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Is the Canadian Judicial Council a bureaucratic Gong Show waiting to happen? ..... "Gong!"

From: RoadKill Radio [mailto:rkradio@telus.net]

Sent: April-29-13 3:58 PM
To: Gail Woods
Subject: Request

Ms. Woods:

We spoke earlier by phone. You asked that I direct my correspondence to the Chief Justice to your attention. Please ensure that he gets this.

Thank you,
Kari Simpson

Chief Justice Bauman
Chief Justice of the British Columbia Supreme Court
800 Smyth Street
Vancouver, B.C.

VIA Email

April 29, 2013

Re: Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg

Dear Sir:

I request your assistance.

My name is Kari Simpson; I was the Plaintiff in a matter in which Madam Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg fraudulently presided over while not qualified to do so. Further, that she wilfully incited harm to my reputation by publishing false and defamatory information about me among other wrong doings, including violating my right to a fair and impartial jurist.

I have attached my letter to the Prime Minister as it contains a summary brief of the events for your information, events you may already be familiar with but have refused to remedy in a way that would provide assurance to the public that judicial transgressions are not ignored. It is my understanding that the legal community is well aware of Justice Koenigsberg’s wonton disregard for the law, yet she continues to sit as a judge of your court.

It is my intention to file a Notice of Civil Claim naming Justice Koenigsberg and expose the judicial antics that have been allowed to transpire without consequence. I have attempted to serve her with my demand notice. Regrettably this has proved to be a challenge, and included my contacting her previous legal counsel, who, in an agitated state, advised me that he doesn’t have anything to do with her. Clearly Justice Koenigsberg could not be considered to be a judge of good behaviour at the time (or now) and as such the shield of judicial immunity is not available.

I would ask that you request Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg to provide me with the name of her legal counsel, or other service delivery accommodation, so this matter may proceed forthwith in a manner that will prevent further harm to the administration of justice.

Please confirm receipt of this correspondence and indicate the action, if any, you have taken in response to my request. You can respond to my electronic address: karisimpson@telus.net.

Thank you,

Kari D. Simpson
Tel: (604) 514-1614

Good Day Readers:

By way of explanation, Gail Woods is Executive Assistant to British Columbia Chief Justice Robert Bauman shown smiling below although it's not clear he still will be upon reading Ms Simpson's e-mail.
Kari Simpson is founder of the highly successful British Columbia-based Drive For Justice and Roadkill Radio News sites.
The former is a series of over 30 videos dedicated to a defamation case (Simpson versus Mair and WIC) that went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. It's narrated by former Vancouver Sun Court Reporter Ron Gray who CyberSmokeBlog likes to affectionately call "Judge Ron."
 If ever there was a case of alleged judicial misconduct by a federally appointed Justice that cried out for an investigation and review via a public inquiry it's this one!
For years now Ms Simpson has been lobbying for such so why hasn't it happened? Perhaps the answer can be found within the Canadian Judicial Council and the Douglas Inquiry example. For literally years it seems half of Winnipeg's legal community, not to mention the Manitoba Law Society, knew of a highly questionable incident that occurred in the background of Lori Douglas while a lawyer for BigLaw Thompson Dorfman Sweatman before she was later appointed as a Queen's Bench Justice (Family Division) quickly rising to become an Associate Chief Justice.

The answer seems to be lie in a distinct lack of proactivity on the part of the CJC and MLS. If you have a complaint better come equipped with a tone of evidence. Complainant Alex Chapman was different in that he still had that ton of evidence he'd previously agreed to relinquish (but didn't kept copies) under the terms of a $25,000 confidentiality agreement he'd signed with lawyer William Gange who represented Lori Douglas' husband and lawyer "Polaroid" Jack King.

It wasn't until Mr. Chapman filed a complaint with the Manitoba Law Society (July 2010) and shortly thereafter went public (CBC) with his collection of e-mail (black print) between Jack King and him plus copies of pictures still in his possession showing Lori Douglas in a most unflattering series of images (That's being very charitable!) that had by then made their way onto the internet thanks to the aforementioned Mr. King.

So why hasn't the obvious happened in Simpson versus Mair? Probably because The Council is a large inert bureaucratic Gong Show that moves at a glacial pace. For a good overview of the Simpson allegations visit:

There you will find a 32-page letter she sent to Prime Minister Stephen Harper July 6, 2012 entitled, Judicial Corruption with special reference to her case. It's exceptionally well-documented and detailed.

By the way, there you will find a larger copy of the above cartoon reproduced on page 11. It more clearly shows a character labelled as Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin with her 2,000 pet bull instructing he be added to the supposedly blind scales of justice.

Clare L. Pieuk

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How to tell time in Italy

Courtesy of Enzo the Barber

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"Pratte the Cat" the next Supreme Court of Canada Justice?

Dear CyberSmokeblog:

Is it even remotely possible? I doubt it, but Kirk Makin has thrown his name into the mix:http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/supreme-court-justices-departure-puts-pressure-on-pm/article11472235/

I wonder though if that says something about Mr. Pratte's ambitions. Would his resignation from the inquiry last year make sense if he had an interest in a judicial appointment? I can't see that it would. The world these people inhabit would make for a great soap-opera.

Chris BudgellVancouver, British Columbia

Dear Mr. Budgell:As always thank you for contacting CyberSmokeBlog. CSB rather doubts he will be the next Supreme Court of Canada Justice for a couple reasons. He's not a woman and his forte is civil litigation whereas the upcoming retirement of Justice Morris Fish will create a shortage of criminal litigation expertise. You may recall last year the Globe and Mail's Kirk Makin also mentioned "The Cat" as a possible replacement when another Justice retired but in the context of a long shot. CyberSmokeBlog still believes he remains very dark horse.

However, here's where it could get interesting. IF he were appointed as you've correctly pointed out, his abrupt resignation as Independent Counsel for the Douglas Inquiry last July could cause him some baggage related explanation problems.

Counsel for Complainant Alex Chapman, Toronto-based Rocco "Mr. Good Guy" Galati, filed an application with the Federal Court of Canada for a judicial review of the taxpayer financed Canadian Judicial Counsel's refusal to post "The Cat's" apparently lengthy resignation letter on its webpage. Guy Pratte also would not release a copy to the media. This is one of 4-5 Motions that were heard on November 30 of last year for which a ruling has yet to be handed down permanently stalling the Inquiry in neutral.
"Mr. Good Guy"
How's this for a scenario? The Federal Court some day this century rules "The Cat's" resignation letter does not have be be disclosed. He's then subsequently appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada and goes before a feeble, ineffectual bi-partisan committee of Members of Parliament and is asked "The Question." Do you think it looks good if he's able to say, "The courts said I don't have to answer that."

In the total scheme of things it will matter not because Canadian confirmation hearings are a tea party while  those in the United States by comparison are televised barbecues. Here it's, "Shut up you great unwashed masses the legal establishment knows what's best for you so just pay your taxes so we can continue to receive those out of sight salaries, benefits, pensions and perks." Besides, "The Cat" is still a dark horse at best.
In the July 2008 issue of Canadian Lawyer Magazine writer Richard Cleroux wrote an excellent background article about Guy Pratte which the Canadian Judicial Council's Selection Committee should have/ought to have read, if it already hadn't, before choosing Mr. Pratte as the Douglas Inquiry's Independent Counsel. Was it a harbinger/precursor of what was to come?

Long story short. His father Yves was hauled before a public inquiry (Montreal, 1975) as CEO of the then Crown corporation Air Canada for allegedly straying beyond it's mandate. Subsequently removed from the position, he had to go through a frustrating employment search which the younger Pratte never forgot. Eventually Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau eventually appointed the senior Pratte to the Supreme Court of Canada in a move some observers at the time viewed as throwing him a bone although quite a meaty one.

His father's inquiry experience seemed to have left a bitter taste in "The Cat's" mouth which may explain his sudden departure when he decided the Douglas Inquiry was not proceeding as he though it should.

Clare L. Pieuk

Post Script

Frequent contributor Chris Budgell ("Mr. Super Self-Rep" - cjbudgell@gmail.com) has been battling in British Columbia courts as a self-rep now for over ten years. Currently, he has an application before the Federal Court of Canada for a Judicial Review of the Canadian Judicial Council's practice of summarily dismissing complaints by not having them considered by The Council per se. It is Mr. Budgell's contention this has been happening since approximately 2003 when the CJC's Executive Director/Senior Legal Counsel was given the power to do so.

It is Chris Budgell's position that the CJC's bylaws to not support such a "Gatekeeper" function. Two of his complaints (conflict of interest allegations requesting British Columbia Justices self-recuse) were recently summarily dismissed by The Council's Executive Director/Senior Legal Counsel Stormin' Norman Sabourin.
Supreme Court justice's departure puts pressure on PM
Kirk Makin
Monday, April 22, 2013
Supreme Court of Canada Morris Fish poses for a photograph on the front steps of the Supreme Court April 22, 2013 in Ottawa. Justice Fish announced that he will retire at the end of August. (Dave Chan for The Globe and Mail)

Supreme Court of Canada Justice Morris Fish has announced that he will retire from the top court this spring, putting immediate pressure on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to restore the balance of female judges on the Supreme Court bench to four.

Only one of Mr. Harper’s five appointees to the nine-judge court has been a woman. Last fall, he again raised eyebrows by replacing Justice Marie Deschamps with Justice Richard Wagner.

No sooner had Justice Wagner taken the Quebec seat on the court than Judge Deschamps said it was imperative that the next person appointed be a woman: “Numbers do count,” she told The Globe and Mail in February. “I was sad that I was not replaced by a woman.”

Justice Fish’s departure will also deprive the court of its most defence-oriented judge just months before it is expected to begin hearing cases involving the legitimacy of several controversial aspects of Mr. Harper’s criminal-law reform package.

While Justice Fish’s vote counted as just one of nine, his vast knowledge of criminal law and his perspective on the defence side of cases was a powerful influence on debate within the court.

James Stribopoulos, associate dean of law at York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School, said that Justice Fish epitomized the best qualities of a judge. Justice Fish felt passionate concern for the plight of an individual who faces the might of the state, he said.

“He has many strengths as a jurist – a clear and pithy writing style, a razor-sharp intellect, a fidelity to logic and principle,” Professor Stribopoulos said. “Most of all, however, is his humanity. In every context, but especially in criminal law, he was always very much aware and sensitive toward the stakes for everyone involved.”

Frank Addario, a veteran Toronto defence lawyer, said that Justice Fish made his mark on the court as a staunch defender of civil liberties. “He does not flinch, no matter how much law enforcement or government insists on a wider reach,” Mr. Addario said. “His combination of practical experience, intuition and legal ability made him a very unique judge.”

Justice Fish would have reached his mandatory retirement date on November 16 – his 75th birthday.

To make the job of replacing him even more difficult, the Prime Minister must also face aboriginal and minority communities that have grown increasingly restless waiting for the court’s first non-white judge.

Those seen as leading contenders to replace Justice Fish include Madam Justice Marie-France Bich, Chief Justice Nicole Duval-Hesler and Madam Justice France Thibault, all of the Quebec Court of Appeal.

However, should Mr. Harper opt for another male – or if top female candidates decline to be considered – the list could include Quebec Court of Appeal justices Pierre Dalphond and Nicholas Kasirer; as well as two senior litigators, Guy Du Pont and Guy Pratte. (emphasis ours)

In announcing his retirement on Monday, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin said: “Justice Fish has served on the court with wisdom, and made enormous contributions to the court and to Canada. He is a wonderful colleague and friend who will be greatly missed.”

Justice Fish expressed his gratitude for having been entrusted to hold judicial office for well over two decades.

“I am grateful to have enjoyed this privilege and mindful of the honour and public trust that attach to the holding of judicial office in Canada,” he said in a release.

One of the more colourful personalities to sit on the Supreme Court bench, Justice Fish was born in Montreal in 1938. He spent 11 years as a staff reporter and editorial writer for the Montreal Star before embarking on his criminal law career. He served on the Quebec Court of Appeal for 14 years and was elevated to the Supreme Court of Canada on Aug. 5, 2003.

If Mr. Harper stays with the format he used in his most recent appointments, an all-party committee will be asked to provide a short list of candidates prepared by the Department of Justice.

While all of Mr. Harper’s previous appointees were considered meritorious, they were also seen as relatively conservative when it came to activist decision-making and applying the Charter of Rights.

The third veteran Quebec judge on the court – Mr. Justice Louis LeBel – reaches his mandatory retirement date next year.

Each Quebec appointment has even more significance. In light of a developing convention that the office of the chief justice rotates between French- and English-Canadian judges, one of the three Quebec appointments stands a good chance of replacing Chief Justice McLachlin when she retires.

High on the job!

Good Day Readers:

The above video was produced by the Centre for Investigative Reporting a non-profit Berkeley, California-based  news organization which since 1977 has developed a well-known reputation for producing reports revealing scandals or corruption in government agencies and corporations.

It's a tad reminiscent don't you think of the 1938 film Reefer Madness a Trailer for which appears below.

Clare L. Pieuk

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"You're Number One! You're Number One! You're Number One! ....."

Good Day Readers:

As is CyberSmokeBlog's custom, it likes to regularly surf legal websites and blogs to see what nefarious deeds the legal establish's little critters are up to these days. On one such recent trip CSB found:


As many of you know George Macintosh is Counsel to the Douglas Inquiry. Every time CyberSmokeBlog has approached him during breaks or when it unsuccessfully applied for intervener standing, he has always been most accommodating and helpful which has earned him the moniker, "Gentleman George."

Unlike too many lawyers and Crowns CSB has had to deal with at The Manitoba Law Courts who seem to possess a misplaced sense of entitlement, Mr. Macintosh is cut from "good black cloth" (Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations) - old school good manners. But he's also good he's very good.

At the behest of the Inquiry Committee, in a move designed to facilitate the process (easier for one person to re-examine a witness than five Panel Members going back and forth), Mr. Macintosh was called upon to re-cross two key witnesses after Independent Counsel Guy "The Cat" Pratte had finished. It seems there was simply too much unanswered or vague testimony left on the table.

One of the re-examines was "Polaroid" Jack King ("Mr. Pictures") married to Manitoba Queen's Bench Associate Chief Justice (Family Division) Lori Douglas.  
Too bad cameras are not allowed at the Inquiry. In short, true to his name George Macintosh literally shredded Mr. King on the witness stand doing so in a gentlemanly manner. It was masterful the best CyberSmokeBlog has seen to date. What a superb training video it would have made for the boys and girls in law school - This is how it's done! narrated by Gentleman George Macintosh.

Is it little wonder shortly thereafter Sheila "The Tank" block lead Counsel for Ms Douglas' three person taxpayer financed legal team went the equivalent of legally ballistic filing a Motion in the Federal Court of Canada requesting Mr. Macintosh not only be barred from re-examining any remaining witnesses but also asking that the testimony of the two he'd already "scorched" be struck from the record?

Not to be outdone, Complainant Alex Champman's lawyer Rocco Galati (Mr. Good Guy!) filed his own Motion with the FCC calling for the Canadian Judicial Council to release Mr. Pratte's apparently lengthy resignation letter. He abruptly stepped down as Independent Counsel shortly after the Inquiry recessed during July of last year. Mr. Good Guy too is awaiting a ruling..

Alex Chapman (left) and "Mr. Good Guy"
Inquiry stars "The Cat" (left) and "The Tank"

All of which brings us to Federal Court of Canada Judge Mireille Tabib who on November 30th of last year was assigned to preside over a full day Hearing of the aforementioned Motions plus a couple others one of which was filed by "The Tank" to quash the Inquiry like a little pain in the ass bug on the basis of an alleged apprehension of bias against her client. So here the "Public" Inquiry sits almost five months later with no update from the CJC's brainchild like a car stalled in neutral.
Readers, meet Mr. John J. L. Hunter of Vancouver BigLaw Hunter Litigation Chambers.
On April 14 of this year CyberSmokeBlog wrote to Mr. Macintosh (and Stormin' Norman Sabourin, The Council's Executive Director/Senior Legal Council/Head of Gatekeeper Services) pointing out it was rapidly approaching five months and no rulings had yet been handed down on the Motions. Further, given what to most taxpayers would appear to be an inordinate period of time, was the CJC prepared to re-convene without benefit of said rulings while noting in the interim The Council had posted no updates on its website nor issued any Press Releases?

Perhaps it's worth noting in the end taxpayers will be footing the bill for the Inquiry's cost and, as such, deserve better service. Gentleman George promptly replied (April 16th - almost same day service just like your shirts!) advising CSB he is not Inquiry Council regarding the Federal Court Motions and that we should contact Mr. Hunter which we did the same day. We're still awaiting a reply.

So to you, Sir, we say, "congratulations on your award, and hope to see you at the Inquiry, that is, if it ever resumes."

Clare L. Pieuk 
31 August 2012

Best Lawyers Names George Macintosh,Q.C. Vancouver’s 2013 Legal Malpractice Lawyer of the Year

Best Lawyers, the oldest peer-review publication in the legal profession, has named George K. Macintosh,Q.C. as Vancouver’s “Legal Malpractice Law Lawyer of the Year” for 2013.

Only a single lawyer in each community is being honoured as the “Lawyer of the Year” in their respective practice area. The lawyers are recognized as having earned a “high level of respect among their peers for their abilities, professionalism, and integrity.”

At the same time, George was selected for inclusion in the seventh edition of Best Lawyers in Canada in the practice areas of Bet-The-Company Litigation, Legal Malpractice Law, and Corporate and Commercial Litigation.

George Macintosh leads the litigation group at Farris where he has practiced since his call to the Bar of British Columbia. He was appointed Queen’s Counsel in British Columbia in 1987, elected as a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers in 1991 and a Fellow of the International Society of Barristers in 2001.

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"Judge Ron" prepares to open a Canadian judicial Pandora's "Jar!"

Judge Ron opening his Judicial Pandora's Box on future episodes of Drive For Justice as nefarious little legal establishment critters try to make a run for it!

Good Day Readers:

A couple quick points of explanation. "Judge Ron" is former Vancouver Sun Court Reporter Ron Gray narrator for the popular internet series Drive For Justice (www.driveforjustice.com). In Episode 30 (Deep Throat Exposes Koenigsberg's Fraud) he donned borrowed judicial robes and assumed the role of British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg who should have been the subject years ago of a serious Canadian Judicial Council conflict of interest Inquiry years had it been doing its job.
Judge Ron was a lot more convincing and compelling than many a Judge/Justice CyberSmokeBlog has observed at The Manitoba Law Courts.

As for Pandora's Jar it requires a little sidebar trip into the world of Greek mythology 101. Pandora was the first human woman so each God helped create her by giving her a unique gift. Zeus the God of Sky, Lightening, Thunder, Law Order, Justice and it seems just about everything gave her a large jar.
She was told not to open it otherwise all hell would break loose. Turns out Zeus was no dummy and knew being a woman she'd be nosey and couldn't resist temptation and would blab. Well she did but Zeus wasn't choked because he knew she would.

CyberSmokeBlog is privy to a few of the cases that will be profiled on upcoming episodes of Drive For Justice. From the little bit CSB is aware you'll find the new series beyond fascinating as Judge Ron chases down the miscreants of Canada's Judicial System.You will be left scratching your head wondering to which legal system Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin was referring when she told the Empire Club of Canada in Toronto March 8, 2007:

Let me begin by asserting that Canada has a strong and healthy justice system. Indeed, our courts and justice system are looked to by many countries as exemplary. We have well-appointed courtrooms, presided over by highly qualified judges. Our judges are independent and deliver impartial justice, free of fear and favour. The Canadian Judicial Council, which I head, recently issued an information note on the judicial appointments process in which it affirms these long standing principles on which our justice system is based. Canadians can have confidence that judges are committed to rendering judgment in accordance with the law and based on the evidence. Corruption and partisanship are non-issues. In all these things, we are fortunate indeed."

Clare L. Pieuk

"Drive For Justice" host Ron Gray wraps up - for now - this series exposing the lies, corruption and deceit of Canada's legal brethren as it pertains to Kari Simpson's ongoing case against The Liar Rafe Mair, correctly implicating the corrupt Judge Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg and exposing the Supreme Court of Canada's lies and failure to adhere to the Letter of the Law. Mr. Gray then introduces the next phase of "Drive For Justice," which promises to open a Pandora's Box of judicial shenanigans.

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Have you been listening to Canadian Member of Parliament Pat 'Potty Mouth' Martin again young man?"

Good Day Readers:

Urban legend? Years ago a story was making the rounds a sports broadcaster was doing live radio coverage of a local hockey game in southwestern Ontario when he got a tad carried away.

"Smith just stole the puck! He's going in on goal ..... he shoots ..... oooooh he hit the f.....g goal post!"

Never heard whether he lost his job.

As for A. J. Clemente maybe this will end up in a promotion. Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall at his next employment interview? "And tell us Mr. Clemente, why did you leave your last job after such a short time?"

Clare L. Pieuk

"The Mother of all joints ..... Booooo ..... Hisssss ..... cops have the best dope!

4-20: Two-pound joint at University of California, Santa Cruz party confiscated

Monday, April 22, 2013

A student is all fired up over the loss of his prized project -- a two-pound joint unveiled at a University of California -- Santa Cruz campus party.

The event was among scores of events on Friday, marking '4-20' - an increasingly popular celebration of pot-smoking culture that takes place, naturally, on April 20. How the event came by its name, however, remains murky.

At the Santa Cruz party, this guy's green trombone was the piece de resistance - until police swooped in to confiscate it.

Needless to say, its apparent owner, identified by KSBW.com as 25-year-old UCSC student Gennady Tsarinsky, was rather attached to it.

Which makes sense, considering the joint could reportedly be worth as much as $6,000.

"I can't wait to see you in court," he says, walking astride the police officer lugging his joint away. "Dude, we're going to court man. We're totally going to court."

While all recreational marijuana use remains illegal on the federal level, California allows for anyone with a prescription to carry up to an ounce of pot.

It is, according to PressDemocrat.com, the Sunshine State's biggest cash crop, dwarfing even grapes at an estimated $14 billion.

While the irate herb enthusiast threatens litigation in the video, a chorus of oohing and ahhing can be heard from bystanders as the officer passes.

The video closes with the crowning complement, "that's the fattest..."

Visit "Tough Vic's" newest Big House of Horrors and tax haven ..... you won't want to leave!

"Hi sweetheart, you wouldn't believe this new federal 'punishment centre' it's truly awesome! No, no don't hide any more pot in your bra and panties on your next visit. What I can get in here is wicked wheelchair quality better than on the outside. For dinner tonight we're having porterhouse steak and a nice beaujolais. Guess I won't have to pay taxes on my offshore accounts eh?"
South Estobicoke jail like no other
By Tom Godfrey
Saturday, June 9, 2012

TORONTO - It’s big, it’s new and it’s unashamedly brassy, but South Etobicoke residents know that looks can be deceiving.

They have mixed feelings about a new ‘superjail’ in their midst even though it resembles a fancy five-star hotel from the outside.

Dozens of workers are busy putting the finishing touches to the $594-million Toronto South Detention Centre (TSDC), on Horner Avenue that will begin accepting the first of 1,650 inmates within months. Many of the cons are being transferred from Toronto’s Don Jail now being decommissioned.

There is no imposing fence surrounding this maximum security Ontario prison. Instead visitors are greeted by plants, a well-cut lawn and circular front entrance that is graced by flagpoles.

The facility clearly resembles a college campus and is the first to use prefabricated cells. There are three seven-storey towers where inmates are housed and the building is well lit by daylight from large windows and features the latest in green-technology. Inmates, who are being held for court or serving two years less a day, have access to large flat-screen TVs, billiard tables, a well-equipped gym, brand new cafeteria, laundry, infirmary and other amenities. There’s also a spotless library with computers hooked up to the Internet, some workers said.

It took 500 workers about three years to build the GTA’s newest jail. More than $120 million in salaries and 2,900 person years of employment was generated by the project. The facility will house inmates with special needs and the Toronto Intermittent Centre for about 320 inmates serving weekend sentences.

Construction of the 67,000-square-metre centre has split the community with some residents welcoming the potential revenue it may bring and those who claim it will house violent offenders, who are being pampered and are “unwelcomed” in the area.

Ward 6 councillor Mark Grimes says the TSDC will employ hundreds of officers and administrative staff, many who may live or shop in the community.

“This will be great for businesses in the community,’ Grimes says. “These workers have good-paying jobs and will spend money in the community.”

He says the site has been used as a detention centre since 1887 and was home of the former Mimico Correctional Centre.

Grimes is hoping the facility will help improve the area as a nearby Toronto Police Training College and MasterCard Centre for Hockey Excellence.

Local businessman Derek Houghton is hoping to reap some of the benefits.

“I think the centre will bring jobs to the community,” says Houghton, the owner of The Gallery Studio, on Lake Shore Boulevard. West. “I think there will be some economic spinoffs for us.”

He doesn’t think the jail will bring more crime by those released to half-way homes or on probation.

But long-time resident and former professional wrestler Everett Sheppard doesn’t share a rosy outlook.

“This jail will not do anything for our community,” stresses Sheppard, who is vice-chair of the Lake Shore Village Business Improvement Area. ”It may bring a little business for us but it shouldn’t be located right in the middle of a residential community.”

Sheppard believes the jail will attract criminals and other undesirables and maintains small businesses aren’t expecting much of a financial boost from those working at the jail.

Area activist John Scheffer also doesn’t expect much trade to trickle down to businesses either.

“I don’t think this facility will have much of an impact to the area,” Scheffer says. “I don’t think there will be much economic spin off for us because we are some distance away.”

He predicts the prison will cause more traffic jams and congested roads from those visiting inmates or vehicles transporting prisoners to court.

Another resident, who gave his name as Zee, said he’s concerned for the safety of his wife and children.

“I am worried for my family,” Zee says. “I know these people are in jail but what if they escape and do harm to other people.”

A long-time female resident, who didn’t want her name used, said she’s worried that the jail is less than five-minutes drive by car from her home.

“This is way too close for my comfort,” she says. “I have daughters and I feel scared for them with a jail right at our doorstep.”

Brent Ross, of the Ministry of Correctional Services, said his officials are still determining staffing needs for the centre. He said workers from other facilities will be given an opportunity to work there and personnel will not have to be hired.

Ross defended the “hotel-like” design claiming it is “comparable to the province’s other modern facilities.”

“It’s designed in a way that allows for efficient and effective prisoner oversight,” he says. “It is also designed to fit into the community and not overwhelm it.”

Ross says the flat-screen TVs were required to reach a large amount of inmates.

“The facility will be equipped with televisions that will be large enough to accommodate a large audience,” he says. “These televisions will serve numerous inmates at once and will be viewed from a significant distance.”

He says billiards and other games are a privilege for prisoners.

Welcome to "Uncle Vic's" new Big House and largest Canadian onshore tax haven!

Good Day Readers:

Can you guess what this is? I guarantee you won't believe it. Can you get it on the first pircure or second or third or, do you have to wait until the fourth?

Let me see now ..... "Which government is responsible for this "punishment centre?" Oh yes, our current government! Compare this to all Residential Care adn Nursing Homes for our Seniors.

A special thank you to Enzo the Barber (and friends) for sending these pictures.
Enzo's the site's official role model, mentor, spiritual leader, intellectual guru, confessor and Godfather. Haven't had a bad haircut or beard trim in over 20-years of weekly visits otherwise CSB would have done him or failing that had him done long ago!

Clare L. Pieuk
Vic Toews: Why we're tough on crime
Thursday, October 8, 2012
The perimeter fence of the William Head Penitentiary near Victoria, British Columbia. (Peter Blashill/Post Media News)

Our government is committed to initiatives that make our communities safer. That is why the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) continues to provide training and job skills so that criminals can prove they are ready to be released back into our communities. The protection of Canadians must come first.

In February 2009, the CSC announced that prison-farm operations located in federal institutions would be discontinued. The federal government recorded $7.5-million in revenues from the six farms in 2007-08, but expenses were $11.6-million, leaving the CSC with an operational net loss of over $4-million for the farms. Over the past five years, less than 1% of those released found employment on independently operated farms.

We do not believe that a 1% success rate is an effective use of taxpayers’ dollars. (Other prison-site business programs will continue, including manufacturing, services, construction, and textiles.)

Our approach toward corrections will require us to expand capacity within existing prisons. This is a small price to pay to ensure dangerous criminals don’t create new victims or terrorize previous ones. We want to keep offenders, particularly dangerous repeat offenders, off the streets, and we are prepared to pay the cost in order to do that. It does cost money to deal with serious criminals. But failing to do so comes with significant costs as well, and not just in dollar terms.

The Truth in Sentencing Act was passed to ensure that convicted offenders serve a sentence that reflects the severity of their crimes. Under the previous system, a violent criminal sentenced to nine years in prison could be on our streets in three years if he or she spent two years awaiting trial. In at least one case, a convicted terrorist was released one day after being sentenced.

The provinces and police supported our efforts to end credit for time served — efforts the Ignatieff Liberals tried to block. We disagree with the Liberals’ view that dangerous criminals should be released onto our streets early just to save a buck.

As it stands, a drug trafficker or white collar criminal sentenced to 12 years could be released into the community on day parole in just two years. Canadians find this unacceptable, and we hope our legislation will pass as soon as Parliament reconvenes in the Fall.

Our government is unwavering in its commitment to provide our law-enforcement agencies with the tools they say they need to make our streets safer. I am pleased that our government is delivering, because we know that those tools achieve results in the fight against organized criminals and gangs.

Vic Toews is the Minister of Public Safety

"Finally ..... what happened porker got caught did we? Cheers, coming right back at you Big guy!"

Mike Duffy reimburses more than $90,000 in Senate living allowance

Friday, April 19, 2013

Embattled Tory senator Mike Duffy has reimbursed $90,172.24 in senate living allowance expenses to the Receiver General, according to a statement from the Standing Senate Committee on Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration.

Global News reported on Thursday that Duffy hadn't reimbursed tens of thousands of dollars he collected improperly and wanted to wait until his audit to learn if he is “required” to do so.

“We haven’t heard from Deloitte. But I’m a man of my word, and if repayment is required, it’ll be repaid,” he said.

In the Global interview, Duffy wasn't even ready to admit fully he made an error.

“I didn’t say I made a mistake,” he told Global. “I said I may have made a mistake. Words are important.”


Just a day earlier, Duffy was confronted by a Global reporter and pressed for a simple yes or no answer as to whether or not he repaid the money.

“I’m not going to answer your question: I’m a man of my word,” he said.

When pressed again, Duffy asked the reporter what was wrong with him.

On Friday afternoon, Government House leader Peter Van Loan denied that Duffy ever said he'd repay the allowance in the first place.

NDP MP Charlie Angus asked in Question Period why the senator was suddenly adopting a "catch-me-if-you-can attitude" and not just ponying up the cash.

"I do not believe he made those comments," Van Loan said. "We will wait for the findings of the (auditor's) report, of course, but our government has been clear. We have committed to ensuring that all expenses are appropriate at the Senate, that the rules governing expenses are appropriate and that the Senate does follow through on that."

Confused yet?

Duffy said in February he just wanted to pay back the living expenses to put the matter behind him.
Duffy claimed a cottage in Cavendish, P.E.I. was his primary residence and his long-time home in an Ottawa suburb was a “secondary” residence.

He blamed the entire controversy on confusing paperwork.

His scandal proved embarrassing for the Conservatives this winter and made him one of several senators allegedly behaving badly this year.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

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