since Grade 11. I feel great. It’s allowed me to play longer and have more fun with my kids.”

Growing up in Thompson, Bruinooge said he saw how drinking pop and eating sugary foods like desserts and some breakfast cereals led to obesity and diabetes — a disease he said is three times more prevalent among aboriginals than in Canada’s general population.

So he decided to switch to what he calls a more aboriginal diet that includes proteins like bison and fish, as well as plenty of vegetables. Primarily, though, the former pop fiend and self-proclaimed “sweet tooth” avoided refined sugar.

“Aboriginal communities really only had sugar introduced in the past 50 or 100 years,” he said, adding fast foods and other processed fatty treats are also to blame. “Instead of having fried chicken, if more of us ate pickerel or bison, aboriginal people would be better served.

“I don’t have to be a doctor to say that.”

Bruinooge will bring his message to Winnipeg next Monday, when he speaks at the national conference of the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology, which takes place at the Fairmont Hotel.

“I’m not trying to be preachy. This is just my experience. If it helps someone avoid diabetes or live better in the community, then great.”

"Tabarnouche! - Les maudits couches-Metis?"

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "A huge pot of taxpayer dollars!"

Gary Thomas wrote an interesting piece but he really shouldn't advocate for Rod Bruinooge, Shelly Glover and Vic Toews to fix the ills of the MMF and of government laissez-faire. These MP's are too well-schooled to not know that if they made waves, David Chartrand would turn things around to make them appear anti-Metis. What MP's or MLA's do you see talking against the Aboriginal right to self-government?

In reality, is it not for the grassroots Metis people to take a stand? And where are they? You read what David Charette had to say. Grassroots are scared to get their privileges taken away to take a stand. You remember what Fortunat used to say before he pulled the drapes on his site?

I hate to say it, but we are in an era of very low Metis political will amongst the people. We're in the era of the Couch-Metis and happy with the status quo. It's like - OK - if the Federation will get me a harvester card, or if so and so will go to court for more hunting rights, great, I'll sit here and watch and take advantage of what they do for me. But I'm not going to go public to say anything that might embarass me.

No one, except for you Clare, and you're not even Metis, is willing to stick their little neck out and take a stand against what is not right.

Oilfield Metis
Dear Oilfield:
Thank you for writing. Perhaps Abraham Lincoln said it best, "In the end people get the kind of government they deserve."
If Manitoba's Metis are going to be apathetic and disengaged then they should not complain when they get leadership and an organization that's fourth rate which is what they currently have with Corporate Team TRACHTNEBERG - chartrand a couple of bullies running the show. The problem with bullies is if you allow them they'll keep trying to push you into a corner - eventually you could find yourself standing on a piece of land the size of a postage stamp.
But who's the biggest loser? We'd argue the Metis people because they're the ones not getting the kind of governance and services they deserve. And a final point while still on the subject - don't expect the government to do it for you.
Lawyer Jeff Niederhoffer and our current attoney Anders Bruun are a couple excellent examples of non-Aboriginals who have no fear of David Chartrand and his mouthpiece Murray Trachtenberg. But there are also Metis who are not afraid to speak out - sadly too few.
Clare L. Pieuk

A huge pot of taxpayer dollars!

Gary Thomas has left a new comment on your post, "Vic Populi's back everybody!"

David Chartrand understands public relations/propaganda as well as anyone. And he has a huge pot of taxpayer money to make sure he gets good Press. He (6 words deleted) and the others ... well ... their proposals just were not good enough. The government goes along because for $27,000,000 David Chartrand is not organizing rallies against them and generating bad Press. It's not the government's money either and they get political peace for the money they allocate to the MMF.

Between the government and the MMF no one cares what is done with the money so long as we have the appearance of peace and order. Rod Bruinooge, Shelly Glover,Vic Toews, where are you? The average Metis citizen is losing out. Your help is needed. And if you don't act here, you have no moral right to complain about waste of tax-dollars ever again in your political career.
Dear Mr. Thomas:

Thank you for writing your points are well taken. Sorry but we thought it better to delete a few words. Corporate Team TRACHTENBERG - chartrand are notorious pathological litigators.

Ever notice how politicians loath to get involved until a situation becomes a scandal and they risk losing votes. Case in point - the Sagkeeng First Nations Virginia Fontaine Addictions Founation of a few years ago. It wasn't until the Globe and Mail ran a front page story detailing how a Health Canada Assistant Deputy Minister and workers from the Foundation had been spotted on a Caribbean that the federal government finally intervened.

Perhaps the situation is made worse by the federal/provincial governments not wishing to be seen as interferring in the governance of Aboriginal organizations.

Clare L. Pieuk

David Chartrand's lawyer Murray Trachtenberg creating the world's largest defamation lawsuit!


This page was sent to you by: Anonymous

Message from sender: You might find much to agree with in this article.
U.S. June 1, 2010
When Online Grievances Are Met With a Lawsuit
Lawyers say that a growing number of businesses are suing individuals for posting critical comments online.

When Online Grievances Are Met With a Lawsuit
Justin Kurtz with his car, which was towed from his apartment complex parking lot near Western Michigan University.
Published: May 31, 2010

After a towing company hauled Justin Kurtz’s car from his apartment complex parking lot, despite his permit to park there, Mr. Kurtz, 21, a college student in Kalamazoo, Michigan went to the Internet for revenge.

Outraged at having to pay $118 to get his car back, Mr. Kurtz created a Facebook page called “Kalamazoo Residents against T&J Towing.” Within two days, 800 people had joined the group, some posting comments about their own maddening experiences with the towing company.

T&J filed a defamation suit against Mr. Kurtz, claiming the site was hurting business and seeking $750,000 in damages.

Web sites like Facebook, Twitter and Yelp have given individuals a global platform on which to air their grievances with companies. But legal experts say the soaring popularity of such sites has also given rise to more cases like Mr. Kurtz’s, in which a business sues an individual for posting critical comments online.

The towing company’s lawyer said it was justified in towing Mr. Kurtz’s car because the permit was not visible, and that the Facebook page is costing them business and had unfairly damaged the company’s reputation.

Some first amendment lawyers see the case differently. They consider the lawsuit an example of the latest incarnation of a decades-old legal maneuver known as a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, or SLAPP.

The label has traditionally referred to meritless defamation suits filed by businesses or government officials against citizens who speak out against them. The Plaintiffs are not necessarily expecting to succeed — most do not — but rather to intimidate critics who are inclined to back down when confronted with the prospect of a long, expensive court battle. (emphasis ours)

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” said Mr. Kurtz, who recently finished his junior year at Western Michigan University. “The only thing I posted is what happened to me.”

Many states have anti-SLAPP laws, and Congress is considering legislation to make it harder to file a SLAPP. The bill, sponsored by Representatives Steve Cohen, Democrat of Tennessee, and Charles Gonzalez, Democrat of Texas, would create a federal anti-SLAPP law, modeled largely on California’s statute.

Because state laws vary in scope, many suits are still filed every year, according to legal experts. Now, with people musing publicly online and businesses feeling defenseless against these critics, the debate over SLAPPS is shifting to the Web.

“We are beyond the low-tech era of people getting SLAPPed because of letters they wrote to politicians or testimony they gave at a city council meeting,” said George W. Pring, a University of Denver law professor who co-wrote the 1996 book, “SLAPPS: Getting Sued For Speaking Out.”

Marc Randazza, a first amendment lawyer who has defended clients against SLAPPs stemming from online comments, said he helped one client avoid a lawsuit last year after the client, Thomas Alascio, posted negative remarks about a Florida car dealership on his Twitter account.

“There is not a worse dealership on the planet,” read one tweet, which also named the dealership.

The dealership threatened to sue Mr. Alascio if he did not remove the tweets. Mr. Randazza responded in a letter that while Mr. Alascio admitted the dealership might not be the worst in the world, his comments constituted protected speech because they were his opinion.

While the dealership did not sue, that outcome is unusual, said Mr. Randazza, who conceded that sometimes the most pragmatic approach for a SLAPP defendant is to take back the offending comments in lieu of a lawsuit.

In the past, Mr. Randazza said, if you criticized a business while standing around in a bar, it went “no further than the sound of your voice.”

Do that now, however, and “there’s a potentially permanent record of it as soon as you hit ‘publish’ on the computer,” he said. “It goes global within minutes.”

Laurence Wilson, general counsel for the user review site Yelp, said a handful of lawsuits in recent years had been filed against people who posted critical reviews on the site, including a San Francisco chiropractor who sued a former patient in 2008 over a negative review about a billing dispute. The suit was settled before going to court.

“Businesses, unfortunately, have a greater incentive to remove a negative review than the reviewer has in writing the review in the first place,” Mr. Wilson said.

Recognizing that lawsuits can bring more unwanted attention, one organization has taken a different tack. The group Medical Justice, which helps protect doctors from meritless malpractice suits, advises its members to have patients sign an agreement that gives the doctor copyright over a web posting if the patient mentions the doctor or practice.

Dr. Jeffrey Segal, chief executive of Medical Justice, said about half of the group’s 2,500 members use the agreement.

“I, like everyone else, like to hear two sides of the story,” he said. “The problem is that physicians are foreclosed from ever responding because of state and federal privacy laws. In the rare circumstance that a posting is false, fictional or fraudulent, the doctor now has the tool to get that post taken down.”

The federal bill, in the House Subcommittee on Courts and Competition Policy, would enable a defendant who believes he is being sued for speaking out or petitioning on a public matter to seek to have the lawsuit dismissed.

“Just as petition and free speech rights are so important that they require specific constitutional protections, they are also important enough to justify uniform national protections against SLAPPs,” said Mark Goldowitz, director of the California Anti-SLAPP Project, which helped draft the bill.

Under the proposed federal law, if a case is dismissed for being a SLAPP, the plaintiff would have to pay the defendant’s legal fees. Mr. Randazza would not disclose specifics on the legal fees he has charged his clients, but he said the cost of defending a single SLAPP suit “could easily wipe out the average person’s savings before the case is half done.”

Currently, 27 states have anti-SLAPP laws, and in two — Colorado and West Virginia — the judiciary has adopted a system to protect against such suits. But the federal legislation would both create a law in states that do not have one and offer additional protections in those that already do, Mr. Goldowitz said.

In Michigan, which does not have an anti-SLAPP measure, Mr. Kurtz’s legal battle has made him a local celebrity. His Facebook page has now grown to more than 12,000 members.

“This case raises interesting questions,” the towing company’s lawyer, Richard Burnham, said. “What are the rights to free speech? And even if what he said is false, which I am convinced is, his conduct the proximate cause of our loss?”

On April 30, Mr. Kurtz and his lawyers asked a judge in Kalamazoo to dismiss the suit by T&J, which has received a failing grade from the local better business bureau for complaints over towing legally parked cars. Mr. Kurtz is also countersuing, claiming that T&J is abusing the legal process.

“There’s no reason I should have to shut up because some guy doesn’t want his dirty laundry out,” Mr. Kurtz said. “It’s the power of the Internet, man.”

Is the MMF's election process still flawed Mr. Trachtenberg ..... "well is it?"

Good Day Readers: Another interesting posting by The Public Eye.

Truth To Power (;

Our favourite Murrayism? There have been so many but what about this quote from the Winnipeg Sun ("Lawyer slams Metis election decision" - May 5, 2004) after Court of Queen's Justice Perry Schulman overturned the results of the March 2003:

It is neither necessary nor . . . wanted for the courts to intervene." said Murray Trachtenberg, lawyer for the MMF. "The judgment will not achieve any correction of a flawed process. "The judgment will be to greater hardship . . . widespread disenfranchisement and a climate of political uncertainty." (emphasis ours)

You're only getting pizza and haircut money ($17 = Toonie for David Chartrand plus Loonie for each remaining Plaintiffs) no Camaros!

Clare L. Pieuk

May 31, 2010
T-Minus 10 Days and Counting: "Counsel to the Plaintiffs" and "His Clients"

From: Vic Populi
Date: Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 3:00 PM


What most people don't realize about Manitoba Metis Federation counsel Murray Trachtenberg is that he is more, much more, than a legal wunderkind. Admittedly, his role as counsel to the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Terry Belhumeur and you will itself prove sufficient to ensure him a place in Manitoba legal history. Personally, I believe it has been brilliant strategy. Very soon, Mr. Trachtenberg will obtain a seven-figure judgment against you. Fight all you like, he's coming at you like a gestetner and you will have no choice but to cough up the dough. When you and your ex-comrade Mr. Belhumeur pay up, his clients will have more money than they know what to do with. Truly, it will be the litigation lottery. They will be driving around in Camaros, and will be able to order more pizzas and get more haircuts than they ever thought possible in a human lifetime. Surely even a scofflaw such as you can appreciate how nice this would be for them? As a judgment debtor, you will contribute to a fine - and early - Christmas for the entire MMF board.

Their counsel Murray Trachtenberg will have made it all possible. However, Mr. Trachtenberg over the years has proven - to me, at least - that he is much more than a legal hatchetman. Very few know of it, and those who do wish they didn't, but Mr. Trachtenberg also has an uncanny knack for one-liners. In following his career over the past few years (my personal observations of selected Trachtenberg courtroom performances, coupled with additional research and perusal of materials on the public record), I have discovered that Mr. Trachtenberg is a comedic genius as well as a legal one.

As proof of this contention, the conclusion of hours of careful legal research and round-the-clock surveillance of Mr. Trachtenberg, I forthwith present for your consideration my Lettermanesque "Top-Ten List" of Mr. Trachtenberg's funniest statements. The absurdist humour of the following comments is only strengthened when you consider the jaw-dropping possibility that he may have intended them to be taken seriously:


10. "As at the time of swearing this Affidavit I have had no response to this letter."

9. "My instructions are to oppose any request for an adjournment."

8. "I suggest that you immediately request the person responsible for the publication of this affidavit on Truth To Power to remove it from the blog."

7. "The plaintiffs state that the indication by counsel for the defendants that these documents would be provided 'for the public record' was meant to intimidate them in the pursuit of this action."

6. "I suggest that you immediately remove these defamatory items from your website and issue a full and complete retraction and apology to Mr. Chartrand and the Board of Directors of the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. in order to mitigate the damages that will be sought from you."

5. "With respect to the remainder of the questions of the plaintiffs, they object to answering on the grounds that the questions are irrelevant and/or scandalous and/or vexatious."

4. "I am not leading my own witness!"

3. "None of the positions on the MMF Board of Directors, except for the office of President, are salaried positions."


1. "It does not behoove you as counsel to make threats to me as I am leaving the courtroom."

This list is by no means exhaustive. I invite you to think up your own. It's easy and fun!

The Ol' Vic

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jack's back!

Truth To Power (;
May 30, 2010
T-Minus 11 Days and Counting: "Ron Chartrand's Own Construction Company" and "the Ron Chartrand Administration" Why Vote Jack?

A New Open, Fair & Inclusive Management For the Manitoba Metis Federation Winnipeg Region


Jack will open the books to any Locals that have questions about expenditures. Before any major spending initiatives Jack will call a meeting of the Locals to consult. This is different from the present administration that mortgaged the Mcgregor office and entered into an agreement to purchase a building at 2000 Portage Avenue. These major decisions were made with only one Board Member and a little if any consultation with the Local membership.


All jobs that come available in the Winnipeg Region will be posted and open to any qualified Metis person. Ron Chartrand has hired several family members to high paying jobs in the Region. Jack promises to not hire any family.

Contracting out of projects will all be put to tender. Jack will develop a list of Metis contractors and make sure they have an equal chance of receiving work. In recent years Ron Chartrand's own construction company has done tens of thousands of dollars of work, for the Winnipeg Region at the McGregor office 2000 Portage Avenue and for Northend Housing. Jack feels this is unfair to other Metis contractors.
Training and Education funding will be allocated on the basis of merit and not based on whom you know. Opportunities for these programs will be better publicized to encourage more participation. Under the present administration a fully funded computer program went almost unused because there were no students.

Jack promises to get more Locals involved in grassroots projects and work to provide funding to the locals for these initiatives. The Ron Chartrand administration has mostly ignored Locals and failed to deliver over $100,000 that was available to the Locals through the Capacity Building Program.

There will be extra incentives for Locals to involve youth and elders in Local projects.

Jack will host regular meetings to allow Local executives, Board candidates, and representatives from other related organizations, to bring forward concerns and ideas. These meetings will also be used to inform everyone on what's happening at the Regional Office.
Back Jack

Vic Populi's back everybody!

Truth To Power (;
May 28, 2010
T-Minus 13 Days and Counting: The System
About Jack's Rally May 27, 2010 - Please read to the end, the fear must end, we need a new Vice President
by Dave Charette
As originally posted on: John (Jack) Fleming 4 Vice President
May 28, 2010
Jack's rally last night was a complete success. We had Winnpeg's best Metis musicians come down and play for us. The evening started with Fiddling Frank Turcotte accompanied by Jumping John Goertzen on the guitar and Cliff (the Trouble Maker Flaming ) on the bass. After the first set, JJ Lavallee came up and played the fiddle and then went into a few songs. Lucien Spence next joined in and ripped off some of his own songs. The evening ended with Ivan Spence coming up and playing the fiddle till the end. There was plenty of food and beverages for everyone. We had free draws for prizes throughout the whole evening. Roughly 15 draws were made. The silent auction was very good and covered the cost of the event and then some. All in all, it was a great evening.

Jack wishes to thank all the musicians and the 173 people who came out to support him. With out these people (musicians and supporters) this event could not have been possible. We now know for certainty that we will win this election.

On another note, I received a call shortly after the rally and again today from people appologizing for not coming out. They indicated that they were in fear of retaliation from the other side of this election. They were not in fear of physical retaliation but fear of loosing any services that they had pending or receiving. I told them I understood and that they did the right thing. I then told them that they could still come out and vote for Jack Fleming without fear of them knowing who they voted for. No names are put on the ballot so it is impossible for anyone to know who they voted for.
It is so unfortunate that people fear those they once voted in. The people who are in office are there to serve the members, not the members serving the people in office. Jack's goal is to turn this around. As always, he will serve the members and do his best to see that other Board Members do the same.

I ( Dave Charette ) am sick and tired of the Board pushing our members down and keeping them in the dark. Hey, we're not mushrooms so give us a break and be transparent. We as members should be entitled to have a say as to what our community needs and what should be done. We don't need a Vice President forming a construction company and taking work away from other Metis. This must stop. We don't need a Vice President hiring mostly family and friends while ignoring the applications of good qualified workers. This must stop.

I can cover another page or two of what must stop but you the reader have your own views on that. Jack has promised that he will do everything he can to listen and bring an end to these issues. Jack will not be bullied or bought out by anyone. He will stand by his word. I believe in Jack and hope you the reader believe in him as well. I urge you to please vote for Jack Fleming and positive change will happen.

Dave Charette

Where have MMF movers and shakers gone?

Truth To Power (;

Good Day Readers:

Found this interesting post by The Public Eye as his series counting down to the June 10, 2010 Manitoba Metis Federation election continues.
Clare L. Pieuk
May 29, 2010
T-Minus 12 Days and Counting: "Metis Informers ..... Metis Conformers" and "the Black Hole (MMF Inc.) of Mediocrity"
Where are the Metis reformers!
by Fortunat Guiboche
As originally posted on: Metis Justice Manitoba
February 25, 2007

Good Morning folks .....

Where are the Metis reformers? What we have now are Metis informers ..... Metis conformers ..... all slipping into the black hole (MMF Inc.) of mediocrity.

Fergs Corner
February 25, 2007

The Kingmaker!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, 'Prominent Metis leader' gives converted candidate ringing endorsement!"

Way to go Kingmaker Randy (DeLaRonde)! His endorsement should be good enough for ..... well one vote anyway and that is only if Randy does not drink too much the night before and gets up on time.
Dear Anonymous:
Thank you for writing. Don't forget Candidate Sanderson also has the tooth fairy's vote.
Clare L. Pieuk

Tooth fairy supports Team Sanderson-Chartrand!

The Tooth Fairy has left a new comment on your post, "Prominent Metis leader" gives converted candidate ringing endorsement!"

I will also endorse Mr. Derryl Sanderson for Board of Director, Winnipeg Region. Working with President David Chartrand I have no doubt both these guys will take the Metis Nation in great new directions.

In fact I will stake my life on it!
Dear Tooth Fairy:
Thank you for writing. At least converted candidate Sanderson has at least two votes now. Geez Tooth Fairy your life can't be worth much. We agree Team Sanderson-Chartrand would take the Metis Nation "in brave new directions!"
Clare L. Pieuk

"Prominent Metis leader" gives converted candidate ringing endorsement!

Delaronde Reminds The Voters

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "BC Metis Nation Governing Assembly Chaos"

Dave's (David Chartrand) endorsement of Andrew Carriere is a sad mistake he thinks we allegedly forgot about him. Although it still won't cost him the election, it reminds me of his endorsement for the Liberal Party of Canada, a losing endorsement at that. But Dave (David Chartrand), please explain to me your thoughts on Andrew Carriere's alleged BONUS he received just days before losing the Board of Director position (March 2003 election). And while you're at it, explain Claire Riddle's alleged similar bonus. Heck, I'm sure even Ed Ducharmelol ..... nice wording there.

Now weren't those fun days at the Winnipeg Region and you guys think Ron's (Ron Chartrand) bad? Ron cleaned that place up and has continually moved forward, progressing while fighting all the backstabbing
"Jack is Back" friends he had with a smile. Back Jack? LOL ..... what a joke ..... 150 supporters? Where? Trouble is, you need well over a thousand supporters to take this Region.

And that picture from the supposed election rally is from the Metis Club, not from the IMFC, where the rally was held ..... funny stuff ..... is that slander? LOL ..... whatever ..... bite me.

As for endorsing Mr. Chartrand for President, if I'm correct, the case behind that, was the FACT that nobody can beat him at this point in history.... all the power to Godon for trying, but up until this point in the election, in my opinion, Dave (David Chartrand) has made few mistakes ..... and honestly ..... he's a great guy to talk to ..... LOL
On that note Vote Chartrand :)

And while I'm here I endorse Derryl Sanderson who I know as a good hearted, hard working, true Metis - my friend. Go Derryl Go! How's that for endorsements? Have a great day.
Randy Delaronde
Good Day Readers:

Mr. Randy DeLaRonde who at one time had a blog recently noted on Mr. Sanderson's site he abandoned it because it was too much work.

For the past few years Mr. Sanderson has been highly critical many times of President David Chartrand and his wife Glorian Yakiwchuk on his blog ( But one example occurred when he posted computer printouts purporting to show Ms Yakiwchuk had received untendered contracts from the MMF.

Recently, on the eve of the 2010 election call, Mr. Sanderson got pumped and experienced what could best be described as a born again, life altering metamorphosis embracing "Chartrandism" with a fervor seldom seen. He then announced he was running for Board of Directors, Winnipeg Region.

David Chartrand bit Mr. DeLaRonde's favourite candidate when he issued a May 17, 2010 letter to "The Metis Citizens of Winnipeg" in which he endorsed Mr. Carrier but not Mr. Sanderson. However, the approval of Mr. DeLaRonde is much more important.

Clare L. Pieuk

Saturday, May 29, 2010

MMF lawyer Murray Trachtenberg before judge and jury!

Good Day Readers:

Another interesting post by The Public Eye in his countdown to the June 10, 2010 Federation election.

Truth To Power (;

The Red Baron is correct when they say Plaintiffs in the Manitoba Metis Federation's taxpayer financed lawsuit against CyberSmokeSignals are concerned how David Chartrand's lawyer Conselor Trachtenberg (; will perform before a judge and jury. He will resonate as petty, childish, spiteful, nasty and a serial kvetcher (complainer) with a whinny high-pitched voice when he's losing. Too bad his political handlers don't realize it.

Clare L. Pieuk

May 28, 2010
T-Minus 13 Days and Counting: "The Good Counselor Trachtenberg" and "David Chartrand and His Board of Directors"

Red's back!
by Clare L. Pieuk
As originally posted on:
January 5, 2010

The Red Baron has left a new comment on your post, "Thank you Mr. Populi!"


LOL, I remember hearing about Trachtenberg's fights with Justice Menzies (Metis National Council versus Yvon Dumont April 2007 trial). With Trachtenberg as the lawyer you're smart to want a jury. The one thing they're worried about now is how he'll do in front of a jury. They remember how badly he p.....d off His Lordship.
Dear Mr./Ms Baron:

What a pleasant surprise! Last time we heard from you was December of 2008. Hope you're keeping well. We always appreciate your insightful, well-placed comments.

David Chartrand and his Plaintiffs have very good reason to be worried. Another incident we haven't talked about much, because of a publication ban, occurred recently at a Case Management Conference.

He started to get into it with the presiding Justice who to Myladyship's full credit calmly held her ground. It was over whether a notice should be sent to about 140 media outlets throughout Manitoba while the good Counselor Trachtenberg was arguing to have our "9-11" Affidavit sealed - a practice that is standard operating procedure in such circumstances. For a while it looked as though he was going to blow a head valve again.

When people don't immediately snap to attention and do what he wants when he wants he gets very angry and frustrated. You can see it coming. He face starts turning the colour of your plane and his voice becomes high pitched and whinny something for which people should be watching. A jury trial is the worst possible outcome for Murray Trachtenberg (; and his clients!

As a prominent Winnipeg lawyer said during the Yvon Dumont debacle of a trial, "My Learned Friend is far too robotic. As an attorney you have to be flexible and able to compromise." This lawsuit could and should have been resolved years ago - its been allowed to become a public relations nightmare. So why wasn't it? What the hell it's only taxpayer dollars? Billable hours?

Frankly, we're surprised David Chartrand and his Board of Directors didn't dump him long ago. With an undeclared election already underway, sure wouldn't want to be a Plaintiff running again. They will no longer be able to hide behind Mr. Trachtenberg's coattails.

Finally, the Plaintiffs have every right to be concerned about his performance before a jury - he will not project well. It will quickly see through his Publication Ban, attempt to seal an Affidavit and multiple Court Orders as trying to make an old sow's ear of a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) into an elegant silk purse and wonder, what are they hiding? Of what are they afraid?

Great to hear from you again, Red, keep up the great work!

Clare L. Pieuk

You're "defriended!"

Jack's back!

Hi Clare,

Here's the campaign site for Jack Fleming who's running for Vice-President, Winnipeg Regional Office:
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for contacting us with the information. We first met Mr. Fleming at his campaign headquarters during the May 2000 MMF election when he ran against David Chartrand. Our memory is of someone who, unlike David Chartrand, was always friendly and respectful toward us. We were hoping he'd win.

Clare L. Pieuk

Friday, May 28, 2010

Boston Celtics "grill" Orlando Magic 96-84!


The controversial campaign of Andrew Carrier!

Note: Because of the small print in the copy transmitted it's reproduced below. The emphasis is ours.
May 10, 2010
Dear Metis Citizens:
My name is Andrew (Andre) Carrier and I am pleased to advise that I am running for Board of Director of the Manitoba Metis Federation for the Winnipeg Region. I am committed to working with Team David - President David Chartrand, Vice-President Ron Chartrand and Board of Director Claire Riddle as we strive to improve our Metis community.
I ask for your assistance and support of Team David by coming out to vote on either the advanced poll on June 1 & 2 or on Election Day on June 10, 2010 at the Indian and Metis Friendship Centre 45 Robinson Street.
If you wish to know more about my campaign visit me at or you can contact me at or by telephone at 797-2455.
Dear CyberSmokeBlog:

I'm sending you a letter given to us by Andrew Carrier. You will notice that he is using Elzeare Goulet letterhead because he wants people to think his Local is supporting him. Using it is not accepted by many of the Local's members - some will be extremely angry to see it. Just as I am writing this I received a call from one of the Elzear-Goulet Board Members telling me what Mr. Carrier did was illegal and that Alvin Zivot (Chief Electoral Officer) should be notified asap.

A meeting was held and members are fuming. Andrew Carrier says he didn't know it was illegal. As president of the Local, he should know his own bylaws. He was still handing out these letters last night (May 27, 2010 ) and now associates the Local with his name, as well as, those of David Chartrand and Ron Chartrand ( Chartrand X2 ). I would be ashamed to be linked with these guys. What really irks me is he signs it, "In memory of Louis David Riel. "

How dare he use Riel's name and his Local to support David Chartrand, Ron Chartrand and himself.

St. B
Dear St. B:
Thank you for writing. One of our readers anonymously suggested recently a few weeks before the June 2006 election President Chartrand withdrew his support of Mr. Carrier, in effect, leaving him to fend for himself or in their words, handing him "poop on a stick."
Clare L. Pieuk

OMG - our beloved Tully may be in more trouble than we thought!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "But where's Dina and the kitchen?"

I sure hope Anonymous is not referring to Dina "Bulldog" Beardy, the old-time Wetaskiwin County jail bull-cook!

Oilfield Michif
Dear Oilfield:

Thank you for our latest "Tully Update." With each passing day we're becoming increasingly concerned as to his wherebouts. For those readers joining the search a bit of background.

One of our readers recently wrote to suggest regular contributor Tully Vorcheux might have been tossed into jail by Wetaskiwin, Alberta Crown Prosecutor Lionel R. Chartrand.

Mr. Chartrand is best known to Manitobans as a former Legal Aid lawyer, paid advisor to the Manitoba Metis Federation and ex General Legal Counsel to the website CyberSmokeSignals who wrote a petition, recommended it be published then subsequently fleed the province (July 2008) to become a Crown Prosecutor. His material is now the subject of a defamation lawsuit being "persecuted" by Federation taxpayer financed solicitor Murray Trachtenberg - The Human Gestetner!"

$; $

Our hidden camera recently captured Counselor Trachtenberg working late at night in the basement of his office cranking out more statements of claim and warning letters for anyone who dares criticize President David Chartrand.

The search has gone international. Yesterday we received a link from a legal firm in San Francisco specializing in bail hearings. It's no secret Tully Vorcheux is NOT a fan of Crown Prosecutor Chartrand. Perhaps one of our readers should e-mail him to ascertain whether he knows anything about Tully's whereabouts.


Clare L. Pieuk

The telephone call!

Good Day Readers:

The Public Eye has posted another interesting article in his countdown to the MMF election series.
Truth To Power (;
It's reproduced from Blogger Derryl Sanderson's site ( who's running for Board of Directors, Winnipeg Regional Office. It seems Mr. Sanderson had a born again experience on the eve of the MMF election call embracing Chartrandism with a fever the likes of which have never been seen before - he's really pumped - has even taken to calling him "Davey" recently!

Shortly after Rosemarie McPherson was replaced by Plaintiff Anita Campbell as Metis Women of Manitoba Representative she withdrew (January 2009) from the MMF's taxpayer financed defamation lawsuit against CyberSmokeSignals.

It's interesting to note Plaintiff Campbell is not running for re-election in the June 10, 2010 election.

Does this mean the normally moribund MWM will be even more so if that's possible? After June 10, 2010 will she continue to have her legal fees paid from Metis taxpayer dollars just like Plaintiffs Rita Cullen and Darryl Montgomery (last election June 2006).

Clare L. Pieuk


May 28, 2010
T-Minus 13 Days and Counting: "The Metis Womans Representative" and "the MMF Pooh Bah"

MaPherson Feuding With CEO Chartrand
by Derryl Sanderson
As originally posted on: Metis News and Stuff
April 18, 2008

This news item has been previously confirmed with a former MMF BOD. Deposed Manitoba Metis Federation Board of Director Darrel Deslauriers was saying earlier this year that the Metis womans representative (MNC: Métis Women) was on the outs with the MMF pooh bah.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "Terry Belhumuer Distances Himself From Anti-Metis ..."

David Chartrand and Rosemarie McPherson are feuding because her daughter answered a telephone call for David Chartrand she shouldn't have. Check it out!

Cyber bullies beware!

Cyberbullies to be outed
Judge orders Eastlink to release names in Facebook case
By The Canadian Press
Friday, May 28, 2010
The Nova Scotia Supreme Court has ordered Eastlink to hand over customer information to parents who are trying to determine who's behind a fake Facebook page that they allege defamed their daughter. (File photo by Peter Parsons/Staff)

A Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge has ordered an Internet provider to hand over customer information to parents who are trying to determine who's behind a fake Facebook page that they allege defamed their daughter.

But Justice Arthur LeBlanc rejected an application to place a publication ban on the identity of the 15-year-old alleged victim, or details of what was said about her on the Facebook profile.

LeBlanc heard arguments Thursday from the lawyer who represents the girl's family and two lawyers who represent the Halifax Chronicle Herald and Global TV.

Michelle Awad, the family's lawyer, had argued that the girl's identity should be protected and any details of the allegedly defamatory comments should be banned from publication to prevent further damage to her reputation.

Lawyers for the media outlets argued that the prospect for further embarrassment is not enough to warrant restrictions on media coverage, and that Awad had failed to provide evidence to show that a ban is necessary.

Under the judge's order, Eastlink is required to give the family customer information it has on the account that created the Facebook page.

Bad apple?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

But where's Dina and the kitchen?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "Where are you Tully we're worried!"

Tully's in the kitchen with Dina!
Dear Anonymous:
That's really great to hear thank you very much - best news we've had all day! But where's the kitchen and who's Dina?
Clare L. Pieuk

OMG - Tully may be in a San Francisco jail!

Dinah Bee Menil has left a new comment on your post, "Where are you Tully we're worried!"

You know, you can find a San Francisco criminal attorney here (
Dear Ms Menil:
Thank you so much for contacting us. If you see him languishing in a San Francisco jail cell could you please have him call us. He's become our folk hero here in Manitoba, Canada - we're quite concerned because it's been a few months since we last heard from him - he's like family.
So far our best lead has come from one of our readers (Oilfield Michif) who suggested Wetaskiwin, Alberta Crown Attorney may have tossed him in jail.
Suffice it to say it's no secret Mr. Vorcheux is not Lionel Chartrand's biggest fan.

Clare L. Pieuk

Where are you Tully we're worried!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Camperville jackfish!"
Hi there! No, I won't vote in the Metis Nation election. I have an MMF card and I identify with Manitoba. I haven't bothered to get an Alberta Metis card, I have not heard great things about the organization here.

You have to admit, like him or not, that David (Chartrand) is a staunch Metis advocate and has taken the MMF to new levels in his dynasty. He has raised public awareness nationally about the plight of the Metis Nation. This benefits all of us. There is no one in Manitoba right now who can do a better job.

I read your answer to the question about why you derogate Lionel Chartrand. You explain that you did have proof of truth of Lionel's Petition statements. Was Lionel Chartrand connected with destroying this evidence? If not, why is he a bad lawyer for not telling you of possible defamation if what he wrote was, in fact, true?

And are you not prejudging the outcome of the jury's verdict? Why do you think you will be found guilty of defamation? How do you know that Lionel Chartrand wrote defamatory material? Maybe the jury will agree with him?

I am just curious, because you appear to write from an intellectual perspective, and most of what you say is intelligent and internally consistent, except that you have trumped up Lionel Chartrand's statements, so you must have believed they were true, and isn't that what a balsy lawyer is supposed to do - advocate fiercely for their client! Jeff Niederhoffer did the same for you, and you regard him as a hero. I think that you must be mad at Lionel Chartrand for some other reasons. Maybe he dated your lady friend?

I'll start asking friends if they know what happened to Tully Vorcheux. I'll let you know if I find out anything.

Oilfield Metis
Dear Oilfield Metis:
Thank you for writing. To respond to your comments/questions:
(1) To suggest there is no one one in Manitoba who can do a better job than David Chartrand is misleading. There are several successful Metis politicians and business people here who could do at least as good a job, and probably better, but for whatever reason(s) have chosen not to run
(2) We derogate Lionel Chartrand because he richly deserves it! You assume evidence was destroyed - on what basis is that statement made? Please re-read our previous answer where it was explained the MMF's lawyer was able to secure a Court Order for return of internal Federation documents in possession of the Co-Defendants In my case I relinquished 1,574 pages. Mr. Belhumeur claimed he had none although this is open to serious question
Further, where has it been written we believe we'll be found guilty of defamation? Au contraire. The MMF's lawyer fought hard for trial by judge only but we exercised our right to trial by judge and jury. Perhaps you're unfamiliar with the term, "jury nullification." It simply means layperson jurors will sometimes perceive situations totally differently than judges and lawyers. That's why you'll sometimes see surprising acquittals where juries are involved. For the MMF trial by judge and jury is the worst possible outcome
And if a lawyer gave bad advice which ended in a lawsuit against you your reastion would be .....? Lionel Chartrand should have said, "What I've written could possibly be defamatory." In which case it would never have been published or, at the minimum revised, before being published. At the time he wrote it he strongly disagreed with David Chartrand on the MMF's approach to negotiating Metis gathering rights with the Doer government
(3) Your suggestion Lionel Chartrand may have dated my lady friend is uncalled for, out of line and totally inappropriate. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons Lionel Chartrand left Manitoba was to marry a woman living in Alberta. The other was his repuation was shot among the legal community here. Question: why do you think Lionel Chartrand has yet to be named by the MMF as a Co-Defendant given he was the most culpable? Hint: possible serious conflict of interest?
(4) Finally, thank you for any information you may be able to provide our readers on the whereabouts of Tully Vorcheux. Ever since you suggested Lionel Chartrand may have put him in jail we've been worried
Clare L. Pieuk